Friday, January 31, 2014

Do you think of quick snappy answer instead of fully listening?

Photo: So very true! xx

Love is Letting Go of Fear

Photo: I am not afraid

Hope we can save Ancient Maritime forest near me

Photo: Take a breath and celebrate the oxygen that is circulated to you by the plant kingdom.

Detachment - nothing should own you

Rev. Richard Kent Matthews' excellent "sermon": (This is the day. Let us rejoice and be glad in it!! How's that??
Richard Kent Matthews I looked around and noticed I'm attached to everything. But all that will end...when I die. haaaaa
Ron Alexander: Rev. Richard Kent Matthews, you must be an extraordinarily large man to have all those attachments lol?
Richard Kent Matthews: Large in spirit and grateful to be in the physical world.
I hear and read so many people who are apparently not happy with being 'trapped' in the human experience. That includes the so called 'higher minded' types who think the mountain top is the only destination. In fact, here in the valley is where all the good things are happening, the things that heighten the worldly journey, the pain, the joy, the anguish and the ecstasy. As the saying goes, Enjoy yourself now, for you're a long time dead! Hear, hear
Some of us forget that the shaggy dog called Here and Now has as much purpose, as much spirit, and as much validity as any hereafter could ever have. In fact, there is no hereafter. It is all taking place right now, in this moment, the only moment that has ever existed. This is the day. Let us rejoice and be glad in it!! How's that??
Photo: Detachment - nothing should own you...

How do you know you have a correct view of your life purpose

Good question, thanks Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo!
"How do you know you have a correct view of your life purpose for the benefit of all?

You first consider, will this make my circle of relationships more clear? Will this energize harmony with my family, with my coworkers and my friends? Most importantly, will this reveal deep understanding and skill in my own life?"

- VDY, Masterful Living

Be Careful when Hormones take over!

Still, a background check may help ...warning you may get ripped off!
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Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Intuitive Mind is a Sacred Gift (see warning below though)

It is important to remember though, sometimes the "intuitive" is mixed up with gut feelings, which are important too, but they come from our survival part - the id or the lower brain and only registers fear!

Only Day We Have?

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Your Natural State is Luminosity

Natural state = luminosity!
"Understand that your natural state is luminosity and that we are not separate from the field of awakened mind."

- VDY, Masterful Living

Great Inspiration by someone who quit drinking 30 years ago

Great inspiration, several vets I work with have a drinking problem, so I will share with them, thanks Bunni!
On January 29th, 1984 Vicki Sterling and I cleaned my house awaiting the return of Ken Lennon from Hawaii. I was drinking Grapefruit juice and vodka in my usual manner of having one drink which was to pour one good Vodka & Grapefruit and then keep adding vodka (sometimes with another drop or two of grapefruit) until the bottle was gone. Unlike other nights I knew I had to stop and I was going to a...ttend a meeting with Ken when he got home the next day. It was one of about nine hundred - or thousand - times I said I was going to stop drinking, the only difference being that that particular drink on that particular night 30 years ago was my last drink.

If you need to do it, don't quit quitting. You never know which time it will actually work. Thank you my peeps, you all help me have a great life!!
Mary Jones Be careful about going cold turkey...have seen patients go into seizures, then comas. Serious alcoholics should consult medical professionals before withdrawing cold turkey on their own.

Greatest Gift

Take a breath. Enjoy as you read.

May the Force Be With You

May the force be with you — with Antonius Ramos Priambodo and 16 others.

My love is my state of being. I simply love.

Bunni Vaughan Healy
Thanks Bunni, very poignant right now for me!

"I love, because my love is not dependent on the object of love. My love is dependent on my state of being. So whether the other person changes, becomes different, friend turns into a foe, does not matter, because my love was never dependent on the other person. My love is my state of being. I simply love." Osho


Blessing candle has been lit for the night. I invite you all to join with me in sending blessings out into the Universe.

Ron Alexander Thanks Bright Light! Linda's Light!

