Sunday, February 28, 2010

12 Inspiring Quotes from Thich Nhat Hanh

The man Martin Luther King Jr. called "an apostle of peace and nonviolence" has been a teacher, writer and vocal opponent of war. Here, Thich Nhat Hanh shares a few words of wisdom.

~ "Freedom is not given to us by anyone; we have to cultivate it ourselves. It is a daily practice… No one can prevent you from being aware of each step you take or each breath in and breath out." ~

~ "People have a hard time letting go of their suffering. Out of a fear of the unknown, they prefer suffering that is familiar." ~

~ "Enlightenment is always there. Small enlightenment will bring great enlightenment. If you breathe in and are aware that you are alive—that you can touch the miracle of being alive—then that is a kind of enlightenment." ~

~ "Many people are alive but don't touch the miracle of being alive." ~

~ "It is possible to live happily in the here and now. So many conditions of happiness are available—more than enough for you to be happy right now. You don't have to run into the future in order to get more." ~

~ "People suffer because they are caught in their views. As soon as we release those views, we are free and we don't suffer anymore." ~

~ "Mindfulness helps you go home to the present. And every time you go there and recognize a condition of happiness that you have, happiness comes." ~

~ "Life is available only in the present. That is why we should walk in such a way that every step can bring us to the here and the now." ~

~ "When you love someone, the best thing you can offer is your presence. How can you love if you are not there?" ~

~ "To be loved means to be recognized as existing." ~

~ "Every thought you produce, anything you say, any action you do, it bears your signature." ~

~ "We have to continue to learn. We have to be open. And we have to be ready to release our knowledge in order to come to a higher understanding of reality." ~

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Forgiveness Starting with Ourselves

FORGIVENESS & the Oneness Movement Group plus Accepting Myself

"The result of forgiveness is the stopping of the recycling of anger within ourselves and in the world. Peace will come to the world when each of us takes the responsibility of forgiving everyone, including ourselves, completely."

-Gerald Jampolsky
Onenessmovementgroup: (ron)
I miss you'll so much that I returned tonight for a 36 hour visit. I am coming to group with all my luggage, and leaving again for upper state just after group. I will be driving with a big smile on my face. I find joy increasing regularly the more I practice deekshas, meditation, and the ho'oponopono prayer.

Susan replies:
I know how good it feels to mend relationships. According to what we heard in FL. Only as I accept myself as I am, can I accept all others as they are. That's a major teaching for me to put into practice. (I thought I accepted myself!!!) Yes! Yes! - great reflection/experience of our learning! Thank you thank you, we are One in Love. ron

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Angel Muse Blue Dog

George Rodrique is a cajun artist, whose family dog came back to him as an angel muse, and he has become a famous artist with his "blue dog" featured in about every painting. and with even a heartwarming funny art book, which I am lucky to own.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I am a Oneness Blesser - What is It?

What is Oneness Blessing?

Oneness Blessing is the Divine Grace of God, Infinite Intelligence that flows aboundingly caressing the heart and soul of the one receiving the blessings. It awa...kens the one to remember their own direct divine connection to their source, heals hurts, and shifts the perception of one to see God in each other and realize one's own true beauty, self acceptance and wholeness. It is an experience of Oneness with all of Creation and with the Divine Presence that becomes a tangible reality and way of living in reverance to life.

It is a direct transference of an intelligent sacred energy which causes the heart to flower and initiates a neurobiological change in the brain. This brings a shift in perception and the realization that the sense of a separate self is an illusion.

Oneness Blessing frees the senses from the constant chatter of the mind resulting in clarity of perception and spontaneous feelings of love, joy, peace, and inner silence. It dissolves negative life patterns, memories, releases traumas stored at the cellular and energetic levels, and facilitates deep emotional and physical healing. Eventually the process brings a permanent end to personal suffering and Full Awakening to the very highest states of consciousness.

Oneness Blessing is may be transferred by the Blessing Giver by a look, a touch, a word or the heartfelt will and intention of the one offering the blessing. This may be done from a long distance away in meditation, over the phone or the internet. Experiences vary and may be strong, subtle or even delayed until days later. One may experience a tingling sensation in the head, blissful feelings running through the whole body or perhaps nothing at all. Whatever the experience, it is certain that the process of Awakening has begun, a process custom designed for each individual which will lead gradually (or sometimes suddenly) to Full Awakening into Oneness.

Oneness Blessing is dogma-free and does not belong to any particular religion, philosophy or belief-system. It helps each of us to discover and fully Experience the Reality of our own unique relationship with the Divine.

Awaken to Oneness

The Vision of Sri Ammabhagavan:

“TO SET HUMANITY TOTALLY AND UNCONDITIONALLY FREE” is the vision of the Founders of Oneness Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan. Freedom to them is not a one stop destination but a never ending unfolding in consciousness. This journey in consciousness is however punctuated with certain evolutionary milestones.

At the outset, Oneness is concerned about creating human beings who are focused on growth. Life essentially being a journey, the destinations we create are very significant.

The Universe conspires to bring to you that on which you are focused.

It is based on this law that Oneness seeks to create individuals who are growth oriented, be it in the field of business or profession, relationships or a spiritual evolution.

Oneness does not Divide

Oneness has a unitary view of life and hence does not divide as the material and the spiritual. Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan do not see the material and the spiritual worlds as being in opposition to each other. They are but complementary sides. They do not see a demarcation between the two. Since it requires same tenacious application and deeper insights into oneself, the laws governing the universe and the nature of life itself to create growth either in the sensex or in one’s consciousness.

Poverty and prosperity begin with thought. Ignorance or insights also begin with thought.

For a change let us discuss the first issue. Consciousness reflects the stands you take. If you seek to create abundance, begin with shifting your perceptions, your emotions, and your attitudes to the individual situations, to people around and to the world at large. An internal shift is the first requisite towards manifesting an external change in the desired directions. It is from this state of awakened intelligence that constructive action springs forth.

