Thursday, March 31, 2011

What is Love?

Dean A. Banks
What is love? Love is a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person or an affectionate concern for the well-being of others ( There are many levels or degrees of love ranging from agape (unconditional love) to lust (conditional love). A good way to know what love is is to know what it is not. Following statements of what love isn’t:

Love is NOT negative attention. Whether contrived, forced or abusive, negative attention is NOT love. Positive attention comes from love. Love is the tender and passionate feeling that underlies concern, respect in humanhood and giving of oneself to another.

Love is NOT sexual attraction and desire for selfish purposes. Love is sexual attraction and desire for the mutual expression of love.

Love is NOT living a life filled in with distractions. Love is discovering the purpose for which you were created and taking the steps to become the fulfillment of that purpose.

Love is NOT just loving God and your neighbor. Love is loving yourself by becoming what God created you to be; an individualized expression of the love of God.

When you know what love isn’t, it helps to make what love is very clear to you. Move toward what love is while simultaneously moving away from what it isn’t. The more you move toward what love truly is, the more your life will grow and expand into what the creator created you to be.
~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

Welcome to the path of the heart. Believe it or not, to be loved unconditionally and
to begin to become that love can be your reality. This path of love doesn't go anywhere. It just brings you more here, into the present moment, into the reality of who you already are. This path takes you out o...f your mind and into your heart."
Ram Dass speaking about his Bhakti Yoga path in BE LOVE NOW.

Fox Elipsus - Falling Down

Powerful images for vital need for peaceful changes!
Location Atlanta Bread Co - Sayebrook Village
106 Sayebrook Pkwy # 1
Myrtle Beach, SC


Created By Fox Elipsus - music of peace - Myrtle Beach & Florence areas, Fox Nuuk


More Info ROAD 261:
First ever show in the Myrtle Beach area!
Last show in South Carolina of the tour!
The 261st date of a mammoth 250-show 12-month tour of North America!
Every show is free!!!
...The ONLY Myrtle Beach performance on this tour!

Be Content

Be contented with what you possess in life;
be thankful for what does not belong to you,
for it is so much care the less;
but try to obtain what you need in life,
and make the best of every moment of your life.

...Hazrat Inayat Khan

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Love is Letting Go of Fear

"Love is letting go of fear" is a book title by Jerry Jampolsky and a principle of Jerry's Attitudinal Healing adapted from ACIM. Google it and there are plenty of reasonably priced books for sale! I worked for Jerry at the Attitudinal Healing Center in the 80's.
I leave my fears at the door when I leave and again when I return. Discharging fear is empowering! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.
We are taught to fear the unknown, fear what we don't understand and that mistakes are bad. Mistakes show us what not to do again. Fear shows us what we need to understand. The unknown shows us that there is more to the universe than our egos. We are only One with Divine order when we understand what hasn't worked, move toward what does work and embrace the unknown without fear. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

Andy Skadberg:Trust can replace fear. If we use our higher reasoning, and our abilities to connect to greater truth by going inside. I don't fear that the sun won't shine, or the molecules of my body will maintain. All is under the care of One great love.... It is only in the conditioned responses that target our lower natures that keep us in fear. One of the main ones is the fear of death. Even science tells us energy always stays, it just changes form. So this fear has no logical basis. I believe, at our core, our greatest fear is not being loved. But this is the most unfounded fear of all. God, the One loves all, it is the motivating factor of this material life. As a young man I had this intuition that I would have to face all of my fears. The one that I had been postponing was, what would I do without money. How I avoided that?, I worked like a madman for most of my life. Until 2008 when my heart urged me on to the unknown. I went for 2 years without earning a dime, and not necessarily by choice, at least consciously. Sometimes it was intense not knowing where the next meal would come from, etc., etc. and this was not just for me, also my family. Miracle, after miracle, after miracle. Well, I faced that fear, and I'm still here. Yahoo!
Kill the snake of doubt in your soul, crush the worms of fear in your heart and mountains will move out of your way.Kate Seredy
Ron Alexander I affirm Love Within and deny anything that refutes Love. I Love without fear!
Craig Moriarty
In order to transcend fear, we have to be able to accept and even embrace emotional pain. To know love as more than a concept we have to be vulnerable. When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, somebody is going to hurt us, probably because they are afraid. We have to be able to fully accept this in order to remain vulnerable and be love. If we don't then we are allowing our fear of hurt to master us. Fear is the energy matrix of this 3d reality. To transcend 3d we have to transcend fear and be love. It is quite easy to think loving thoughts and say loving words when we feel okay. It is not so easy when we are in pain. Love and encouragement to All for allowing love to be the Master.

Monday, March 28, 2011

KISS (Keep it Simple Spirit)

Simply accept we are all parts of each other,
made up of stardust.
I rejoice in the simple realization
that I am one with the Love of Life, of God, of All!
Simply free to Be (Kind)

"To me there is no fun and no LIFE in living without desire. To retract from the world to only sit in deep meditation is not living. There is nothing divine in asceticism. But when you remember the fullness of your being, your ONENESS with all, and live from your heart, you begin living a simpler live so your desires are more in touch with LIFE itself, and thus seem less than what others desire"~Bent Kim Lundberg
Rajiv Pande: The joys of the spirit fulfill you enough to let go the ordinary desires that are associated with our existence in the world. Beautiful point Bent!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Freedom from Limitations of Thinking, from Ideas of Separation

Freedom from the collective unconscious, traditions, history, myths, religious dogma, & political propaganda. Freedom from beliefs that one race is superior, that one country is superior, that one section of the country is superior, that one state is superior. Freedom from the beliefs that the rich are superior to all economic classes, that the middle class is superior to the poor. Freedom from the beliefs that one religion is superior to others. Freedom from the beliefs that "third-world" countries are inferior. Freedom from the belief that one gender is superior. Freedom from any "ism" - nationalism, feminism even humanism (that our species is superior) et. al. And especially freedom from any fear-based thinking! Freedom from the belief that we are seperate from anyone or anything. Think outside the box, think creatively, think Oneness, Be Free!

