Sunday, November 19, 2017

Reality in Spirit:

WORDS OF WISDOM from The Wheelhouse
Reality in Spirit: the Stardust Pages
June 24
Imagine taking responsibility for your entire life as your personal story, even the circumstances of your birth. Making it your own.
Taking pride in even the dark spots, the rough patches, the experience gained.
Viewing yourself as a character in a story, becoming more in the process. Peering in from outside of life, death loses its sting.
Not applying blame to anyone or anything.
Some may think this unhealthy or delusional. I think it shows incredible maturity.
Of the handful of interpretations on quantum theory, one the lesser-known ones- Quantum Bayesianism, or 'Qbism,' puts forth the notion that our beliefs help to collapse the wave-function. It's an interesting speculation since microtubules in our cells are said to perform quantum computations like countless tiny Schrödinger's cat experiments.
What would it mean in a philosophical sense if our beliefs about the world and ourselves helped to shape events, without a cause-effect relationship, like clay on a pottery wheel?
Obviously, we do not create our reality directly. Our free will extends to things like motor function and speech- beyond this, we have no control over the world around us. But if we have any sort of presence within a larger reality, a soul- perhaps this could be where a rough draft of a life is planned out in conjunction with the world, similar to how the subconscious creates a dream. And with respect to the free-will part of the dichotomy, within this rough template might lie the potential for we 'mere mortals' within the world to unknowingly shape our own destinies.
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