What about growth in relationships?

Are not relationships the primary reason for why we do what we do, be the most heroic of acts or the most heinous. It is our desire to move closer or to move away that prompts us into life’s varied activities.

Where do I begin if not with myself?

Your relationship with yourself needs to heal before it heals with others. The broken fragments of your unaccepted self need to come together to experience oneness within yourself. In this state of Oneness your war with yourself is over. You are at peace with yourself.

Friendship is the best form of relationship.

Once at peace with yourself, you also become capable of befriending others. Egocentric relationships give way to connectedness. Interactions are no more battles that reflect rigidity and incapacity of feeling but become playfields sporting ease, freedom and flexibility. Judgment gives way to compassion. You are experiencing friendship in every relationship. This is Oneness with the other.

Oneness with Pain, Oneness with Rain; Oneness is Non-Resistance

You are a reservoir of energy now capable of bringing attention to every moment of life. There is a greater experiencing of reality as it is. You do not resist anything that life offers you. Non–resistance is non-violence. You are awake.

Oneness with the Collective

The human brain has several doorways to experiencing the universe and the collective consciousness that permeates the universe. Through the power of Deeksha or the Oneness Blessing you have a direct experience of the Divine in His/Her infinite splendor.

Oneness aims at creating a new generation of human beings who care for all life on earth.

Psychologically we are inseparable from the rest of humanity, also from all the beings on the earth and the sea. Every individual who awakens to oneness automatically impacts several thousands of beings, helping them grow towards a greater experience of reality; and to discover newer ways of living and loving. You create a better planet for the present and the future.

This is our shared destiny.


I have been drawn to all things Hawaiian and in the past 6 months ho'oponopono, the oneness blessing and rebirthing all came into my life almost simultaneously. About a month before I was initiated as a deeksha giver I started using basic ho'oponopono principles in my daily life. I use ho'oponopono to make myself right with God and who ever is receiving a blessing through me. I am very grateful for all the messages that have rained on me since September and especially the spiritual sensei's who have entered my life and become guides in human form. I am amazed daily as I witness God's love through these humble servants who have become heroes to me. .

Comment by Ron Alexander
I am a new Deeksha giver, however I have been practicing Ho/Oponopono for about a year now, they go hand in hand, as the realization of our Oneness makes them a powerful healing combination.
"I am sorry. Please forgive me, thank you. I Love you." I would like to hear from anyone else, who has this "Onederful" combo and your experience with it plus what else adds to the Healing Soup?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Oneness that is God

"Today is a good day to die." is repeated by some Native American Warriors on their way to battle.

To me it means they are ready to let go of their bodies. I want to be ready to die right now. I want to be feel like I have been a helper not a controller. One thing I need to do is to let go and Let God. I want to make amends for a post(s) that has "people" upset around here. When I wrote it, I had a little voice nudging me that it was from capt. ego trying to build myself up, to look good to you people who I seem to want to impress. I am starting to listen to that voice, and I thank you all for helping me in this realization. Being "right", controversial, divisive, argumentative has not brought me the Love I want in this life. So, I am gently retiring capt. ego, as he has been pushing himself too long now to try to sail to the shores of freedom. Freedom means surrendering to another Pilot, and letting them set the sails to the Winds of Divine Grace. I had a dream one time when sailing a long distance alone, and taking a short nap (which is all one can do in the circumstance), I was feeling very safe and therefore rested, and that was because I looked out in the cockpit there was Jesus at the helm. So I am turning my vessel over to a new Capt., with a certitude of knowing that I am safe and free. I don't have to prove myself. I want to be a uniter and not a divider. What is happening positive for me is that joy and peace is progressively increasing in my life, so Love is coming around even if it comes the hard way sometimes. Storms in the sea make a calm harbor look really heavenly!

Please accept my apologies, Crones and Crone-lovers. I am sorry, please forgive, thank you for I know you will. We are One in Love, ron

When we persevere with the help of a gentle discipline, we slowly come to hear the still, small voice and to feel the delicate breeze, and so to come to know the presence of Love.
Henri Nouwen

. Comment by Ron Alexander The Oneness that is God

God is the giver of all tbings - by means of love. The Spirit is always at peace.
There is no argument in Divine Mind. The Spirit has never doubted Itself, opposed Itself, or disagreed with Itself. This is the Oneness that is God. Deep
within me is that which never gets angry, troubled, or afraid. When I seem to be in conflict, I become still so that I may listen
. Ernest Holmes .

Comment by Jeanne Me again, Capt... to confess that I too like a fiery debate, but preferably with another who recognizes it as an impersonal and intellectual exercise. I've suffered the remorse of inappropriately timed debate... too much and too little. and with the wrong parties. Live and learn...

I do find myself with more of a que sera sera attitude than ever before. ...and then debate wearies me.
I fiercely defend our right to be wrong... and to learn from our actions and inactions. And I encourage our willingness to fall on our faces until we get it. .

Comment by Christa Lore Urban The norse warriors had a similar statement. I think it all ties into the life each moment like it were your last. Don't live life with fear and regret .

Comment by Jeanne I have always found your posts to be inspiring, interesting and provocative, Capt. Ron. Whatever offenses you have committed, have escaped me... but I appreciate your willingness to extend the olive branch.