JeannieNjeff wrote:
"Freedom unite us; freedom of the mind, freedom of the spirit-freedom to be
yourself-freedom to love yourself,freedom to give freely-freedom is fully
understanding,acceptance of all beings as One in Source, and loving them fully
in that knowlege-there is no power like this!"

.Ron Alexander: I wrote about the "third-world" countries, because I have been to several who are designated that way with "poverty" implied, yet they have richer cultures with stronger communities than many of the "richer" countries I have been in including???
Ron Alexander: Thanks Ra, Yes JeannieNJeff's comment is like a dessert to my post. Thank you JeannieNJeff!
Ida Rose: You know Ron, I often say when someone ask me where I live, I reply I live in the Getto, Englerston is known as the inner city, and that is where I live in Nassau, I often say to people , I am not poor, I just don't have a surpluss of money, but life is great!!!
Ron Alexander: Thank you Ida for confirming what I have learned in the Bahamas & elsewhere, The greatest greeting is one I learned in your beautiful islands. "Is that you, (wo)mon?" if you are feeling good, you answer: "Yea (wo)mon, it is all of me!" If you are not feeling good, you say "no (wo)mon it is only part of me!"
Jeanne Porter Ashley: Wow, Ron! Ditto, agree with all (26, I counted 'em) in your original post! Yes, freedom unite us, now -- equally & unconditionally -- all is One!! Loving oneness! ♥
Jeanne Porter Ashley: From personal experience, freedom, as a state of mind, is a 'High' that is beyond description! Happily, I have been in that mind-set a number of times -- hitchhiking the USA with friends, traveling alone through Europe -- never 'escaping from' anything, but, coming into the inner/outer space that allowed me to have the expansive view. Life is good! ♥
Ron Alexander: Today I affirm freedom from the limitation of my own thought. I am no longer hypnotized by the mind of history. The Divine Intelligence within me is transcendant

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Life is Meant to be played in Happiness & Joy

.Bent Kim Lundberg
A friend expresses that LIFE is hard. This is my answer to her.

LIFE is meant to be played in happiness and JOY, as JOY is the feeling of your soul that manifested you to have fun. If LIFE seems hard to you, it is not LIFE that is hard but your thoughts about LIFE that is 'faulty'.

The path to experiencing LIFE as JOYFUL is to play, laugh more, smile more, and maybe most important, to be aware of the hundreds of things you can be grateful for every single day, and choose to feel your gratitude for them, for that leaves no space for experiences you do not wish, as your gratitude attracts more from universe of what you express your gratitude for.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Clarity: Confidence (faith in Divine Guidance) + Gratitude = True Humility

Your vision will be clear only when you look into your heart :)
Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens. "Carl Jung"


Dean A. Banks
There is a difference between hearing, listening and accepting what you hear and intently listen to as true. We can hear the rustle of the leaves in the wind, listen to the still small voice of God within that external sound and accept what that experience is doing to create thoughts in our minds and beliefs in our hearts.

If we choose... not to hear what people are saying we can remove ourselves from their chatter, put in earplugs or tune them out. If we choose not to listen to them we can think about other things, replay experiences in our minds or concentrate on what we are going to say or do next. If we choose not to accept what others believe we can argue with them, ignore them or simply let them be.

Whichever method we choose will be a learning experience for both of us. It will teach us to respect or disrespect others’ viewpoints, understand or not understand their beliefs and react or pro-act as a result. We all have different perspectives that when exchanged can generate conflict, posturing or apathy.

Whether we hear, listen or accept what others say is not as important as listening to what the still small voice of God reveals to us. The Divine order guides us with the Divine agenda of manifesting our purpose, unfettered by what others think, believe and do.
~Dean A. Banks, D.D.
We must slow down to a human tempo
and we’ll begin to have time to listen.
Thomas Merton
Reframing (repeating in your own words what the speaker has said) helps to understand and really hear the speaker. This can create clarity, joining & gratitude between everyone present.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fundamentalists of Any "Sacred Texts" = "Literary Authoritarianism"

I have something to say to all those who blindly read the scriptures and take them at face value. There is a history in every verse. There are things that are taken out of context and things that are completely off-base. What I'm saying is, is that if you are going to base your life on a book, then make sure what you are reading is accurate and from the authored source. Living your life by the rules of a book is called Literary Authoritarianism. Literary Authoritarianism tries to carve the spirit into stone. The true word is living and breathing and pulses from the Spirit of God within you. Listen to it. Live it. Breathe it. Manifest it. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.
Ra Divakar To be fair, Dean Banks, in his wisdom, had a photo of the Bible there, however I believe that ACIM and all Sacred texts can be applied to Dean's Wise Words.
Ra Divakar A comment I added to Dean's note above: What you have written can be applied to all "Sacred Texts" including one I studied for many years - A Course in Miracles. It has mostly brilliant theology, however one must be careful to differentiate what it calls "Realism" with "Idealism".
Bunni Vaughan Healy I agree with the sentiment and that it can be applied to any book but the bible makes sense in the picture because it is the book most people will blindly follow. Nobody ever started a war or even a persecution quoting from the Course in Miracles.

