Friday, October 17, 2008


Love Requited
Ron Alexander
We need no love.
Love is a state of being.
When two are in Love,
there is a oneness,
that allows individuality.
Giving Love.
A unity that supports
without conditions.
A needless Love.
A beautiful irony.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Be Happy - Help Heal the Planet

Be Happy - Help Heal the Planet
Joy Is the Realization of Oneness
Ron Alexander
There has been one crisis after another lately. Are you freezing in fear or are you taking action to be a part of the solution? “Where there is crisis there is opportunity”, according to the Tao. What is the “opportunity” here?
From reading Awakening into Oneness by Arjuna Ardagh and experiencing the grace of “Deekshas” (Oneness Blessings) by Diedra Price and Beth Inman locally many times now, I have been struck by the increase of joy in my life. “A happy person will be an asset to society. Spirituality is about happiness.” (Anandagiri in Ardagh’s book)
Deeksha givers go through intensive training to become empty vessels, so that God's Grace can come through their hands placed gently on your head. The intention is to balance the energy in the brain. The chatter from the busy left side decreases, as the calmer right side of the brain becomes more engaged. The result, for me, is that I end up feeling more centered in the moment. Even washing the dishes is enjoyable. I feel more accepting and helpful to others.
By its very name and principles, the Unity Church stands solidly behind the Oneness Movement.
Joy is the realization of oneness, the oneness of our soul with supreme love.” Tagore
“Be of one mind,live in peace.” II Cor.13:18

Birthday Message - "Count it all joy..."James 1:2

I Rejoice That My Spirit is Free
I now allow the Living Presence of Spirit to flow through me in expanding circles of activity. Every past sense of limitation melts away and every good I have experienced is increased. Every joy that has come into my life is multiplied and there is a new influx of inspiration into my thought. I see more clearly than ever that my Divine Birthright is freedom, joy and good.
Spirit is not limited, so neither am I. I let go of all restricting ideas. Knowing that Life gives according to my faith, I lift my thought and elevate my faith. I accept the Divine Presence as now
bountifully expressing peace and harmony in my life. Spirit will never fail me if I never fail to believe in Its goodness and Its responsiveness. Life becomes one grand song as I realize that since God is for me and within me, none can be against me. I will cease merely to exist: I will live!
In the awareness that God indwells my life, I know that my spirit is released from all lack and limitation. I understand and accept the truth about myself. My physical body and my objective affairs reflect the perfection that I feel, the wholeness of which I am certain, and that glorious freedom that rightfully belongs to me. I rejoice that my spirit is forever free.
Oct. 14, A Year of Daily Wisdom, Ernest Holmes