I like "today is a good day to die"... similar to "I die daily." The courage to lay down your life... and the willingness to fight the good fight that life brings. Seems we're continually called to balance the apparent dualities of nature... the strength of the individual ego to face the void... and the humility to allow their energy to serve the greater good.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Discussion vs. Dialogue on Ho'Oponopo


I like to say thank you after (a pause) "please forgive me" then "I love you"

Comment by Ron Alexander Back at ya, Arieljoy, in Ho'oponopono saying "I am sorry" (remember we are saying it to ourselves, and it works for the "other", since we are all one) has brought me to a state of humility like never before. I am a retired captain, and I have had quite a time taming Capt. Ego (still working at it). Thanks for the dialogue (not feeling of being "dissed" or "cussed" as in "discussion"), I wish AOAND would change their title of these forums, and describe the benefit of dialogues vs. discussion. no mistake, ron

Comment by Arieljoy Fine 1 hour ago Man-o-man did you ever clear something up for me when you broke down the word "diss-cuss-ion". For as long as I can remember (including childhood) I have been attempting to discuss things with people, i.e. my dad, my mother-in-law, my brother-in-law-the-attorney :-)) and my attempts have been met with arguments. I have never understood why they wouldn't just TALK to me/with me. But all they did was talk OVER me, or on a "good" day, AT me. No wonder I have been so totally confused and I honestly thought I was doing something wrong, like being too "bossy" LOL.

Ron, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

In Love, Light, and Outrageously Boundless Joy,
Arieljoy .

Posted by captron at 6:30 PM

You are welcome, "dia" means allowing what comes through - not closed beliefs but an open mind allowing different opinions and the "spirit of inquiry" to come through. Arieljoy, you did that without being defensive and being thoughtful of my opinion at the same time. There is no need for forgiveness in dialogue, because we both felt heard and honored in our ideas. Oh yea, I tried "gratitude" today in one of my needs for forgiveness today, and it is starting to feel more comfortable, but I am not there. Maybe it depends on how close you feel to resolution with a particular conflict? for giving gratitude alot, ron .

Forgiveness Brings us Happiness

I don't think "forgiveness is the highest form of love", but I think it is an essential starting point.

Divine Inheritance

It is the Father's good pleasure to give me the Kingdom (seek first, and all things will be added). I accept it with joy and thanksgiving, knowing that I am called to be a creative center of Life. All that I wish for myself, I wish for others as well. Sensing the presence of Love guiding me, I go forth to spread this Love to all those I meet.
Ernest Holmes

The best & most beautiful things in life are not things.

They that seeketh the Lord shall not want any good thing. Psalm 34:10

Just become quiet, still and solitary,
and the world will offer itself to you
to be unmasked; it has no choice. It
will roll in ecstasy at your feet.

Franz Kafka

And God is able to make all grace abound toward you. 11Corinthians 9:8

O, How I laugh when I think
of my vague indefinite riches.
No run on my bank can drain it,
for my wealth is not possession
but enjoyment.

Henry David Thoreau

The kingdom of heaven is like unto a treasure hid in a field; the which when a man hath found, he hideth, and for joy thereof goeth & selleth all that
he hath, & buyeth that field.
Matthew 13:44

I Claim my Divine Inheritance

Your Kingdom of God is at hand. The riches, power, glory and might of this kingdom are yours today. You do not rob others by entering into the fullness of your kingdom of joy, your kingdom of abundance. You recognize that all people belong to the same kingdom. You are merely claiming for yourself what you would that the law of Good should do unto all.

There is no law of human heredity imposed upon you. Evil has no history. Limitation has no past. That which is opposed to good has no future. The eternal
now if forever filled with the presence of perfect life. You always have been and
forever will remain, a complete and perfect expression of the Eternal Mind, which is God, the living Spirit Almighty.

Say: Today I enter into the limitless variations of self-expression that the Civine Spirit projects into my experience. Knowing that all experience is a play of Life upon Itself, the blossoming of love into self-expression, the coming forth of good into the joy of its own being. I enter into the game of living with joyful anticipation, with enthusiasm. Today I enter into my Divine inheritance, shaking my thought clear from the belief that external conditions are imposed upon me. I declare the freedom of my Divine nature.
Ernest Holmes

The fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace. Galatians 5:22

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Eternal One

Within us is the soul of the whole, the wise silence, the universal beauty, the eternal One.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

KeepinthePeace has sent you a message on Architects of a New Dawn

That is absolutely beautiful! This oneness thing that is no matter what we think, is spreading. The oneness, acceptance of us all and what is in any particular moment in time, is taking hold of people's consciousness. Getting past the ego can be difficult sometimes but once we learn to let go and celebrate everyone and everything as part of the whole; it all comes together. That doesn't mean we will like everyone or everything and that's OK. I think it's understanding that everyone and everything has value and is part of the BIG picture, for lack of a better term. I will go to the link you put out and I liked your little phrase before the body of the letter about wholeness. Have a fantastically beautiful day and enjoy the rest of the weekend and the week ahead. Peace and blessings, Hugh

Thank you, Ron. I'm going through a profound change in my personal life, so quite naturally (I think) my body seems to think it's appropriate to be sick. I Love Emerson, but I think he's got things a bit backward here. To say God or The Eternal One (or anything with that meaning) is within us is to miss the point. WE are within God! As one author (whose name I have forgotten) put it, "Do not pray TO God but FROM God." I don't mean this as argument. It's just so vitally important to me that I had to write it. I hope that you will accept it with the same Love and respect with which it is offered. My brother IS myself!
S. B.

Dear S. B., Interestingly, Ernest Holmes, in his Daily Wisdom today, wrote about the same subject.
The Divine Presence within us is both the center & circumference of our real being.
It is the Infinite Presence that inhabits eternity and finds a dwelling place in our own consciousness. We recognize It as the only authority there is. We know that we are one with It and one in It, for there is no separation from It. Our own consciousness is the very depth and height of Its Being and is One with all that It is.
...Each of us is an individual center in it, without being an individual separate from It. We are rooted in the One, which produces limitless variety. Therefore, God is uniquely individual and uniquely personal to each of us.

We are not one in God or one with God, but we are one of God.