Ra Divakar Bunni, Studying the course for 27 years (plus teaching it for a few years) and being with Bill Thetford, the scribe, I have known people who have disowned their body, their ego, the earth, and their own need for forgiveness or forgiving oth...ers - from reading the course. Dr. Bill asked us to tear out those pages when we were studying with them. Those workbook pages of "I am not my body" over and over leave many classes with many less bodies. Also, Helen, the channeler was the one who created the "New Age Satan" our poor beleagured ego. Freud invented the ego to be the CONSCIOUS mediator between the id and the superego!See More
Saturday at 11:46am · UnlikeLike · 3 peopleLoading....Ra Divakar Although ACIM is basically a Sacred Text which is really about "forgiving the world and each other", it turns away from reality and toward idealism with this profound quote:"True Forgiveness = seeing nothing in need of forgiveness, no perso...n, no situation ~ UNconditional (no conditions :-) LOVE Our True and ONLY 'Reality"
And I agree, however, like our body, our ego, our world, we need forgivingness as long as we are in our body!See More
Saturday at 11:53am · UnlikeLike · 4 peopleYou, Jeanne Porter Ashley, Dean A. Banks and Angela PeaceMaker Diggs like this..Ra Divakar Also, there was a harmful cult built up around ACIM. I know of injuries and families torn up by this "teacher". He and his cult was exposed on national tv, and I was there when it was exposed. Fundamentalism of any form is harmful, in my opinion and experience.
Saturday at 12:07pm · UnlikeLike · 4 peopleLoading....Angela PeaceMaker Diggs ♥
Bunni Vaughan Healy I hear your concerns and if I have any difference it's only in minor matters of perspective. Also, there's no doubt that every book is misunderstood by some. I think the True Forgiveness quote is not to idealistic to be true. When I first did ACIM I would have agreed that as long as we are in a body we will need to keep forgiving but these many years later I think that the True Forgiveness quote above can be achieved. I don't think any awakened being (and I have had glimpses of that) will need to forgive because we need to judge (that something wrong has been committed) in order to have anything to forgive. These are pretty moot points however. The agreement point is that if one feels that there is anything that requires forgiving, it be forgiven.See More
Bunni Vaughan Healy ‎(not TOO idealistic to be true I meant)
Ra Divakar I agree, unconditional Love and true Forgiveness knowing that in Truth there is no one to forgive is the Ultimate Truth. I am just saying I don't think it can be realized while we are in the body. However, I am sure there are Awakened Beings out there, who by the Grace of God, do realize this Truth and then the "Reality is not Ideality". Thanks for your reasoned good answer, Bunni!
Ra Divakar Luv this dialogue, Bunni - no dissing and cussing, thanks, ra!
Ra Divakar By the way, I think Bill Thetford died as an Awakened Being, from everything I heard and saw when with him and Jerry Jampolsky in Tiburon, CA in the 80's!
Bunni Vaughan Healy I am sure I have had awakened spurts or moments. I am also sure I'm not entirely there yet but I do hope that no one ever grants me the title of "awakened". Perhaps the awakened can handle it but it's more than I'd want to bear. (I'm also suspect of who makes such pronouncements...regardless of WHO they are.)
Ron Alexander Yes, they call those Holy Instants in ACIM - have had many but only "instants" unfortunately! I prefer to be an awakening being than an Awakened Being (where would the mystery, wonder and adventure be?
Jeanne Porter Ashley Before Enlightenment: chop wood, carry water; After Enlightenment: chop wood, carry water...the mystery, wonder and adventure...IMHO, intricately involved, convoluted, expand upon themselves and engulf the entirety of life...the universe and everything..
Dean A. Banks Absolutely brilliant discussion. I am honored to be in the company of such aware and understanding people. Peace and blessings to all of you.
Ra Divakar I am so grateful for you and your Wisdom, Dean. At first,I almost asked you if I should abort your comments, since I changed the photo from your Bible to ACIM, however, the dialogue just kept getting better and better as you note, dear Dr. Dean!
Dean A. Banks Ra, you were right to include all books. I picked the Bible because it is the most misquoted and misunderstood. Thank you for opening the door to everything written
Jeanne Porter Ashley thanks ron & dean & bunni - brilliant dialgue
Ron Alexander dialogue! no dissing and cussing (as in "discussion), thanks Ra, Dean, & Bunni!
Ra Divakar Dean & Bunni especially were excellent here!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Awakening - Alina Shalev

