Friday, February 29, 2008

Bless our Nation and our Planet by Switching to Diesel Engine and Biodiesel

The Freedom Fuel
Ron Alexander
The Diesel Engine and Biodiesel Fuel Can Help Make Our Nation Energy-Independent
Diminishing Petroleum Supplies, Global Warming, and Security Problems Make Biofuels Essential

The boat was attracting attention at the fuel dock. The fuel attendant was fueling it with used vegetable cooking oil that originated from nearby seafood restaurant. A small refinery adjacent to the restaurant pipes the biodiesel to the dock pump. The boat’s diesel started instantly and the motor ran very quietly. The onlookers smiled upon smelling the slight potato/fish/chicken fry smell coming as an invisible vapor from the exhaust. This biofuel has very little harmful pollution to the water or the air. Perhaps most importantly, biofuels dramatically reduces CO2 emissions, which is helping to stop “global warming”. Now all over the country, fuel stations are adjacent to restaurants in truck stops with the same type of micro-refinery producing their own cheaper and pollution-free biodiesel. Also, there are more micro-refineries nearby farms serving several farms with their oil-producing vegetables or animal fat. The United States is starting to catch up with Europe, who manufactures well over 70 % diesel-powered cars.
The above is a vision I have for the future, can it come true? Already, Europe produces over 50 % diesel-powered autos, and all sizes of biodiesel refineries are popping up everywhere here and Europe. Scientists agree that fossil fuels, whether gasoline or diesel, will probably disappear in 45 years. Every year, the diminished petroleum supply will get even more expensive. Presently, in Europe where petroleum is about $8.00 per gallon, countries are ordering biofuel from the U.S. Sometime, in the near future, despite the rising cost of vegetable oil and animal fat, biofuels will be cheaper than fossil fuels here in our country.
The Diesel Engine
As a retired yacht captain, I know of many advantages of diesel engines. Any commercial fisherman or captain of a passenger-carrying vessel can relate to these advantages, and hardly any of them would think of using a gasoline-powered boat instead. Matt Ruby, who owns three fishing boats run out of Little River, S. C. and also operates the fish plant there, maintains that diesel engines are “much more efficient, durable and safer than gasoline powered ones.”
Dr. Rudolf Diesel developed the diesel engine in 1895 in Germany to run on peanut oil. Compared to gasoline, the fuel for a diesel engine is almost inflammable. Also, there is hardly any carbon monoxide (as all carbons are reduced significantly) associated with diesel fuel. Being a compression-driven engine, there is no need for electronics that corrode easily such as spark plugs, points, condensers, distributors and wires that connect them making the diesel engines much simpler and easier to repair.
Diesels have not caught on well in the U.S. because of smelly diesel emissions associated with trucks, buses and a poorly built diesels (adapted from gasoline engines) by GM in the 1980’s and the older noisy smelly Mercedes diesel powered vehicles. In addition, poor marketing of diesel power has plagued the U. S. Automobile Manufacturers.
An owner of an older Mercedes diesel testifies that with biodiesel and proper maintenance, there is no noise and odor problem. Plus, there is the amazing Mercedes Million Mile Club - great testimony for a durable car with the engine that keeps it running for so many miles with proper maintenance. Now there is the highly rated E320 Bluetec diesel and here is part of one of a number of glowing reviews: “All the reasons I think diesels are superior to gasoline cars are embodied in the E320 BLUETEC. For all intents and purposes, you may as well be driving a gasoline-powered E350 -- except you won't have to visit the gas station nearly as often.”
(Aaron Volkswagen Corporation knows about the problem of poor diesel reputation and does not even use the term diesel but “TDI” (turbo direct injection). There is new optimism however as newer turbo-charged diesels are quieter, more efficient as well as very powerful. A friend of mine who has driven the Jetta TDI raves about it – “great mpg and power.” For years, all the VW models had the TDI engines, but they had to be refined with lower sulfur allowed in diesel petroleum in this country. With a call to a local VW dealer, I found out that the only diesel they are importing now (“to meet the standards of new Ultralow sulfur diesel in this country”) is the Jetta TDI. He says it is testing at 60 mpg and the warranty will cover up to ten percent Biodiesel (B10).” “Volkswagen is gearing up the Golf TDI Hybrid. It's equipped with a 1.2l turbo 3-cylinder engine & an electric motor. It cranks out 100hp & 235 lb-ft of torque. Matted to a 7-speed DSG it delivered a staggering 71.4 mpg whilst having a CO2 rating of 90g/km. It's comparable to the Prius in size & cost so we will have to wait and see real-world tests but the specs so far are impressive.” Ade on Yahoo automotive tech. blog.