Does this not mean the same as "Do not pray TO God but FROM God." ?

On another day in his Daily Wisdom Holmes wrote:
Silently I release every negative thought from my mind. I release it and let it go. And I, too, pray "that they shall be as one; as thou Father are in me and I in thee, that they also may be one in us."
Isn't Jesus saying the same thing here - that both is true - "one in me & one in Thee."?

Cindy Paulos replied:God in our Souls or our Souls in God/ Ron alexanders "dialogue":
If we are all One, then God's energy is within us and and throughout the universe as JUST One.
With our Individual perpective we look within and connect with our inner self and God. Until we dissolve into Spirit and Lose Our selves and Merge with God. So yes then all is God..
Which leads to the Emptiness is form and form is emptiness discussion... And then...What if God has a greater Force within Him/Her Self and there is even more Beyond God????

Thanks Cindy, that was a surprise to open up the main page and see my name up there with God's - at least, you used small letter on alexander - that is a good thing! When I posed a "large" question like that to one teacher, he wisely turned it around and said that it was "my ego asking". Well, that was humbling, and having a large "Capt. Ego", it is good for me.
However, I feel satisfied that we are within God, and God is within us. That feels certain to me. The other question to me was "do we pray to God or do we pray from God."? Could that be both too?
no mistake, ron

Reply by Cindy:
What if we pray with God\

Reply by Ron:
Cindy I like that - what a novel concept - "pray with God!" Thanks!

There is one ultimate Thinker, yet this Thinker thinks through all of us. This is why our thoughts are creative. The Universal Mind is incarnated in everyone. Every person has access to It, every person uses It. It, is either in ignorance or in conscious knowledge. The mind of each one of us is the Mind of God functioning at the level of perception of life. Consciously, using It, we bring into our experience today something we did not appear to have yesterday - a better environment, a happier circumstance, more love, more joy.

In such a degree as I know that God in you is the God is in me, I cannot seek to do you ill. It would be unthinkable, because all that I could do would be to hurt myself. When all the nations of the world see God incarnated in one another, then we would have no longer the use of weapons. We must stop believing that God is somewhere apart from us or somewhere apart from from the person or situation that is still in bondage of some kind. We must not be disturbed by the contradiction of objective experience. Rather, we need to know that the truth of God's ever-present
activity in our life is superior to the condition that we want to have changed.

I sense the Eternal Presence within me. Discarding any thoughts and attitudes that
limit my inner awareness of this Presence, I accept the One Life as my life and see all around the expression of love, peace and harmony. I rejoice in the wondrous gifts of an unlimited Universe.
Ernest Holmes

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers & sisters to dwell together in unity. -Psalm 133:1

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Maybe the Most Loving Weekend of My Life

Greater Love of course

Check out
Probably the most loving weekend of my life
& now I get to give Oneness Blessings & spread One Love

The Sun gets together with Neptune, the planet of illusion.
Valentine's Day is already the setting of love on the highest
relationship pillar. Expect this one to be deliriously romantic.
Will today be the manifestation of all your feelings?

Normally, I don't pay much attention to horoscopes unless they give good advice or they look accurate in the past. I just read this one today - on the 15th!

Namaste Everyone,

Congratulations to all of our new Oneness Blessing Givers, Ron, Neely, Olivia, and Susan. JoAnna has reported a wonderful trip to Florida was had by all! I am looking forward to hearing all about your trip. We are all looking forward to receiving the Blessing from each of you. Hooray!!

The energy here Sunday evening was very powerful, thank you all for sending it to us!

Oneness Blessing will be held Sunday evening, February 21 and February 28 at the Yoga Room in Myrtle Beach from 7 PM till 8:30 PM. The address is 196 c Stonebridge Dr, Myrtle Beach, SC, 29588. The program is breath meditation, discussion, and Oneness Blessing given several times (usually six). Love offering accepted. We look forward to seeing the new Blessing Givers who are available to attend!!!!!!

Oneness Blessing will also be given February 22 and March 1 at JoAnna Adams house. There will be a skype video conference given by Sri Bhagavan with level 3 teachings, discussion, and breath awareness meditation. JoAnna's address is 144 Myrtle Grande Dr
Conway 29526 (for map questers)

JoAnna asks that you rsvp via email ( ) or phone 843-234-0096 so she will have an idea of seating. We will have 7 Blessing Givers in attendance. The Oneness Blessing will be very powerful. Looking forward to seeing you there.

I have my airline ticket to travel to India in March. I will be initiated as a Oneness Trainer so I can then initiate new Oneness Blessing Givers. This is a 2 day course and will be very affordable. Also no one will be turned away. The only prerequisite is to have previously received the Oneness Blessing, The purpose of Trainers is to initiate as many Blessing Givers as possible. I will post the date and place before I leave the beach March 4. There will be a course in Myrtle Beach as well as one in Columbia.

Can't wait till April to become a Oneness Blessing Giver? Michael Milner posts his courses on his website Also my friend Skip Miller of Orlando, Fl is hosting a course there this month. I will forward his flyer to you.

Thanks for all of your support and interest in helping to shift humanity to a higher level of conscious awareness. Sri Bhagavan states 2010 will be a year of perverse behavior, in 2011 the connection between man and the divine will be stronger and this is the beginning of the new age and 2012 is the birth of the new age and a year of great joy.

Sri Bhagavan states we need 60,000 Awakened people or a huge number of Blessing givers for this shift. We can prepare our bodies with kundalini yoga, fasting, prana yama, and prana kriya

Namaste and Blessings,


Monday, Feb. 15 (

Within us
is the soul of the whole,
the wise silence,
the universal beauty,
the eternal One.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Oneness Blessing Weekend ( I did not come to become a Deeksha (oneness blessings)Giver, however that blissful collective consciousness was so high, that Spirit left me with no choice. Divine Grace was leading me to become a Oneness Blessing Giver! Interestingly, a young Shaman from the rain forests of Ecuador had given me "gloves of Spirit" just Thurs. which was perfect for being a hands-on Giver. What a perfect way to spend Valentine's weekend. One Love, ron

Clarita replies:
Wow, "gloves of spirit" I love this!