Alina Shalev commented on her own status:
‎"The Awakened One does nothing; but leaves nothing undone; for all things are happening all the time around and through the Awakened One. " ~ Sri Bhagavan.
David Paul McBride: personally I think the whole "effortless" thing is a bit foggy, because what you're really doing is identifying and ceasing all actions- resistance- that stand between you and Realization. it's effortless because our whole lives we are in motion and so to be totally still is a foreign concept. I know I don't have it mastered, I seem to have been better at it a year or two ago than I am now. finding the way to make it effortless and just be in that space is quite a search- and you're not searching for anything! it's effortless but discovering that effortlessness can take tremendous time and attention. I guess attention is really what it comes down to. the power of concentration.
Alina Shalev: beautifully said, David. It all comes down to attention.... Like we said: AWARENESS, awareness and the last step: awareness.... Sending you Blessings!
David Paul McBride- enlightenment: made possible by Jesus Christ, Gautama the Buddha, Quan Yin, Tara, AmmaBhagavan, several thousand others of all sorts of cultural backgrounds, and of course, Thomas Edison.Uaris Jan: ‎"The natural state is a satisfied life. And the only way to know this state is to know one's true Self...and you can only know this by making no effort." - Poonja Papaji
I found doing meditation with Bhagavan helps a lot on a path of "no effort" - till that time having been taking deeksha and doing chakra dyana, etc. for 4 years - didn't work with me... But when I asked Bhagavan for being in Oneness - He gave me to aware what it is ... and it was beautiful! On-line meditation really works.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Joyous Expectations of Greatest Good for Everyone

Since One Spirit of Love is in All, and I have joyous expectations of Love for myself, I expect the same joyous Love for All. One Love, ron
Today I go forth in joy, knowing that everyone is my friend, knowing that I am a friend to all. I believe that Divine Love is protecting me and Divine Intelligence is guiding me. It is my sincere desire to share everything I have with others and to expect the greatest good for everyone. Knowing that the same Spirit, this One Spirit of the living God, is in all, over all, and through all, I expect more good than I have ever experienced. I am keeping my mind open to Divine intuition, the instinctive knowledge that is omnipresent Wisdom that ordains, governs, and controls everything. Ernest Holmes
You cannot give your life more days,
but you can give your days more life.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The End of Suffering -

"Suffering is a wonderful gradually erodes the manmade description of self...and then you can find the "kingdom of heaven within as Jesus says"...also Buddha teaches the end of suffering.,.to self-inflicted suffering - your thoughts - your interpretation of what is ..."

Subodh Kumar Misra:In the different stages of its meaning, the will is bondage and the will is liberation. It is the binding will that we are asked to renounce. The binding will is the first self-affirmative urge within us which insists on the independence of the individual and an isolation of personality, cut-off from relationship with others.......Aum Shanti! Individual will is unable to comprehend the Truth owing to ignorance. This ignorance is the source of bondage. It is nothing but the inability of the individual will to understand that its affirmations are not the Truth. This Truth is inaccessible to the instruments that are available to the individual will and, therefore, the individual will is always sunk in sorrow, grief.The reason why individual will binds is because it has disassociated itself from the Real, which is same as Truth. ...........Aum! The irreconcilability between individual affirmations and the pattern of Divine Will is something which the individual will in its present condition cannot properly understand; because the realm of the Divine, the Universal, lies outside the ken of the vision of the individual, and due to this reason there has arisen the chance of commission of an error on the part of individual; by which it mistakes its own affirmations for the total Reality.............Aum!
Ra Divakar: What does Wisdom say about "Free Will"? thanks, ra
Unity Walker: My freedom of will consists in being able to choose between the will of sense-realm mortal mind personality OR to be centered in the Universal Will of the ONE. All bondage lies in the first. In the second is liberation from all bondage. Thank you, Brother Subodh. AUM SHANTI!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Deeksha (Peace, Love, Healing Blessings) to Japan

Oneness Blessings to Japan so important at this time!
Please give deeksha on Fukushima no.1 power plant (Bhagavan's comment on Japan's earthquake)
By Ra Divakar (thanks again Ra - are you a Oneness Trainer?)
Ra Divakar No, not a trainer, however I am a Oneness Blessing Giver!
If planetary peace seems beyond our reach, recall: Miracles are natural when we rely on the Source of All to carry our burdens with us. Then, even peace is possible.Nan Merrill with Barbara Taylor
Peace Planet: Light for Our World
I am Peace I am Joy I am Love
surrounded by Peace surrounded by Joy surrounded by Love
secure in Peace. lifted by Joy embraced by Love
Peace protects me Joy nourishes me Love is Me
Peace supports me Joy radiates from me Love overflows
...Peace is in me Joy is in me. Love is Me
Peace is mine-- Joy is mine. Love is Mine
All is well. Joy is now & expected Love is Ours
Peace to all beings Joy to all beings Love is All
Peace among all beings Joy among all beings Love among Us
Peace from all beings Joy from all beings Love Everyone
I am steeped in Peace I am steeped in Joy. Love is Everywhere
Absorbed in Peace Absorbed in Joy Swimming, walking in Love
In the streets, at our work, In the streets, at our work, in Nature,
having peaceful thoughts, having joyful thoughts, Loving thoughts
Peaceful words, peaceful acts. Joyful words, joyful acts. Loving Words, Acts
A Buddhist Meditation by Ra Divakar
By Ra Divakar

I am Peace
surrounded by Peace
secure in Peace.
Peace protects me
Peace supports me
...Peace is in me
Peace is mine--
All is well.
Peace to all beings
Peace among all beings
Peace from all beings
I am steeped in Peace
Absorbed in Peace
In the streets, at our work,
having peaceful thoughts,
Peaceful words, peaceful acts.
A Buddhist Meditation

Conscious Lovers

Effie Aghili
The subject tonight is Love
And for tomorrow night as well.
As a matter of fact,
I know no better topic
For us to discuss.
...Until we all die
! ♥♥♥

"Enter these enchanted woods, ye who dare.
The gods love each other consciously. Conscious lovers become gods."
Tibetan essay. (Txs, JBH & LH)
Jeanne Porter Ashley
‎"We are created to love and be loved." Mother Teresa
Mother Teresa, in a 1974 interview, said,“I see God in every human being. When I wash the leper’s wounds, I feel I am nursing the Lord himself. Is it not a beautiful experience?”Jeanne Porter Ashley
Love is all we came here for, no one could offer you more, do you know what I mean, have your eyes really seen. Elton John ♥
Ron Alexander: Love is the open door, no one could offer you more,Love is the key we must turn, do you know what I mean, have your eyes really seen. E J Absolutely!