There has been a lot of publicity about the import of the famous 8 foot long economy Smart car from Europe this year. I observed a Smart Car from Canada at an I-95 rest stop near Florida last year, and the owner stated he was really sold on this 8 foot car and it’s very economical diesel engine at 70 mpg. When I mentioned I would not feel safe in it. He replied that it had plenty of power and was built like a race car with a steel rebar-protected driver and passenger area. The Canadian owner also informed me that the U.S. would probably be gasoline powered, another victim to poor marketing of the diesel in this country. “ Gimme a Smart diesel. Those vehicles are averaging 65-70 real life mpg. Let me drive a car that gets 3-4 times the typical U.S. vehicle fleet mileage and I'll do my part in reducing the U.S. oil dependency. THIS car is only a 3-4 hrs drive north.” Ken wrote this on Yahoo Automotive Tech. Blog.
Finishing on a positive note, BMW is expanding their plant in Greer, S. C. and is manufacturing a diesel-powered car. Reading article about that in newspaper, the author has found that the diesel vehicle is called a diesel version of an “X 5 as well as a hybrid.” With Toyota and Honda and others planning their 2009 sedan diesels, the future looks better. By the way, a diesel/electric hybrid would be a much more efficient automobile, and can be fueling at the biodiesel restaurant/fueling stations of near future. “Diesel hybrids are the way to go. You can use smaller, turbocharged engines in conjunction with electric motors and all other techniques to achieve better mileage without sacrificing performance” Ade on Yahoo automotive tech. blog.
“Wait. There must be some mistake. How can an autobahn-inspired performance machine beat one of the most fuel-efficient cars ever made? It looks like that is exactly what happened on a 545-mile London-Geneva run, when a diesel-powered BMW 5-series posted better MPG stats than a petrol-based Toyota Prius hybrid. The BMW 520d with a 2.0-liter diesel engine and regenerative braking posted an impressive 41.9 mpg - about 0.9 mpg better than a full hybrid Prius. The difference may not seem huge. But given that the Prius weighs about 500 lb less, BMW's fuel economy lead was significant enough to raise new questions about which drivetrain technologies are more environmentally viable and should become the future mainstream of sustainable transport. According to our partner site Technoride, the 5-series' triumph over Prius can be attributed to "a series of energy-saving features BMW calls EfficientDynamics: battery recharge when braking, good aerodynamics, low rolling resistance, a continuous fuel consumption gauge on the dashboard, and a six-speed manual transmission that is rated as improving fuel economy by about 10%."
The Fuel – Biodiesel
Many are confused about biofuels. We are told that they can take away from valuable food crops, and lead to more world hunger. If that is true, it does not apply to biodiesel, as it uses only the oil and leaves the nutritious part of plant or animal. Biodiesel can come from either veggie oil or animal fats. And it can be the only recyclable fuel, as this biofuel can be filtered from used cooking veggie oil. It can be blended with petroleum diesel to make a more effective and less polluting fuel. Only 1% biodiesel makes a difference, but the higher percentage the better. The standard definition is "biodiesel is a renewable fuel derived from vegetable oils or animal fats that can be blended with petroleum or used on its own."
Confusion comes from the facts about a different biofuel - ethanol (an alcohol not an oil) that uses a plant feedstock, such as corn, beetroot, sugar beet or sugar cane and then fermenting it. It can be blended with gasoline to make “gasohol.” Reducing the fears of food crops being taken away from the world supply, there is a new technology called “cellulostic ethanol production” which allows the production of ethanol from the leftover straw of the food crop. Brazil is now producing ethanol for over 30% of its fuel production.
