Thursday, July 31, 2014

I am through with the heavy stuff, right now! RIGHT NOW! JOY HAS RETURNED!

I have just finished my heavy medication - predisone for some allergic reactions to my newly implanted PaceMaker and allergy is clearing up and feeling great.



To be useful, honorable and compassionate and making a difference, and you will be happy

Thanks Amy Joslin and Kind Spring
Ron Alexander: And being useful and compassionate ironically leads to happiness!
Kate McKay: And to be happy. Happiness in one of my core values. Amen!
Emily Daniels: And wouldn't all that make anyone happy?

Theda Parks Why does this make me want to immediately burst into the "Happy" song! I do believe we are here to do all the things listed.. but to also find the joy in life. XOXO

    Mamie Rader Chicken and egg concept... can one be truly compassionate if one does not have happiness in her heart?? Can one who is dishonorable BE happy... truly, deep in his soul happy? I think not... one is at the base of the other and a happy heart designs AND results from a useful life... all, of which, of course, increases happiness... at the HEART of it !!!



    Worry is a total waste of time

    Sophia Alexander Kapnistos: So true but sometimes it's just not that easy..
    Richard Kent Matthews: But, like cigs and crack, it is highly addictive. Intervention is often needed.
    Ron Alexander: Yes Sophia Alexander Kapnistos and thanks Rev. Richard Kent Matthews - very! What is that Bible verse? "Be anxious for nothing"?


    Taking 100% responsibility on way we see the world


    To See the Light from darkness

    Photo: WORD FOR THE DAY -
Thursday, Jul. 31

I draw prayer round me like a dark protective wall, withdraw inside it as one might into a convent cell and then step outside again, calmer and stronger and more collected again.

Etty Hillesum
An Interrupted Life

    Thursday, Jul. 31

    I draw prayer round me like a dark protective wall, withdraw inside it as one might into a convent cell and then step outside again, calmer and stronger and more collected again.

    Etty Hillesum
    An Interrupted Life

    11 Scientific Ways to be happy

    Photo: How do you cultivate happiness in your life?

    Vaughn Boone at the Southeastern Spiritual Conference

    Vaughn is an inspiration to us all and is truly the heart of our conference spiritual family. Vaughn and Stanley Peele will be co-teaching a 3-day morning workshop entitled Experiencing Unconditional Love.

    We feel sure that Vaughn will have some surprises in store for us at the Talent Show on Saturday afternoon!

    Vaughn has dedicated his life to being of service to others on the light-filled spiritual path. His wisdom and loving kindness have touched many of us deeply, and we are grateful to him. Born a mystic, Vaughn is a brilliant healer, teacher, artist, singer/songwriter, retired CEO, and the author of a number of books including "Just Passing Through" which is the story of his fascinating life, and "Angels at Work" which includes stories of miraculous events that have occurred at this conference!

    Vaughn encourages us all to "Choose Joy!"

    Watch an episode of WRAL's "Tarheel Traveler": Vaughn Boone - A Lifelong Entertainer."

    If you have never had the "Vaughn Boone experience," all we can say is you are in for a treat!

    The Southeastern Spiritual Conference (KOSCA, Inc) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), educational organization with the purpose of creating gatherings for the exchange of ideas and wisdom. We advocate no single doctrine and believe that there is much to be learned from the exploration of different psychological, spiritual, metaphysical, and philosophical systems. We do share a commitment to personal growth and healing, environmental awareness, and the development of skills that can lead to harmonious relationships and peace on Earth.
    June 11th - 15th - wish I had been there, Ron Alexander


    Vaughn's Boone's Seven Giant Steps

    Vaughn Boone’s Seven Giant Steps
    1. Decide in detail exactly what you wish to accomplish. Then hold the image without wavering. Let this be a continuing process until manifested.

    2. Choose your priorities. How much are you willing to give (or give up) to reach your goal? The desire must be foremost to the point of being an obsession.