Jeanne Porter Ashley
Be love now...all is well..
Ron Alexander Love is All - Be well now!
And God is LOVE, the love in which we live and move and have our being. Sow not to the human perspective of appearances coming and going, but to the Spirit of Love which is your True Being. Only LOVE (God) is real. And we are also LOVE. Wisdom speaks, and so it is.
"One Love" the great reggae singer had it right when he titled that song. The Buddha said "All that we are is the result of what we have thought." So Thnk Love, Be Love."
"God did not give us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a so...und mind." (Timothy), in the spirit of Loving Oneness, ron
"Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing, there is a field. I'll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about. Ideas, language, even the phrase, "each other" doesn't make any sense." - Rumi

Suchi Kumar
I love you. I have always loved you. You have inspired more people than you know. You have been a blessing to everyone you have ever touched. Thank you for being.~ Message from the Universe

Effie Aghili

"Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we have learned here. The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and the acceptance of love back into our hearts."
— Marianne Williamson
Lili Jacob
Just love and love...everything else will settle on its own♥

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Achieve Oneness With All Life By Complete Forgivingness

If we want complete clearance of attitude, we must forgive everyone and everything. Whether we like it or not, or whether we accept it or not, this is one of the great truths of life.
Not only should we forgive others, but we should equally forgive ourselves...A great deal of our trouble, both mental and physical, is built on an unconscious sense of rejection and guilt...It is necessary that each of us seek complete forgivingness toward both ourselves and others.
Today I affirm that I forgive everyone and am forgiven by everyone. I affirm that the eternal Spirit harbors no malice toward me or anyone else. Forgiving and being forgiven, I have an inward sense of peace and tranquility. There is no anxiety, no sense of guilt, no fear of judgement. All mistakes of the past are now wiped out in my consciousness and I no longer carry any burden from them. I look forward to the future with joy, peace and gladness, and I live in the present with the inner assurance of being One with All Life.
paraphrased from Ernest Holmes'"A Year of Daily Wisdom"
And when ye stand praying, forgive, if ye ought against any: that your Father which is also in heaven may forgive your trespasses. ---Mark 11:25
It is better to be kind to others than to go all out to prove you are right. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.
Ashleigh Grace Walkinshaw: Apologizing does not mean anyone is wrong or right~it simply means your relationship is more important to you than your ego.
Ron Alexander: Like Ashleigh's reasoning above, and I had rather be happy than right (admittedly both is better for my ego).
"I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you." (HoOponopono prayer is very effective for "complete forgiveness.")
Marcus Robinson: Adding my voice(type), forgiveness is yet another form of love. Love is the Word. Love was with God. Love is the Word made flesh. Jesus' first commandment - love. 2nd commandment - love. Simple Be Love.
Dean A. Banks
Jesus' main message was forgiveness. He said to bless those that curse you and sin against you. What is sin? Not loving God or your fellow humankind and serving your ego for your own gain without caring for the needs of anyone ...else. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.
Anne Williams: Forgive the sinner. Do not ennable the sin. "Hate not the sinner, hate the sin." and do something about it while you're at it! LOL
Prudence-Prajna Oneness:
Forgiveness ends the dream of conflict ~A Course in Miracles
Gus Castellanos: The light has come.
I have forgiven the world.
‎"only God's plan for salvation [True Forgiveness] will work" ~A Course in Miracles
"i am not alone in the effects of my seeing" ~ A Course in Miracles
True Forgiveness = seeing nothing in need of forgiveness, no person, no situation ~ UNconditional (no conditions :-) LOVE ♥ Our True and ONLY "Reality"
Prudence-Prajna Oneness ACIM, given from Awakeness, re-cognized IN Awakeness (I am quite sure that I could not "learn" any of this, and yet, By Grace, it is simply Known
Ron Alexander: I like all those quotes from ACIM which I studied for years, and with Bill Thetford in the mid-80's who I think was a realized Being when he dropped his body ("feeling never so free"). And I agree with you that the last realization on "true forgiveness - unconditional love" cannot be learned. I think like "Reality", "ego", "this world", "our body", most of us need to "drop their body' before this realization - this "Awakening" has to be by Grace - congratulations Prudence, thank you!

Rather be right than happy?

No, well...?

It is better to be kind to others than to go all out to prove you are right. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

Ashleigh Grace Walkinshaw: Apologizing does not mean anyone is wrong or right~it simply means your relationship is more important to you that your ego.
Ron Alexander: Like Ashleigh's reasoning above, and I had rather be happy than right (admittedly both is better for my ego).