Yes! Flavio spent alot of time on my hands and arms up to my elbows putting on my "spiritual gloves". You would have enjoyed this young shaman and especially his wise Crone interpreter - Esther Campos from Mexico! What a great healing combo! ron

Thank you it was inspiring reading about it!

I just posted a video "hermeto Pascoal" is giving his music students a lessons. I believe it is in the Amazons. You would like it he is a highly spritual musical genuis.

Thank you, dear Clarita, I will check it out. Flavio is busy trying to save his tribal land. His tribe discovered in 1992 had a 40,000 acre (maybe hectores?) but now down to 2000 due to adjacent countries changing their boundaries, greedy oil & lumber companies plus the Ecquadorian military. My friend who bought him here along with Esther Campos belongs to an organization - "Be Present" supporting his effort to preserve what is left and their indigenious ways, which is described as being spiritual in what they do. One Love, ron

From clarita zarate to You

Indigenous people are our foundation and if they are destroyed the rug is being pulled from under humanity.
I don't even want to think the 3 letter word that is centered in I. It is destroying the ol'.
I am very interested in what you are doing. It is always a great honor to meet with indigenous tribe.
There are groups of people, you probably know who focus mainly on tearing down physical boundaries that exist. It begins to make sense that there are many Gods. We respect the earth if we recognize the God within each of her elements. We also respect the God of another because our faith embraces, not just heaven, but every part of existence. God is in every aspect of creation. That is a high spiritual concept which has the power of giving every being their human right of peace on earth.
Please continue to keep me up on these beautiful Ecuadorian people.

Love Clarita

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Love Thyself - A Valentine Card for You (revised)

"Loving Who You Are, The Ultimate Spiritual Practice"

You are a holy vessel, a one-of-a kind creation. The more you love yourself, the more energy you will have to offer our planet. You may think you have been denied opportunities or squandered chances, But, in this present moment, your breath is holy, and streams of creative energy await your cue. Still, you may believe that you are not enough, or don’t have everything it takes. These conventional and habitual beliefs keep you separate from your true nature and the genius, power, and love that you have to give us. That’s why self-love is the ultimate spiritual practice. Tama J. Kieves (This is the first paragraph of a brilliant article titled "Loving Yourself..." in the Feb. Science of Mind magazine.)

Love Begins With Loving Yourself. Sri Bhagavan- check out

Love is the Essence of my Being

Remaining constantly open to the Love of God within us can produce great results. It may be elusive, but Love pervades everything, renewing our soul and uplifting our emotions. We can all live harmoniously, happily & successfully with each other when we practice a conscious recognition of the presence of our Love within. We can overcome the troubles and difficulties that we have allowed to enter our lives when we remember that Love is the creating and sustaining Presence within all of us.
God loves, moves, gives & exists in me. I listen with complete faith & trust to the Voice of Love guiding me today. I accept that abundant good that is flowing easily & freely to me. In return, I am loving and generous to all others, knowing that we are joined in Spirit. My whole mind and heart are open to the Divine influx of joy, wisdom, and guidance. I am overflowing with Love.

Above all clothe yourselves with love which binds everything together in perfect harmony. Colossians 3:14.

Since God is love, and God is All-in-All, Love must be the underlying principle of life, and therefore in all. This Life is my life. This Love is me. It is the very essence of my being. Love heals everything, every imperfection of mind or body or environment. Love alone may overcome hatred (Martin Luther King Jr. wrote about this beautifully in Strength to Love), anger, envy and criticism. Where Love is, there is no room for any negative emotion. Love is the Great Adjuster.
I know that Love is harmony, peace and joy. In it all is good, all that is true, all that is beautiful. It is perfect balance, perfect poise. I empty my mind and heart of all but Love. I let Love express in me and through me. I let Love flow out into my world of thought and action. I am Love. The Love in me shines forth as harmony, peace, joy freedom and wisdom. Love binds me to the whole of creation. I find fulfillment through loving.
Ernest Holmes

The first step to One Love is loving yourself. Oneness is not complete without you. A spiritual practice has to start with loving yourself. Can you embrace and soothe your inner critic with Love? (Love never faileth. 1Cor.13). And we will probably have to begin by forgiving ourselves. "Forgiveness" is filled with all the grace and love we need in order to move past any mistakes/errors we all make. Happy Love Day! Be Love(d), Ron Alexander

I am open to the Love of God within me: If we love one another, God dwelleth in us, and his love is perfected in us. (1 John 4:12) (and “perfect love casts out fear.”)

I am one with my Beloved: …for the kingdom of God is within you. Luke 17:21

I am filled with the spirit of powerful loving kindness: God did not give me the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7.

This is the true measure of love, when we believe that we alone can love, that no one could ever have loved so before us, and that no one will ever love in the same way after us. -Goethe

Love all God’s creation, the whole and every grain of sand in it. Love every leaf, every ray of God’s light. Love the animals, love the plants, love everything. If you love everything, you will perceive the divine mystery in things. Once you perceive it, you will begin to comprehend it better every day. And you will come at last to love the whole world with an all-embracing love. Fyodor Dostoyevsky

For healing wholeness, embrace all of you (yes, even the shadow, egotistical, judgemental parts) with Love, for wholeness includes All. How? Tools:
Right hand over heart, repeat “God’s love is right here, right now.” Ho’oponopono Prayer for forgiveness: “I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.” Do it for yourself, and it will work for all since we are One. Meditate, silence, hot bath, inspirational music, good loving orgs. (churches, temples, synagogues, etc), support groups, counselors, creative projects, read. How gentle and kind can you be to yourself? Be a human being, not a human doing- relax! Massages, reiki, Oneness Blessing Givers (Deekshas), exercise, fresh air, healthy food, yoga, mindfulness (awareness in the moment) Think Love! Be Love!

