Sunday, November 19, 2017

John survived Cancer because he made "Pain my friend"

Words of Wisdom, thanks John

John Kessler
14 hrs
I survived Cancer because I made Pain my Friend, my Teacher!
Make Pain your Enemy, and it will always Win!

John Kessler Satan is our Ego, thinking we are different than God, as being separate from the Godhead!
Reply23 hrs
Ron Alexander Unconditional Love includes our "ego", it is not the new age satan. It is a concept invented by Freud as the "Conscious connection between the id (lower brain) and the super ego (higher rational brain). Befriend it as you wisely befriende your cancer.

John Kessler Then why did Jesus say, when tempted by His Ego, "Get thee behind me, Satan!"?

Ron Alexander Ego is a modern psychological concept, it was not used in any ancient texts. And it is definitely not "Satan"!
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MAKE THE EGO YOUR ENEMY, and it will always win. You are giving it power.

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