Gwendolyn Keita Robinson: ‎@Asleigh: I take your point, but principles go beyond ego and relationships. Should one apologize on principles of freedom and justice? I think not. I agree that we assign and invest too much power in ego rather than principles--"to along and feeling good." It is regrettable when people cannot think beyond ego, or that everything is personal and about them. In fact, it is mind-boggling. Consider that this egocenteredness may actually be manifested in sacrificing principles for relationships. Without principles, what is the relationship based on? At the same time, rightness or wrongness may be a problematic starting point for a discussion that seeks truth as a conclusion.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Why "Love your enemy?"

Swami Satchananda helps us understand: "If anyone speaks ill of you, Praise them always. If anyone injures you, serve them nicely. If anyone persecutes you, help them in all possible ways. You will attain immense strength. You will control anger and pride. You will enjoy peace, poise and serenity. You will become divine."

Byron Katy role models this principle very well when she is verbally attacked. As when one calls her a "bitch", for instance, she will take a minute and look inside, and then admit she can "I can find the 'bitch' in me." "In defenselessness my safety lies." it says in ACIM. Ghandi and Martin Luther King role modeled that very well in their non-violent achievements. Jeanne, my partner, reminds me that to "love our enemy does not mean we have to like them." What a relief.

Earth has no sorrow that heaven (Love) cannot heal.
Thomas Moore

Thursday, March 10, 2011

2012 - The Revolution Has Begun

Unity- Koontz:
A world revolution has begun..our planet is changing fast right now.. AND before us lies a choice , either FEAR or LOVE.. what do you choose?
Bob Sampron: Love. No doubt.
Senay Sarah St: very nice Ron, Have to share this with my friends too... :-)))
Donna Stead: We need "Good News " Channel now more than ever. Lets promote Love and let it dissolve fear. I will plug it to CNN..what do y'all think.....not fox news, not cnn, but :GOOD NEWS ! Thanks for sharing.....let us all focus on HOPE!
Ron Alexander: thanks Bob,Senay (you are welcome) and now Donna - YES! GOOD NEWS FOCUSING ON LOVE, JOY, PEACE, UNITY, ONENESS & not fear!
and thanks to Christine, Unity, Donna Carr, Robyn & Danny for liking - lets send this one around the globe!
Donna Stead: Yes and spread the Good News, Love can conquer Fear....will do Captain Ron, if we can influence just one and on and Oneness . Love, Hope and Faith
Beata Bohac: We all want to be lovers!!
Ron Alexander thanks Bob,Senay (you are welcome) and now Donna - YES! GOOD NEWS FOCUSING ON LOVE, JOY, PEACE, UNITY, ONENESS & not fear!
and thanks to Christine, Unity, Donna Carr, Robyn & Danny for liking - lets send this one around the globe!
Rhonda Pinnington: Love is everything.
Love for all humans
Love for our earth
Love for our animals.
Walk softly upon this earth.
...Just love.
Ron Alexander: Yes! Donna, Beata, & Rhonda! "We are created to love and be loved." Momma T. tells us truthfully! Thank you for supporting choosing love rather than fear all over the world!

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

This Little Light Of Mine - Soweto Gospel Choir

I've never heard of this choir but this has to be the absolute best version I've heard of this song!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Body!