You are the One we have been waiting on. May all beings be happy, free and Love(d) , ron alexander

Comment by Jeanne 1 day ago "If you love everything, you will perceive the divine mystery in things."
Thank-you Capt. Ron for these many quotes from love masters...
even if they weren't 'masters'... and their shadow side was shady... they knew the value and importance of this phenomenal energy we call love. We each need it, thrive on it... and waste away without it.

Jeanne commentsLove the "embracing all of me including my egomaniac..."

I really appreciate what you said, Capt. Ron... for I too think that a healthy, balanced ego is the mission... not the denial of it. After all, my ego plays a role in me wanting to 'better' myself... my ego wants me to evolve

At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.


I responded to a survey request from My responses are based on 2 ½ decades of research, study, experiential learning & seeking Inner Truth. Please read with your heart & if it feels appropriate, share & spark others to positively influence their lives & a New World Age coming toward us.

Doreen Agonisto:

7. How do you incorporate love into your business or professional life?

I follow heart awareness even when it defies logic.

I live in present moment awareness, gratitude and appreciation. When in doubt, I ask Soul, ‘What would you have me do?’ and the answers come. I teach from experience or Inner truth [IT]. My intention and attention focus on unity, integrity, authenticity, truth, playfulness, love, laughter, generosity, creativity, joy, appreciation and gratitude.

I BLESS IT all, which sparks me to seek the higher purpose in perceived adversity. I interpret Haitian loss during a recent earthquake as a ‘gift of Soulness’, to raise the signature energy of Earth during this Shift. Solidarity and outpouring of compassion, love and support globally, raised our signature energy for Infinite Light God Awareness to flow into our world to assist as this Shift advances. Recall a person, place or thing that you love and when you FEEL love, flow gratitude and appreciation to the entire Nation of Haiti and surrounding water, which holds consciousness. Lend a hand by signing a Petition at to cancel Haiti’s debt and free money to rebuild and restore. APPRECIATION is a most power-full way to raise your signature energy, especially when you can bless what defies logic, rather than the energetic frequency of judgement, criticism, complaining, shaming and or blaming yourself or others.

"To attract, heal, or balance (Sharon Taphorn & her Angels)
relationships is to realize that the most important relationship you
have is with yourself, every other relationship follows from there."
The relationships in our lives are vast and many. If you have an
imbalance in your relationship with yourself, it is reflected in your
relationships with others. Spend time getting to know and love
yourself. What qualities do you love about yourself? What don't you
love about yourself? Focus on your wonderful qualities and work on
loving the ones you don't, as well as the ones you would like to have.

Angel wisdom reminds you that you are truly a beautiful and special
person. You are worthy of healthy, balanced relationships, and to trust
in yourself to make wise and honourable decisions. Most often blocks we
have in attracting or healing relationships are rooted in an emotional
experience from childhood or within a past or existing relationship.
Ask your inner child what relationships mean to you in general and/or a
specific relationship so that you can better understand and heal. Then,
in your mind and your heart, surround yourself, the situations, and the
person(s) with calming pink light and ask the angels to help you. Be
open to the gifts within each situation and allow yourself to feel the
love and peace.

Affirm often:"I am love, I am loved."

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Taking Responsibility For Everything

Sounds like she is the Prodigal Aunt. SHE abandoned uyoui emotionally, nopt the opther way around, but I'm so happy for you that all is going so well. L.

thank you, L., I have not thought of it like that, I am just glad she has forgiven me for what she "thought" I did. We are all one anyway, so the Ho'Oponopono prayer for forgiveness does not make a difference. A few months ago, I left this prayer on her message machine: "I am sorry, please forgive me....thank you, I love you!" in gratitude, ron

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Anonymous Angelic Support

As you have probably know, I was very ill in Jan. (I (ron) left out details, as my friend wants anonymity.) If my friend had not come in from a business meeting and found me the first time I probably would not be here.

Any way, I wanted to share this experience with you. I have not told any one else. I had finished a 4AM breathing treatment and started feeling very anxious and depressed. I know the meds had something to do with this, but it was different. I journaled some and then started a meditation. I started putting important family, people, and pets, alive and dead, around me--all young and alive and vibrant--just standing there. I had been unable to see my parents as young people when in my conscious state, but they were there and I can still remember them now. Nothing spectacular happened. I just drifted off to sleep and awoke hungry and at peace. I realized then that I had called my angels and they were there. What a confirmation that they are always with me.

(Ron), I am printing this out to take to my Aunt, as a belief in Angels is a way we are joining spiritually. Before Christmas, Aunt Jo did not believe in angels and told me a story about taking some angel figurines off the tombstone of my brother who died of aids (shh, family secret). She went on and told me that she "thought it was a gay thing." Then she told me that she found out that a dear young "developmentally delayed" person had put them on the grave, and was asking his Mom where they were? Obviously, this made my Aunt very sad, and she scrambled around and found one to put back on, but "felt terrible" about it. I asked her why she didn't believe? Then she told me that she would be willing to read Billy Graham's book about angels, so I went out and gave her one for Christmas. Now, she is talking about how accidents helped her from getting hurt in a falling accident. Yea! Glory Be!