    3. Charge the thought with dynamic will power. This will generate a strong emotional charge.

    4. Do not try to determine how it will be accomplished. It would be like telling God how to answer your prayers.

    5. Send your request out into the universe by asking that you might receive. Then, seek on your own in every way possible to achieve your goal. Knock on new doors that go beyond your previous experiences.

    6. Act as if that which you wish had already come to pass. The subconscious cannot tell the difference between the real and the imaginary, so it sets about to bring into reality that which it accepts.

    7. Be thankful for small and large things. This keeps the door to the storehouse open. Recognize God as the ultimate source of your good. People are the channels through which your good will come.
                                                                          J. Vaughn Boone Q

    Love flows from J. Vaughn Boone the way water flows down a river...


    J. Vaughn Boone (excerpted from The Zoo Fence webpage)
    Love flows from J. Vaughn Boone the way water flows down a river, freely and abundantly. I suppose, being human, he must have other traits and aspects, just like the rest of us; but the love this man radiates is so powerful, it is very difficult to distinguish anything else about him.
    We met Vaughn many years ago at a Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship conference at which he and we were among the speakers. The conference took place on the campus of Carleton College in Minnesota, where the participants were all housed in dormitories. Our room was next to Vaughn’s. Even before we were introduced, it was apparent to us that someone extraordinary was there. Truly, just walking by his door, one could feel the energy within.
    Vaughn has written a new book called “The Initiation”. In it, he tells the story of a mystical encounter that occurred to him some years ago, during which he was led by spiritual masters and adepts through an inner self-exploration and consideration of the great issues and questions which face us all. The following article, concerning death, is drawn from this book.
    Concerning the initiation in the book’s title, Vaughn observes, “I know it was not a real experience by earthly standards, but for me it was and still is just as real as any third dimensional experience I have had”.
    “The Initiation” is published by the author, who holds the copyright. We are very grateful to him for permission to post this material on The Zoo Fence, and for his continued permission to post an excerpt from his book “De Riva, The Magic Formula”
    Ampersand at The Zoo Fence
    “To speak of death requires audacity. But not to speak of death means overlooking a basic reality, just as real as birth or life itself.”
    When I sought to pursue my thinking along this line, I was most reluctant; and upon examining my motives, I realized that it is only a natural and normal impulse to try to evade unpleasant issues. But it behooves each of us to make up our mind about the basic realities of our existence.
    “The hardest words to say are words to a friend who has lost a loved one. We want to express our concern without re-opening a wound which they feel so deeply. And how can we ourselves face the death of a loved one without becoming embittered? Can we ever understand God’s will when it comes to life’s ending? Or shall we call it Life’s beginning?
    “How can we know where life begins and where it ends? Life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one. Can we say that the nose cone is more or less of a reality than the rocket stages which sent it soaring? Who is to say but that life after death is the reality? That this life is but the dream that stirs us to action, even in our slumber. Someday we may awaken, and half remembering, find the dream fading away.
    “In the book The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran, there is a thought that melts my heart with gladness, for I realize someone preceded me in my thinking. I quote:
    For what is it to die but to stand naked in the wind and to melt in the sun?
    And what is it to cease breathing, but to free the breath from its restless tides,
    That it may rise and expand and seek God unencumbered.
    Only when you drink from the river of silence, shall you indeed sing.
    And when you have reached the mountain top, then you shall begin to climb.
    And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then you shall truly dance.