Dean A. Banks's Photos

If we are not a body then why do we wear this meat suit? It seems to me that in God's Divine wisdom it was created for a purpose. I would really like to see how we are not attached to our bodies the next time someone stubs their toe, breaks their arm or gets a stomach virus. We exist in both worlds simultaneously and the real illusion is that we don't think so.
~Dean A. Banks, D.D
Shirley Smith: <strong>I agree. I cannot say I am dreaming this body. I am living in this body. The spirit gives me insight and maybe some foresight but I am supposed to be here doing my mission. There seems to be a healing of a split mind taking place and the medicine is love. I think it strange we have a ego and the Holy Spirit in our minds. Always choices. I know God always helps me through whatever the issue is. Life is easier with God directing the show. God uses us to help each other.
Swami Ramananda Maharaj: You might enjoy reading Sri Aurbindo on this subject who explains that we are of course this body and we are also more than this body. We are that Soul that higher consciousness that drives this body. Lord Krsna in Bhagavad Gita explains the body is like a car that the soul drives and that we leave this body like a "worn out garment" and take on a new one to so that the soul can continue the adventure of consciousness. There is so much at play here the answer to this question cannot be simple, but I believe a lot of meditation will reveal your true Self
Shirley Smith: My course is always easier knowing that I am more than this experience so I don't doubt it.
Dean A. Banks: Thank you Shirley and Swami. My point here is about all of this ACIM flutter floating around on FB that we shouldn't be concerned about this world and this body. It seems to be proliferated by those who have chosen to opt for just a body because they are either not pleased with the physical one dealt to them, or that they feel they cannot control the one they have. There is danger in not accepting reality for what it is and yet some still teach this non-body philosophy. I agree, meditation does reveal your true self but you still end up in back in your body when you are done meditating. I believe the secret is in taking what you've learned in meditation and using it to make a better world WITH your body. Thank you both for your input!
Shirley Smith; I have studied the ACIM book and there are issues in it for me. I like the forgiveness, but I am connected to every living thing here, the tree's, people and plants. The Course is taken too literal as far as I can see. We are here to grow into our spiritual selves. The truth will appear when we are ready for it. I have had one gal tell me to ignore reality, without an explanation of the process. No can do. God walks me through what I don't understand. Part of the lesson.
Swami Ramananda Maharaj: There are so many schools of thought on this idea, but here is the question at the end of meditation do we just end up where we started. I can honestly say that is not true for me, enlightenment can be subtle, gradual, or sudden. my meditat...ion takes me to a place where i honor all of life, especially the animals who share the planet with us. I could never wear a jacket of meat just out of respect for the cow who sacrificed its life to be your jacket. I understand you are making an artistic point here and my point that if we are really reflecting on who we are, I could never be the same consciousness from second to second....I find I am growing, changing, becoming more aware, or perhaps even finding a better sense of humor. if I stub my toe, I can say that my nerves perceive that and report it to my brain as pain, I can also say that in a certain state of consciousness I do not even recall any pain, only bliss. yet it is the same body just a different perception.
Anne Williams: Thank you Dean. Yes, we are that unique mix of substance and spirit --we have the ability to be the most wonderful combo the cosmos has ever seen! ♥
Dean A. Banks: ‎@Swami: What I meant was that I return to my body from meditation but with an increase in the awareness of what I need to do to contribute to the growth and expansion of all life. Not to sit in my inner sanctum and proselytize about the nature of my soul to others but to go out into the world and commit effective service to humankind. Good points about your perceptions. Thank you.
Anne Williams: OMG Dean, I had a simlar conversation just yesterday with a friend. Yes, exactly--to come out of meditation knowing who you are, and what to do in life. Thanks for that great comment. Namaste.
Dean A. Banks: Meditation slows down your perception of time and space. It allows the constant sensory bombardment to melt away into oblivion, reducing the effect of stress on the body and mind as well as fine tuning your perceptions. It is the process by... which we move toward inner stillness and begin to understand the Divine's voice of silence. We are rejuvenated from the relaxation and our individual mission becomes clear. Daily practice is the only way to deal with the confusion and chaos of the outer world. Practice meditation diligently and reap the rewards of inner peace. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D
Ron Alexander: The body is the temple of our Spirit. It may not be who we really are, but it needs to be taken care of while we are blessed to have this miraculous collection of cells and the awesome heart beating automatically to its own Rhythm! Besides, how can we be in the moment without this self-breathing Organism and awesome senses!
Jeanne Porter Ashley ‎...the medicine IS love...enjoy the senses...enjoy life and love!.Anne Williams: ‎@ ron. Love that. Yes, we all need to "realize" that in order to exercise our spirit (the psyche-soul) we must have a body for it to live in. Existence is in the body, the Life is in and of the human psyche. (Not the heart, nor the blood--I hope we can all get over that particular ancient metaphor! LOL) Human life is based in our human brain-psyches as are our the emotions that go with it.. ♥
Ron Alexander: Dear Anne, thanks for your as usually bright response, however I have heard that science has proven that the heart has more neurons than the brain, so the verse in the Bible "thinketh in thy heart' may be more than a metaphor
Ron Alexander: Thanks so much for starting this brilliant dialogue (no dissing & cussing -"discuss"), Dean. All the comments have been so enlightening! I am copying the whole thing. I am so grateful to all of you - Shirley, Swami, Anne, Jeanne, Bent and especially Dean. Peace, Joy & Love, ron
Anne Williams Have added the Heartmath to my favorites. Thanks to all! ♥
Ron Alexander: And Ellie - "Exactly!" I so appreciate your supportive comment!
Anne Williams: ‎@ Ron. Good point, did not see that program. However, I would be interested in the "type" of neurons as to their function in the heart. I think you may be referring to the connection to the brain of the entire neural network that goes t...hroughout our bodies. And the heart, in particular may have a very stong connection emotion-wise to what we are processing in our brains both from a primary sensory aspect (that registers in our brains first) as well as the conceptualization of what we sense-are aware of. Those brainy neurons transmit directly to our hearts, our endocrine system, our stomachs. Indeed, some cultures refer to the stomach as the seat of emotions--and we have all shared those gut-wrenching emotions. So while there is definitely a connection that we feel more in our hearts or our stomachs (which also has been metaphored as having it's own brain-and I will not go farther with the brain metaphor of other body parts -Ahem-) than we are aware of in our brains, I would think that the direct and primary source of human life is in the human brain, especially the neocortex and amygdala. ♥, Namaste, Peace and VerstehenRon Alexander: Thanks so much for starting this brilliant dialogue (no dissing & cussing -"discuss"), Dean. All the comments have been so enlightening! I am copying the whole thing. I am so grateful to all of you - Shirley, Swami, Anne, Jeanne, Bent and especially Dean. Peace, Joy & Love, ron
Bent Kim Lundberg: likes this..Anne Williams Have added the Heartmath to my favorites. Thanks to all! ♥
Ron Alexander: And Ellie - "Exactly!" I so appreciate your supportive comment!
Marianne Williamson:
‎"Beyond this world there is a world I want." -- A Course in Miracles
Ron Alexander How can you be present here and now, if you think there is a better place elsewhere? Jesus said that we can have the Kingdom on Earth. How can you beat that or why would you want to?
Bill Thetford used to tell us to tear out those pages - t...hose that denigrate the world, the body and the ego! The Essence of ACIM is Healing Wisdom, however about half the pages of the workbook could be torn out. Jerry jampolsky's Attitudinal Healing Principles are a good example of the Healing Essence of ACIM
John Mears: Within this world is an eternal light that I love.Travis E. Duke: I'll take this one...just like it where to go...nothing to get....
Jinny Koehl-gunnar: There is no place to "get". Heaven is here, Heaven is now. Anything else "need not be" (T, Chap 4)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Recycle, Refresh & Renew