True Generosity

That's what I consider true generosity. You give your all, and yet you always feel as if it costs you nothing.
Simone de Beauvoir(

Seeing the Divine Presence in All (best way to make friends)

Behold. how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity. --Psalm 133:1

The best way to make friends is to realize that we meet Life in everyone. The God in us meets the God in others. Proclaiming the Divine Presence,  believing in It, we shall meet It. Love will find a perfect way. Our faith in the Divine Presence in others will overcome the fear of being misunderstood or hurt. If the mind is calm and serene, there will be less liability toward pain. Therefore, at all times we should be serene and poised.
Confidence and love alone cast out fear. The person without fear is the only truly whole person. It is ours to decide whether we shall live in fear or in faith. Let us decide to live in faith. Let us learn to practice faith until all fear disappears, until life ceases to be a funeral dirge and becomes a song of joy. To find peace in the midst of confusion, we must realize our center in pure Spirit. To reach this place of confidence and faith in the midst of doubt and uncertainty, we should consciously unite our thought with the Divine Mind.
I know that God is within me. I know that the Spirit within me is perfect. I enter into It's peace and secure in It's protection. The unerring judgment of Divine Intelligence directs my way. The Presence of Love uplifts me and light my like today.       Ernest Holmes                            

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

To Move Safely through the maze of human life


Getting passionate about something

Photo: Follow your passion!\

Pete Seeger, the Sower of Seeds

Photo: RIP Pete Seeger. Pete Seeger has died at the age of 94. Seeger wrote or co-wrote “If I Had a Hammer,” recorded  by many artists including Trini Lopez, Sam Cooke and the Coasters, “Turn! Turn! Turn!,” the musical adaptation of a passage from the Book of Ecclesiastes, which was a No. 1 hit for the Byrds in the 1960s, “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?” which was one of the most popular  anti-Vietnam War songs and a top 40 hit for the Kingston Trio and  "We Shall Overcome," the anthem of the civil rights movement based on an early 20th century gospel song.


Farm Aid was positively blessed to have hosted one of the last public performances by Pete Seeger at our annual concert event on September 21, 2013, in Saratoga Springs, New York.
Planning the concert in his backyard, we knew we wanted to invite Pete to be part of the event, and we were lucky that his friends and neighbors reached out to us to make it happen. It was right for Pete to be there -- he was an inspiration to the artists on our board, to the many artists on the Farm Aid stage, and to the family farmers who fight for the same values which Pete stood tall for his whole life.
When we were making arrangements for Pete's surprise performance at Farm Aid 2013, his daughter Tinya, over the course of several conversations, essentially told me the following: Pete is nearly deaf, his voice is almost gone, he can hardly play his banjo and his memory is spotty. But when Pete took the stage, he transcended all that. To quote Ronnie Gilbert, the soaring female voice of The Weavers, "You got the sense that he was saying and singing way beyond the moment that he was in, the place he was in... Everybody got it. Everybody got his passion for music. People absorbed his passion and his ideals."
Transcendent is the best description of Pete Seeger's performance at Farm Aid. As John Mellencamp introduced him, Pete stood straight and tall offstage with his trusty "machine," that long neck banjo. Those of us backstage -- seasoned artists, longtime music industry execs, farmers and gruff stagehands -- stood hushed and reverential in the presence of a hero. When he took the stage the 25,000 concertgoers at Saratoga Performing Arts Center rose to their feet, many with tears streaming down their face, applauding, cheering and soaking in the tangible energy that Pete brought to the venue.
Taking the mic he said, "Friends ... friends, at age 94 I don't have much voice, but here's a song I think you know, and if YOU sing it, why, we'll make a good sound." He began to pluck out "If I Had a Hammer," singing in a low, gravelly voice. But when the time came to call out the next lyric in that trademark way of Pete's that involves the entire audience, his voice swelled and rang clear as a bell. The entire crowd sang along. Earlier in the evening it had started raining but Pete's grin, pure joy and strength warmed the whole place up.
Then the Farm Aid board artists, Willie Nelson, Neil Young, Dave Matthews and John, joined Pete for "This Land Is Your Land," which has long been the unofficial song of Farm Aid and our mission to keep family farmers on the land. Pete's added lyric, "New York was made to be frack-free," ("A verse you never heard before," he called it), brought down the house. With these five iconic artists together onstage, each singing and playing with their shared values and belief in the power of music, every singer in the house was part of making history.
Photo credit: Paul Natkin/Photo Reserve, Inc.