    “All religions of the world are based on our seeking favor from a power greater than our own. The longing for eternal life keeps all humanity seeking a way to bridge the unknown. Yet when we stand in the presence of death, we are humbled, for it is here our reason stops. We must go on by a force called “faith”. We are not given to understand this. We are human. A God that we are capable of understanding with our finite minds would not be great enough to control the universe. Our insight covers only a small speck of the total reality. We cannot follow except through faith.
    “But we have heard people say “How is it that we can believe in the goodness of God and see so much suffering of innocent people around us”. It is one thing to see a person who has led a disreputable life suffer, but it is another thing to see a small innocent child racked with fever. So we strike out in anguish and say how can a god who is good and just allow this to happen. The answer is that God through nature can be no respecter of persons. This is a world of law and order, where all things and all people are subject to the law of cause and effect. When exposed to contagious diseases a good person can catch the germ as quickly as a wicked one. The world would be an unscientific and unpredictable place were it not this way.
    “The psychologists tell us that there are only a few basic desires. The chief one is the wish for eternal life. By a process completely reasonable, we determine that since our physical needs are met in this life, is it not reasonable to assume that a God who cares for us in this life would not also care for us in the next? So we take the giant step into the future with full faith that death is only a horizon for a believer.
    “Indeed, the walk of life becomes just one step after the other. When we were babies, the early walks were in the arms of someone who loved us and wanted us near them. The next steps were steps of our own, amusing and delightful to our parents. They were unsteady and awkward, but as time went on, we gained confidence and stepped lively and happily. On through adolescence and into young adulthood, we walked our several paths of life, feeling our strength and independence — walking alone.
    “On we walked to middle age with our steps growing slower as we shouldered the burden of life. Often our shoulders sagged beneath the weight; backs and spirits sank. If we are spared thus far, we walk into old age with our steps again being slow and faltering. The path grows dim. No longer does it have the rosy glow that we saw when we were younger. Then we find that we are again retracing our steps in memory.
    “The next step is to eternity. Death loses its fear in the safety of the arms that bear us over: The arms of God, our Creator.”
    And the Moderator stood and looked at me with puzzled expression saying, “You speak of death even as you would speak of a friend, yet we perceive that your step is not yet slow. Your shoulders are not yet bowed, and the wrinkles of age have not yet left their mark upon your brow. Do you feel that you could indeed face death, and feel that you have not been cheated, and that you have tasted your share of life?”
    And then I searched the sea of faces for an answer for a very long time, and then the answer came in simple rhyme:
    If he who holds my book of destiny and flips the pages one by one
    Should suddenly and without warning, say to me “Your day is done”,
    Would I be able to accept it as a plan of the Divine,
    And say and mean it, “Not my will, but thine”?
    Looking backward for the answer to all that is a part of me
    My thoughts go wandering, sailing both fast and free.
    Comes back the answer, three score and ten does not apply,
    For one who has lived so long and actively as I.
    For in wakefulness I have been ever dreaming, in sleeping yet awake.
    With mind and spirit soaring far afield for interest’s sake,
    As with two bodies, served by the selfsame heart,
    I have lived two lives, both full, separate and apart.
    With hands meant for healing I signed the written page.
    My soul would be for poetry while my mind works for a wage.
    My voice made for preaching, discusses worldly fare
    While my eyes search for beauty, God’s artistry to declare.
    Could I call it all now finished? My race on earth be done
    When I know by the grace of God, I have merely just begun?
    To some it may appear that this is but the end
    But something tells me that I shall then just begin.
    The Moderator looked intently at me.
    “Death and birth are but signposts along our eternal path, for neither is an end or beginning but are both. Does that sound like a riddle to you? It has always been so for those who have never come to recognize and honor their ‘foreverness’.”