Yesterday is gone, tomorrow has not arrived, and I live in an eternal present filled with an everlasting good. There is nothing unhappy or morbid in my consciousness. I have no fear of yesterday nor do I anticipate tomorrow with anything other than enthusiastic expectation. Everything good in my experience will create my future. I have no fear in looking backward or forward, but realize the eternal day in which I now live. Today is big with hope fulfilled, with love and life well lived. Tomorrow will provide its own blessings. Ernest Holmes
Reframe (suffering is optional), recharge (batteries), relate (with love and gratitude), reunite, & rejoice! (meditating on this helped me let go of "suffering" with the "flu, cold"? for last 3 or 4 days)
Be renewed in the spirit of your mind.
--Ephesians 4:23

Through love and sincerity continuously beautify your inner life in every way, by daily looking into the mirror of introspection.Paramahansa Yogananda (

‎"Always apply LOVE and Gratitude to any problem. LOVE is the only force in universe that can heal a world. LOVE and gratitude are the feelings with the highest vibrations, and heal everything around you. Opposing the problem will only attract more, as what you resist persist. Gratitude harmonizes your vibrations, and composes the problem into an opportunity by changing your perspective"~Bent Kim Lundberg

Saturday, March 5, 2011

From Fear to Stillness ~ Mooji - AWARENESS

First find out the message of fear. Mooji
Garna Sorenson: every so often i will get a chill and a sick feeling then some how i am for that second anticipating something fearful..can't explain what it is but then i turn my mind off that and onto something else.and it happened the other... day as i was sitting at a red light i got that caused me a small delay..when all was said and done.if had i gone when i was supposed to i would of been hit by another car who was running the red light!it was as if i could see ahead and that it made me aware of danger!funny thing is this has happened a few time and at that exact time i gave it no want untill all was sad and done it popped into my head.."hey do u know what just happened" sort of thing..i just shake my head and give thanks
Ron Alexander; Good for you, Garna. You are paying attention! - Awareness saves your life sometimes!
Ron Alexander: ‎"The Presence who watches without boundaries."
Awareness that everyone is born with an Eternal Spirit, that Spirit is called Joy, Peace or Love, therefore we all One with Joy, Peace & Love!
Garna Sorensen: not all of us are born with the eternal spirit..some believe what they want to not what is truth!a lot are born with out the spirit of love and light..i feel bad for them!they really are missing such a big part of a good life!
Ron Alexander: Bless their hearts, they just don't know it yet!
Marie Corry: ‎@Garna, there is nothing but the eternal spirit I AM. :-)

Ida Rose: I feel something better Ron, I like to think of myself as one of those wise monkey. " I see no fear, I feel no fear, and know no Fear
Eric Schneider: Ever notice that we only feel fear in the presence of our thoughts? In the presence of a real threat, we are in action, not in fear.
Ida Rose: Eric, be aware, that our thoughts are for our own good, and know , that the" I " master and control our thoughts.All is well brother.
Ron Alexander: Yes, start first with the inquiry - what is the message of this fear? I may save our life. However, if like Eric says, we can respond quickly, without the thought, that might be what we need to save our life or someone else's too. It is sort of like the chicken/egg question - which comes first? and if quick action is needed that is a moot point!
Ron Alexander: Oops, typo - that is "it" not "i" may save our life - it meaning the 'message of the fear."
Eric Schneider: In A Course in Miracles, Jesus says, "I am never upset (e.g., afraid)for the reason I think," and "I am upset (e.g., afraid) because I see only the past."
Ron Alexander: Yes, and lets don't forget the quick reactions caused naturally by adrenalin and instincts as opposed to intuition and the intellect.
Ron Alexander: I had a friend the other day who had a "startle' reaction to someone blowing the horn at him in a store parking lot. My friend was carrying two cases of water, and he was struggling with the wieght. So when he got to the car, and could put ...the water down, he gave the hornblower the finger. He felt badly about that. We explored alternative responses rather than the negative reaction. The hornblower could be sick, or have a spouse who is dying or just having a bad day. Here is where we have a free will - respond or react? My preferred reaction would be to take out a bottle of water and smilingly (even if feeling sarcastic) offer it to the hornblower. How would you have responded?
Ida Rose: Ron, some of life's action is driven into the negative zone from a feeling of fear.Your imagination can never work on the matter , if all you see is silence on the matter. I perfer the wise monkey's saying. See, hear and know Fear!!!!
Ron Alexander: Oh, Eric. I really like and believe too that "Love is letting go of fear." and "Love is the essence of our being." in ACIM
Ron Alexander: Oops, Ida - your last one came in between my two last ones. "See, hear and know no fear" are we not saying the same thing?about Ron Alexander: ‎"Startle" is same thing as 'fight or flight". In martial arts, we are taught to get away first if possible - choose peace first.
Ida Rose: I would have responded , with your suggestion. You mention something about starting with inquiry, sometimes it is not worth the energy
Ron Alexander: Agree with that, Ida, however would you agree that sometimes it is naturally necessary to react quickly in a dangerous situation, like you see someone about to be hit be a car, and you either shout at them or push them out of harms way in a "fight or flight" situation? Or sometimes one needs to dial 911 quickly for help.
Ida Rose: In our world, I agree, flight or fight., however with more honderous actions , I perfer none activity, and walk on.