Pete once said, "There's not dozens of people now doing what I try to do, not hundreds, but literally thousands ... The idea of using music to try to get the world together is now all over the place." One of those places is Farm Aid. We remain humbled to have been in the presence of Pete Seeger, and to continue his work. We will keep doing what we do, chipping away at the power structure, the inequity, the industrial machine that threatens family farmers, our food system and all of us. For as Pete said, "It's all these relatively little things which are going to save the human race."
Pete Seeger created the current in a river where Farm Aid is one drop -- a river of shared beliefs. Beliefs in the importance of recognizing how connected we all are, in the power of standing up for what you believe, and in refusing to compromise your values, no matter the forces upon you. Like many of the people Pete Seeger sang for, family farmers have long been overlooked as the bedrock of our democracy and the essential caregivers of our land and food.
As we work with our hammer, we'll reflect often on a parable Pete shared with us backstage at Farm Aid 2013 about the sower of seeds. It's a powerful metaphor for the work we do with family farmers. The sower freely broadcasts seeds so they fall where they may in the spirit of faith and generosity. Those that land on good soil, he said, will be fertile and grow, while others remain furled in darkness for now. The thing, I think he meant, is not to have exact expectations for change, but to have the faith to sow seeds widely and let them sprout.
Social change is the cumulative result of this constant sowing, handful by handful, lyric by lyric, person by person. Pete Seeger was a fearless fighter for social justice -- for peace, for civil rights, for workers' rights, for the environment. He is an American hero who makes us stronger when we hear his voice and raise our own.

It is all in the Beingness, not in the busyness

Photo: "Flowers do not struggle to bloom, water does not struggle to flow, sun does not struggle to shine, grass does not struggle to grow.  STRUGGLE IS UN-NATURAL ...Be like Nature...

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Live Deeply

The personal life deeply lived always expands into truths beyond itself.
Anais Nin(
A Bent Lundberg photo

Iced Ancient Forest down Up on the Hill Road


Iced Van and Love Rules

Unusual bad sleet and ice storm this AM  - most ice on this van in many years!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Revenge is served - best unserved

Revenge is best served..Unserved


Maya,illusions, reality or Reality

Like: Mary Deans have fun on here never needs to be that serious. thanks Tom Nadeau and Mary!
You all know where I stand on many of the political issues of the day but this begging off from expressing every political irritation I feel as of late is paying off dividends in the form of a deeper serenity. Don't get me wrong, I'll re-enter the fray from time to time and voice an opinion but it feels good for now just to watch the conflict from afar and not feel obligated to say something on every topic. It doesn't mean I don't care deeply for the issues, it's just that I'm starting to trust that I'm not the only one with a political or social conscience. The same forces that moved me to change are also at work within you.

My wrath, however, will not work out those changes...only my respect for your path and my love for you will accomplish that. Shaking you violently with my berating words seldom evokes the change I think will happen. Shaming you into seeing things MY way will only leave you resentful of me and may only embolden you into an even harder stance. No, I think it is clear, I must avoid the path of excessive ego and cease in the expectation that you will change by my power to argue you into thinking and feeling the way I think is best.

We may likely all be characters within the dream of God, the Maya or the illusion. If this is so, I intend to direct the dream to the best of my ability into one of beauty and love. On the other hand, if this IS the reality and this is not an illusory dream and we all have but a fixed time to enjoy our time here, then why waste it in constant battle? Make our feelings known as kindly and as diplomatically as we can, vote if we must, but to force ourselves on others does little good and may even be more harmful. I simply need to trust that I am not the only character in this marvelous theater!

Let go and also embrace

Photo: You have the power to!

Contentment and Simplicity - Keys to True Privilege

Yes, thank You Dalai Lama - Because of the risks of unrestrained desire and greed we need to cultivate contentment and simplicity.
Dalai Lama
"If we human beings rely only on material development, we can’t be sure of a positive outcome. Employing technology motivated by anger and hatred is likely to be destructive. It will only be beneficial if we seek the welfare of all beings. Human beings are the only species with the potential to destroy the world. Because of the risks of unrestrained desire and greed we need to cultivate contentment and simplicity."
  • Ron Alexander LIKE: Employing technology motivated by anger and hatred is likely to be destructive. It will only be beneficial if we seek the welfare of all beings. 
  •  "contentment and simplicity" - part of True Privilege!
  • Another Key: Wealth is the ability to fully experience life. Henry David Thoreau