Taking Responsibility For Everything
Sounds like she is the Prodigal Aunt. SHE abandoned uyoui emotionally, nopt the opther way around, but I'm so happy for you that all is going so well. L.

thank you, L., I have not thought of it like that, I am just glad she has forgiven me for what she "thought" I did. We are all one anyway, so the Ho'Oponopono prayer for forgiveness does not make a difference. A few months ago, I left this prayer on her message machine: "I am sorry, please forgive me....thank you, I love you!" in gratitude, ron

Angel Wisdom - Sharon Taphorn
TAKE CHARGE "Life's circumstances can be healed with gentle love, yet there is also a need for strength and truthfulness."' It is possible to be both assertive and angelic at the same time. Call upon the Angels for courage and guidance when you need...

Gosh, Sharon, you and your Angels are usually Divinely timed. I wonder why? I find that as I love and appreciate myself more, the more assertive I am for asking for what I want in a gentle manner of course! no mistake, ron…

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

There Are No Edges to My Loving Now

The clear bead at the center
changes everything,
There are no edges to my loving now,
I've heard it said, there's a window
that opens from one mind to another,
But if there is no wall, there's no need
for fitting the window, or the latch.


Tuesday, Feb. 2

In a gentle way
you can shake the

one of Cesar Chavez's favorite quotes from Gandhi

Monday, February 1, 2010

Its the Valentine Month - Time for Love

This month of "Unconditional Love" continues with an exploration of Love As The Creative Impulse Of The Universe. Dr. Holmes tells us that all is Love, yet all is Law. Love is the reason, Law is the way. The Divine creates out of an impulse to express, experience, and enjoy. That impulse (the word) is acted upon by Law and comes into manifestation (is made flesh). The Creative Process does not stop working after the 6th day of creation. It continues onto this very day and in fact can never stop working. Join us Sunday for more ideas on how you can partake of Love by participating in the Creative Process.

When we persevere with the help
of a gentle discipline, we
slowly come to hear the still,
small voice and to feel the
delicate breeze, and so to
come to know the presence
of Love.

Henri Nouwen

View Doreen A Agostino's blog:

I agreed to respond to a ‘LOVE’ Survey conducted by Below are my responses based on 2 ½ decades of research, study, experiential learning and seeking my own Inner Truth. I will post 2 responses a week over 4 weeks until all responses are shared. I ask that you read with your heart and if moved to do so, please share and spark others to awaken from the dream about who we are not.

Q1. What does the word Love mean to you?
Love is a signature ‘energy’ and only true power. When you ‘feel’ the subjective or nonmaterial e-motion called love, you are sensing this signature energy in motion.

Today, leading edge physicists reveal, that underlying all reality everything is interconnected. Infinite Light, best described as unconditional love, is all there is. There is no form, only possibilities, for Infinite Light Awareness, the only true power, to experience Infinite Light Awareness, called many names including God. I perceive religion and science are now saying similar things using different language.

In my view, unconditional love is the signature energy of Infinite Light God Awareness and everyone and everything is a unique ‘spark’ of this One Awareness. There is no-one and no-thing that is not love.

Q2. Have you ever felt like love was missing from your life? (How do you handle these periods of time?)Yes, I missed the playful interaction, growth and intimacy of a male partner, until I became aware of how power-fully we influence our own reality. More than 90% of the ‘data’ in our subconscious mind rules our lives, until we choose otherwise. What shows up on our outer life screen is Inner Truth or feedback related to that data. Until we seek and find Inner Truth, the energetic frequency of old data delays new possibilities.

The fact that I kept attracting men who were unavailable was feedback that old data in my subconscious was keeping me unavailable. I asked Soul to clarify and as I was ready, Inner Truth clearly revealed how the energetic frequency of my inner emotional wounds and lack of unconditional love of self, kept me playing ‘small’ and ‘safe’.

Rather than deny, bury or judge my inner wounded self, I embrace and surround my inner wounds with deep love just as I would a frightened child. When I InPower love, I nurture guilt, the judge, the critic, the one who feels unworthy, until they feel safe and one with me. I refer to the ‘sum’ of an individual’s beliefs, thoughts, words, actions and feelings as their unique signature energy - a ‘signal’ that is always being answered with a matching energetic frequency.

Love elevates our signature energy and until we unconditionally love all parts of ourselves into wholeness, ‘we’ hold joy and that which makes our heart sing, apart from ourselves. To assist Earth as She prepares to birth a New World Age, re-member you are a unique ‘cell’ in the body of Earth - with a specific function. Custom message from Doreen Agostino at Tags: biology, evolution, new, quantum leap.

.More Doreen's Love

I responded to a survey request from My responses are based on 2 ½ decades of research, study, experiential learning & seeking Inner Truth. Please read with your heart & if it feels appropriate, share & spark others to positively influence their lives & a New World Age coming toward us.

5. From your perspective, what is the most practical way to bring more love into the world?

Mightiest power doth freewill bring; a change of heart changes everything.

Collective resonance is like entrainment - a physics phenomenon where two oscillating bodies lock into phase & resonate in harmony. This means when you ‘choose a new response’ to a life experience like unconditional love, you become a bridge to new possibilities for others to cross into a New World Age.

Where your attention goes energy flows and influences your reality. Without judgment, release attachment to a dying past. With UNWAVERING FOCUS, imagine, FEEL, think about, talk about, write about, laugh about, be thankful for and APPRECIATE this ‘Extraordinary moment to EVOLve a New Age of Light.’ Show reverence for all life as Infinite Light God Awareness experiences ITSELF in every possible way.

Be your word 100%. Pain, loss and suffering have frozen the power of love in many human hearts. Love yourself unconditionally FIRST. Pay attention to ‘feedback’ and be sure to embrace your inner wounds as they cry out for love and oneness with you. When you love yourself unconditionally and feel good about you, IT is easier to love others as they are and let them find their next steps, when they are ready.

Ask your heart for the truth of this – ‘God Awareness knows God Awareness through the uniqueness of everyone and everything. Nothing you do, ever did or will do can change the spark of Infinite Light God unconditional love you are. And so it is for EVERY human’.