    Wednesday, July 30, 2014

    Angel At Work - Vaughn Boone


    Remarkable man and Awesome Book - best I have read on Etheric Healing!
    Hard to believe I am just reading it and have had it for years!


    See this image

    Angels At Work Paperback – January 1, 2001

    Amazon Price New from Used from
    Paperback, January 1, 2001

    "Please retry"
    $563.12 $195.97

    You are Never Alone

    ----- Original Message -----
    Cherokee Legend
    Do you know the legend of the Cherokee Indian youths' rite of Passage?
    His father takes him into the forest, blindfolds him and leaves him alone.
    He is required to sit on a stump the whole night and not remove the
    blindfold until the rays of the morning sun shine through it. He cannot cry
    out for help to anyone.
    Once he survives the night, he is a MAN.  He cannot tell the other boys of this experience, because each lad must come
    into manhood on his own.
    The boy is naturally terrified. He can hear all kinds of noises. Wild beasts
    must surely be all around him. Maybe even some human might do him harm
    The wind blew the grass and earth, and shook his stump, but he sat
    stoically, never removing the blindfold. It would be the only way he could
    become a man! 
    Finally, after a horrific night the sun appeared and he removed his blindfold.
    It was then that he discovered his father sitting on the stump next to him.
    He had been at watch the entire night, protecting his son from harm.
    We, too, are never alone. Even when we don't know it, God is watching over us, sitting on the stump beside us.
    When trouble comes, all we have to do is reach out to Him.He may not give us the answer we want, but he is there.
    If you liked this story, pass it on.
    If not, you took off your blindfold before dawn.
    Moral of the story:
    Just because you can't see God, doesn't mean He's not there.
    "For we walk by faith, not by sight."

    Love is discovering ourselves and being delighted in the recognition

    Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others, and the delight in the recognition. Alexander Smith
    Photo: Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others, and the delight in the recognition. Alexander Smith


    The Heart's Magnetic Field and the Affect of our Thoughts and Emotions on it!

    Our thoughts and emotions affect the heart’s magnetic field, which energetically affects those in our environment whether or not we are conscious of it.

    And what a magnetic field there is in our hearts as Bro. Ron Alexander has found out with his new PaceMaker!

    Photo: Our thoughts and emotions affect the heart’s magnetic field, which energetically affects those in our environment whether or not we are conscious of it.

    Eric Gibson after visiting Hopi Village for weeks

    I must admit after spending weeks in the Hopi Villiage,returning back to the popular culture was a bit of a culture shock.For six weeks I lived with humble people with very little food,yett they were eager to share what little they had even with a stranger,In this tiny village In the middle of no where I found people who lived with out electric,running water or even a indoor bathrooms,but they indeed the happy people(Hopi) Even my memories of them are cool and soothin to my psyche.After returning to "civilization"I went into a sublime day dream about them ,it helped me to drown out the sound of a man super intent upon bragging about the features in his new 180,000 dollar sports car,heck he mentioned the magical words that are suppose to inspire cart wheels. and a ticker tape parade"Bmw",(guess what??he paid cash)I accidentally broke my self imposed trance and reluctantly,actually listened to what he was telling me about his vibrating seats ,I might have been experiencing seat sickness,but resisted my secret temptation to vomit all over them,lol
    Very appreciative of Brother Eric Gibson: Eric, have you heard Jung's quote upon visiting a Tribe and hearing their Chief say that they call white men - "tense faces - always wanting something."?

    Time is necessary so everything will not happen "all at once".

    Having it all, does not necessarily mean having it all at once. Stephanie Leutkehans

    • Ra Divakar Hmmm, isn't all there is right now Bro?
      Ron Alexander Well, the reason for time is so everything will not happen "all at once." !

    The original Greek meaning of "Kayoss" is "the beginning."

    Photo: Remember this as you're freaking out...

    You are not here accidentally!


    What Makes Life Blessed?

    It is not doing the thing we like to do, but liking the thing we have to do, that makes life blessed. Goethe

    Photo: It is not doing the thing we like to do, but liking the thing we have to do, that makes life blessed. Goethe

    Tuesday, July 29, 2014

    It is better to deserve honors and not have them than...

    It is better to deserve honors and not have them than to have them and not deserve them.  Mark Twain



    Ignore the Opinions of Others

    Whatever people do, feel, think or say, don't take it personally. Others are going to have their own opinion according to their belief system, so whatever they think about you is not about you, it is about them.   Miguel Ruiz

    I really admire them both!
    The Four Agreements by Sr. & The four levels of awareness by Jr.

    Why is is Important that You are Here

    Photo: Why it is Important that You are Here 

You are here to enable the Divine Purpose of the Universe to unfold. 
That is how important you are!

 From The Power of Now (Authentic Power) by Eckhart Tolle

    You are here to enable the Divine Purpose of the Universe to unfold.
    That is how important you are!

    From The Power of Now (Authentic Power) by Eckhart Tolle