“Biodiesel coming to a Lowcountry station Monday, February 25, 2008 – Charleston Post and Courier: Biodiesel, the fuel of the future championed by Willie Nelson, among others, is sprouting at a Lowcountry gas station. The BP Gas Mart in Ladson (exit 203 off Interstate 26) is now pumping diesel that's cut 5 percent with fuel from North Charleston-based Southeast BioDiesel. Though it is billed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by almost 80 percent, biodiesel has been hard to come by in the Lowcountry. As of October, there were 75 stores selling alternative fuels in South Carolina, according to the state Energy Office. However, almost all of those pumps were in the Upstate and only one of the sites was in Charleston — at the Fox Music Store, oddly enough. Southeast BioDiesel is a Charlotte-based company, but it processes poultry fat into 7 million gallons of biodiesel every year on the former Navy base in North Charleston. So if you've got an old Benz or a big truck, roll up to Ladson and give it a try.” In another article, by this author, the owners of SEBD are interviewed. See for more information about plant and biodiesel.
Algae is now object of intense research in universities all over country as best possible biodiesel source because of its high CO 2 absorption & oxygen producing qualities, plus, very importantly, it reproduces itself overnight. Soybean Oil has been the prime source of biodiesel production, however it is subject to the varying prices on the world market, as for a couple of years it has been selling for such a high price per gallon to China, that made it not feasible to use for biodiesel. Other good plant oil sources are sunflowers, canola, flax seed, and mustard seed. Canola is a hybrid of “rapeseed” plants which are grown in Europe and Russia for its biodiesel. My aunt leases her adjacent farm land in N. W. section of South Carolina, where they are growing canola – a good looking dark green leafy plant. Personally, I have been envisioning growing acres of sunflowers for the oil, the seeds, and the beautiful flowers. All these are expensive commodities however.
Recently, I have been inspired to research diesel and biodiesel by Matt Ruby from Little River and his strong need for a cheaper cleaner fuel to help save the fishing industry off the Carolinas. Then listening to “Science Friday” recently, I heard about a very successful new documentary about biodiesel initiating and debuting at the Sundance Film Festival (Jan. ’08). It is called Fields of Fuel (Make Fuel Not War). Josh Tickell, who directed the film, is famous for driving around The Veggie Van all over U.S. and Europe promoting the use of biodiesel since 1997. He has also written a book called Biodiesel America: How to Achieve Energy Security, Free America from Middle-east Oil Dependence and Making Money Growing Fuel (Yorkshire Press -ISBN# 978-0-9707227-4-4). I ordered this book from Amazon recently, and I find it a packed full highly researched information reading like an excellent text book. Importantly in addition, biodiesel can be used for generators, home heating and cooking.
Clean energy is a political issue, as what can be more patriotic than helping free our country from an “addiction to oil” (G.W. Bush, 2002). Bush also stated: “For the sake of energy security, for the sake of economy security, we need more ethanol and biodiesel….I envision a day when somebody walks in and says, ‘Well Mr. President, the corn crop is up and we’re growing more soybeans in America and we’re less dependent on foreign sources of oil as a result of it.’” All the candidates this time around are talking about biofuels, making it a bipartisan effort. Green can be seen as centrist not either red or blue. However, Bush has been insisting on more big tax breaks for the oil companies to go along with increased funding for alternative energy sources. Diesel fuel has historically been a good bit cheaper than gasoline, as it comes out of refinery process before gasoline. Diesel fuel is the lifeblood of our commercial/industrial transportation. Nobody has been able to tell me why diesel fuel is higher than gasoline. It is still cheaper in Europe.
Jim, a member of my writing group has this to say about this article: “This article is fueling my interest in getting my hands on a diesel VW. And then my dream gets bigger. What if, I say, what if I had a motor home that ran on veggie oil, heated with veggie oil and ran its generator on veggie oil? Would it be possible to have no energy bills? Is this really the true meaning of Freedom Fuel?
Well, Jim, hypothetically that freedom could be yours if you educate yourself enough about biodiesel fuel. Pure vegetable oil is very expensive for one thing. Another is that cheaper or even free used cooking oil is mostly animal fat, which has a higher viscosity level and even after filtering, can clog up an engine after awhile. You would need to learn how to micro-refine used cooking oil to make it an effective freedom fuel. However, with ingenuity and education, this can be done. I recommend Tickle’s book: From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank The Complete Guide to Making Alternative Fuel out of Vegetable Oil. I have been watching the book on eBay for several weeks and the price will not go down below $20.00, but I am about to order it anyway. This whole subject is vitally important enough!

