Thursday, November 16, 2017

Does a Soul feel pain?

Luca Mezzadri: I feel like a pure soul would not ache nor rejoice. Those seems more like human accidents.😍
Lauren Nicole Garceau Indeed they are human.

Ron Alexander:Sometimes extreme sensitivity is really a weak sense of self.
Ron Alexander A Soul only Loves is what I was taught, and the human part of us hurts. "Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional." Suffering is when you identify with the pain.
Lauren Nicole Garceau Ron, thank you for passing on what you were taught. I enjoy being a rebel now. It was long coming after a lifetime listening to Guru. Unless someone can produce absolute facts free of stories I am going forward with my rebellion. My soul aches. However I respect what you believe as I am a be-leaf too 💛
Ron Alexander Working in a hospice with wounded vets, and in my own experience, pain is inevitable, and suffering is optional. Some of these vets were wounded in WW2, Korea, Vietnam, and went on to have very productive lives. Being pain free for first time in many years, in hospice as that is part of our philosophy, they suddenly live longer, and some leave hospice, as the 6 mos. diagnosis is over. They did not make their woundedness pain as an excuse not to have a productive life.

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