Thursday, May 31, 2018


Yes we do, and it is important
to OWN IT!
There is a lot of darkness in our land now, so we really need to shine ours!

Dance with change

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.

Graduate of Cardiac Rehab.

They had to graduate me, because I got to max. levels of fitness, which means I am too HEALTHY to continue, because of medicare rules. However, they are giving me free month in adjoining fitness center, which I will take advantage of. Besides regular exercise, through their excellent nutrition education and following their recommendations, I have lost 15 lbs. and have changed my taste buds, to where I prefer more healthy foods. YEAH!😁

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Becoming Immortal and Fearless - Bruce Lipton | EVER

Sign VoteVets Petition: Tell Congress that you are opposed to this military parade and you want to see action to stop it from happening.

This was in my email. The link in the letter doesn't work, but you might cut and paste this. Ron Alexander, the letter includes a possible contact.…
Suzanne -
I want to tell you something that is somewhat hard to believe. And that is, when we talk to members of Congress, some of them don’t understand just how pissed off people are about Trump’s ridiculous military parade.
It’s not just that this parade would be an international disgrace.
It’s not just about making women and men who signed up to sacrifice everything march down the streets of our nation’s capital to salute a chickenhawk.
It’s about a president who has continually shown himself to have authoritarian tendencies.
So, here’s what we need. Help us send a message to Congress that yes, you care deeply about this parade and you want action.
Sign VoteVets Petition: Tell Congress that you are opposed to this military parade and you want to see action to stop it from happening.
If Donald Trump really wanted to honor our military and veterans, he'd fill the nearly 50,000 vacancies at the VA. He'd bolster job training programs for veterans returning home. He'd protect public lands veterans use to "walk off the war." He’d stop trying to cut food assistance from veterans who need it.
This parade is a disgrace. Let’s stop it.
All my best,
Will Fischer
Iraq War Veteran and Director of Government Affairs
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Add Your Name: Oppose Trump's Military Parade Sign VoteVets Petition: Tell Congress that you are opposed to this military parade and you want to see action to stop it from happening. Email* First Name Postal Code* Are you a veteran? Yes No Please leave this field blank: * denotes required field

Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial Day Miracle

Memorial Day weekend is a bad one for me.
Update: A fellow Vet., who I had never met before, came up to me at Unity Charleston SC, after I told him about VAP, which he seemed rather ambivalent about, and told me he had the strangest wierdest message to me, that he did not know what to do with? Since he did not seem to especially like the idea of VAP, I was kinda disturbed, however, I finally drug it out of him after service. "YOUR BROTHER TOLD ME TO TELL YOU, " I love you." THIS IS A MIRACLE FOLKS, AND IF YOU WATCH THIS SHORT VIDEO YOU WILL UNDERSTAND.
Memorial to dear Brother Barry KIA A day after his 22nd Bday Party with only 2 weeks left😥One big reason I hate the Vietnam and most other wars: This YouTube is less than 4 minutes long please watch it!

This video is called a digital story. It was a very powerful…

Hi Ron, 

I watched your video, so thoughtful and special. ...remind me what is VAP ? I want to hear more about the message from the fellow vet.
. Kind regards, Tina

DearTina, thanks for watching and responding. VAP is a Fb group that I started for so many of us veterans against parade, the parade that 45 is trying to get 30 million from Congress for. It is one of those big style parades like you see in Russia. He wants it on VETERANS DAY, and most of us vets and active military members think the 30 million could be for helping homeless vets or something more needed. I announced it at end of Unity Service, when the mike is passed around. It was a mixed reaction, and this vet. came up and asked me about it, and I told him, and he did not appear in favor of it. There was a healing workshop afterward, and he and I were the only men in the group. He had never been in that type of group and appeared confused and anxious about "message" to me, and did to want to share it in group. I reluctantly asked him to tell me after group, as I thought it would be an oppositional type of message. However he appeared as relieved, as I was joyous, when he told me that "your brother wanted me to tell you that he loved you."  I think that he and I are going to become good friends. 
I hope you are having a great Memorial day?                                                  Blessings, Ron Alexander



Generation to come...

I feel like I know a few things, and one that’s important is that we have to be strong enough to continue to love and care about the generations to come in the way our ancestors have done for us.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Rejoice in the good of others,

Tell your truth, or if not...

The moment we begin to fear the opinions of others and hesitate to tell the truth that is in us, and from motives of policy are silent when we should speak, the divine floods of light and life 
no longer
flow into our souls. 
Elizabeth Cady Stanton, American feminist (1815 - 1902)

Noam Chomsky: Donald Trump is a Distraction (Chomsky is a wise man)


By saying grace, we release the Divine sparks in our food.


Goes along with earlier post...

Friday, May 25, 2018

Heaven on Earth,

Heaven and Earth are threads from one loom.

Thursday, May 24, 2018


The easiest thing to be in the world is you. The most difficult thing to be is what others want you to be. Don't let them put you in that position.              Leo Buscaglia

Helping the healing...

Ron Alexander is feeling blessed.
4 mins
I have found a Mozart station on Pandora, and listen to it much of day. I find it increases my Joie de Vivre,🤗 helps my healing.

Cry a lot?

The main thing in one's own private world is to try to laugh as much as you cry.


Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Embrace this day, NOW...

May you embrace this day, not just as any old day, but as this day. Your day. Held in trust by you, in a singular place, called now.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Love is the beauty of the soul...

Beauty seen makes the one who sees it more beautiful.

Sunday, May 20, 2018


Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Trump already had his parade...

life cannot be grasped or understood

Nancy Neithercut
life cannot be grasped or understood
reaching to grasp the flowing is the flowing
trying to escape the flowing is the flowing
silhouette of the mountains cannot hold the moonrise
river cannot hold the moons reflection

Friday, May 18, 2018

Slow down, you move too fast,...

The world is moving so fast these days?

The world is moving so fast these days that the man who says it can't be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it.


Dew on spectacles?

Wipe the dew off your spectacles and see that the world is moving.

This one about parade appears to be more palatable to pro-peace people

"Better dead than red?"

Putintrumpism makes red states REALLY RED! 
What happened to all those bumper stickers: "I would rather be dead than red?"
1 Year Ago
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Joe Chyle to 
Looking more and more like a master plan from abroad.