Monday, February 25, 2008

How To Be At Peace and Live in Loving Harmony

"Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you." John 14:27

"LOVE never fails. Perfect Love casts out all fear. The God of Love and peace shall be with you. And the greatest of these is love." All reminders that "God is love."!Who would you be if you were surrounded and filled with love at all times? And if you believe otherwise, how can you change your belief?"

Develop complete faith that "God is love." Forgive and forget anything that you have learned about a condemning or fearful God. Release belief that love is a mere sentiment. God's Love is the greatest healing agent on Earth for our own body as well as our relationships.
To be a loving friend is the greatest privilige available. Extend loving friendships to all you meet.
Identify yourself as being overfilled with God's love, with more than you need, so you can share this highest most powerful force in life.

"God did not give us spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind."

A Thousand Names For Joy

Be like the bird
That, pausing in her flight
Awhile on the boughs too slight,
Feels them give way
Beneath her and yet sings.
Knowing that she has wings.
- Victor Hugo

Joy is the emotion excited by the expectancy of good. Ernest Holmes

Joy has come to live with me. How can I be sad?
I do so love Thy presence, which is joy within me. Ernest Holmes

Joy is the realization of the truth of oneness, the oneness of our soul with the supreme love.
Rabindranath Tagore

In thy presence is fullness of joy, at thy right hand are pleasure forevermore. Paslm 16:11
Consider it all joy, my friends, whenever
You face trials of many kinds, because
You know that the testing of your
Faith develops perseverance.
James 1:2,3
God loves a cheerful giver, And God is able to
Provide you with every blessing in abundance,
So that by always having enough of everything, you
May share abundantly in every good work. 2 Corinthians 9:7,8

I turn my thought to Joy, which I know is vibrating through all Life. I hear the Song of Gladness that sings through all manifestations of life. I know It also sings in me as give It expression.
I feel the throb of life in all the harmony of form around me in tree, in flower and grass, in blue sky and dark, in the beauty of evening sunset, wherever I look I hear and feel the underlying joyous note of Life that sings and coes to culmination in Spirit made manifest through each human being.
Now, deep within my innermost being I attune myself to the God-conscious being I truly am. I permit God’s perfect idea of me to manifest to flow into expression. I know that I , God’s perfect expression cannot contain grief, sadness, inharmony. I know that in my true self, I am Joy, for I am God-Life. My Life is buoyant, vivacious, sparkling free. It contains all good. It is Unity, Perfection, Love. I so I know that nothing that can make me –the Real Me- feel sad, dejected or heavy- hearted. Ernest Holmes

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bless Everyone With Your Loving Thoughts, Words and Actions

"Love the Lord with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind.
Love your neighbors as yourself. Love your enemies." - Jesus's "3 commandments"!

None of us have lived up to our loving potential! "Pray without ceasing" to bless everyone you meet with loving thoughts, words and actions! And you will be following Jesus's love commandments and this world will be a better place! And your life will become very successful! You will live in peace, joy and harmony! Go for loving magnificence by letting go of judgemental hateful, petty unforgiveness, and you will be a happy person, who people like to be around.

"LOVE never fails. Perfect Love casts out all fear. The God of Love and peace shall be with you. And the greatest of these is love." All reminders that "God is love."!
Who would you be if you were surrounded and filled with love at all times? And if you believe otherwise, how can you change your belief?"

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy St. Valentines Day!

"How precious is your steadfast love,
O God!
All people may take refuge in the
shadow of your wings. "
Psalm 36:7

"We give and receive the purest form of love - God's love - in ways that are creative and fun, sincere and helpful." Unity Daily Word (Feb. 14, 2008)

No Man Is An Island

Here is how Dr. Wayne Dyer in his Wisdom of Ages book sagely and practically suggest how we can practice oneness:
"Stop viewing yourself as distant and apart on the basis of your geography, or your isolation from those who are struggling elsewhere. When you are aware of someone suffering on another shore, say a silent prayer for that person, and see if can experience in your heart your oneness with that person."

"See God in everyone and everything and behave each day as if the God in all things truly mattered. Try to suspend your judgements of those who are less ambitious, less peaceful, and less loving, and instead know that hatred and judgement are the problems in the first place.
When you judge the haters, and hate the judgers, you are part of the cancer rather than the treatment."

"Use fewer labels that distinguish you from "them". You are not an American, Californian, (Carolinian -my add.), Italian, Jew, middle-aged, stocky, female, athletic, or any other label.
You are a citizen of the world, and when you stop the labeling process, you will begin to see God in every garden, every forest, every home, every creature, and every person, and inner peace will be your reward."

No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of
the continent, a part of the main; if a clod be washed away
by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory
were, as well as if a manor of thy friends or thine own
were; any man's death diminishes me, because I am
involved in mankind; and therefore never send to know for
whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.
John Donne (1572-1631 - English)

A chapter from a new novel I am co-writing........

“Div is the most passionate person I have ever met about his spiritual beliefs and says they go beyond labels like liberal or conservative. He is strongly part of a world-wide ‘Oneness Movement’. He says the movement is based on the ‘truth that there is no spot where God is not.’ And that ‘spot’includes inside us and everyone. Div strongly believes that if the people of all nations knew that, that there would be no weapons and therefore no war. He says that this ‘Oneness Movement’ is the fastest growing one ever and after starting less than twenty years ago in India, there are over one hundred million people joined up, and Div is determined to help increase the ranks.”

Monday, February 11, 2008


Dear Friends, I have heard from Californian and European friends that this ONENESS BLESSING is quite a powerful blessing, and if you want to know the results of my experience reply back by Wed. or later. Or if you can tell me about your experience, let me know. If you live near me, come and join me. I know one of my European friends, like Diadra Price (see her website below) went to Oneness University in India to learn how to bestow this blessing.
I am now reading a wonderful book called Awakening Into Oneness by Arjuna Ardagh (ISBN -978-1-59179-573-5) . "... there is only one cause for human problems, and that is the sense of seperateness - the sense that the world can be divided into 'me' and 'not me'." (from intro. by Ervin Laszlo, Ph.D.)

to our One Love, Ron
Let us BE the PEACE we desire to see in our world.

What a beautiful morning we have to greet February’s New Moon! It almost feels like Spring. Are you ready for glorious New Beginnings? If so, may I make a suggestion as to a good way to hurry them along?!
Rev. Diadra Price will be at Unity next Tuesday evening at 7:00 PM to tell us about the Deeksha Blessing, or Oneness Blessing, and to bestow it on all present. I’m attaching the flyer and I urge you to check out the website given there:
Also the book Awakening into Oneness tells the story. The Unity bookstore has ordered 12 books and they are expected to be in by Tuesday.
Take this information into your heart and listen. If your answer is YES, we’ll look forward to seeing you there.
Oceans of Excitement,