Ask Soul within, to help you expand self awareness. Are you ready to experience the limitless power of Soul unconditional love? If you are struggling or feel doubtful or uncertain, align within and ask Soul, ‘What would you have me do?’ Those who go within, seldom go without! Ego is a concept that lives only in the past or future. Maintain your focus and attention in present moment open heart awareness to InPower unconditional love of Soul to bring you through anything, including this Shift.

Internet is on time and purpose, for us to unite and align during this Shift. Through Internet radio and independent news, this survey, my new human experience book entitled, ‘So You Think You’re Awake’: Liberate Yourself From Anything Outside This Moment Revealed, other books and word of mouth, awareness of this Shift is expanding.

I believe as SOUL, we all agreed to be here now, to unite as one and change the course of history.

We are the ONE we are waiting for.

I appreciate and celebrate you! Take a moment now to FEEL appreciation and celebrate yourself and every member of our human family. As we begin to see ourselves and one another beyond what we are not, we set ourselves and each other free, to be and live Extraordinarily well!

Breathe and invite God Awareness to fill your heart which knows only truth. Read first and try this:

1. Close your eyes and simply ‘be aware’.

2. Take a deep breath and ‘be aware of being aware.’

3. Take another deep breath and ‘be aware of being aware of the Presence of God Awareness’

4. Breathe Infinite Light God Awareness into your every cell. FEEL this Presence and flow IT to all life. You are not the possessor of awareness; you are awareness, for there is only One God Awareness.

6. Is there a connection between love and inspiration? Who in your lifetime has inspired you the most?

Everything is interconnected through God Awareness. Spirit in Latin is Spiritus from ‘spirare’ to breathe, to blow. To in-spire is to breathe in or blow out Spirit or Infinite Light God Awareness. I studied with many aware teachers over the past 2 ½ decades. My InSpiration comes from within, from a spark of Infinite Light God Awareness, the unconditional love of Soul.

I responded to a survey request from My responses are based on 2 ½ decades of research, study, experiential learning & seeking Inner Truth. Please read with your heart & if IT feels appropriate, share & spark others to positively influence their lives & a New World Age coming toward us.

8. Your Vision: What intrigues you most about this current time period and where the world is headed today?

I am intrigued by our conscious awareness of passing through this Shift of the Ages and our ability to influence a quantum leap in EVOLution - from ordinary to Extraordinary. Jim Self said it clearly, ‘Our Earth Mother is pregnant and Her water broke January 2010.’ I suggest that soon everyone will know this is not a dress rehearsal. The word LOVE spelled backwards in EVOLution is One Big Cosmic Clue.

Dr. Bruce Lipton reveals that leading edge science is shattering untrue myth-perceptions: 1] Newtonian physics 2] genetic control of genes 3] survival of the fittest 4] notion of random EVOLution. Limiting beliefs perceived as truth dis-InPowered us. There is no one to blame. What you dislike allows you to know what you do like. You experience what you are ‘not’ to know what you truly are and why you are really here, which I trust will become ever clearer as you move forward.

As a spark of Infinite Light God Awareness, you are a ‘cell’ in the body of Earth. When you function well so does Earth because all is One. As we heal our inner emotional wounds and bless IT all, we align with ease and flow and our outer landscape mirrors the power of love back to us. As waves of Infinite Light God Awareness flow and uplift our signature energy to the frequency of unconditional love, individually and collectively, the birth of a New Light Age advances. Unconditional love nurtures and influences the least stress.

I perceive miracles in 2010 will validate a major turning point for humanity. Subjective or nonmaterial Infinite Light God Awareness is shining through objective reality with new awareness, for all to choose again from the heart. For those who cling to the old human experience, love them unconditionally. What you judge in others is also in you. Everyone finds their own Inner Truth when they are ready. As Esther Hicks says, ‘Keep your fingers out of other people’s pie’.

Time is collapsing into present moment Soul awareness. This means what you think, say, do and feel, come about faster. Life is God’s dream and we are the dreamers. As a New World Age advances, unconditionally love and bless IT all, for Infinite Light God Awareness to flow and transform the energetic frequency of self influenced pain and suffering into Infinite Light, and for millennia of darkness to return HOME to Infinite Light God Awareness.

Unrelated cultures and researchers tell us that Planet Earth, our Sun and Milky Way Galaxy align on Dec 21, 2012. No one knows precisely when or how the actual Shift or birth will occur. What we do know is that our signature energy influences our outer reality.

Our ancestors left symbolic markers and information for us to smooth transition into a New World Age. Will we learn from anti love choices - ours and those who preceded us? During 4 prior Shifts, people fought and killed one another when supplies were short. These patterns or ‘fractals’ repeat incessantly until a ‘new response’ emerges. I dare say our race is poised to change the course of history and her-story. As a unique ‘cell’ in the body of Mother Earth, are you willing to awaken beyond the dream about what you are not and align within, to allow Infinite Light Soul love to flow easily?

Compassion, unity, collaboration, cooperation and unconditional love, InPower Infinite Light God Awareness, the only true power, to bring us to our true HOME ... Heaven On Mother Earth.

.. . Comment by Ron Alexander
Excellent response, as usual, Doreen. I really like Ernest Holmes, finder of Science of Mind, writings about love:
Love is the Essence of my Being
Let us love not in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth. - 1 John 3:18

Since God is love, and God is All-in-All, Love must be the underlying principle of life, and therefore in all. This Life is my life. This Love is me. It is the very essence of my being. Love heals everything, every imperfection of mind or body or environment. Love alone may overcome hatred (Martin Luther King Jr. wrote about this beautifully in Strength to Love), anger, envy and criticism. Where Love is, there is no room for any negative emotion. Love is the Great Adjuster.
I know that Love is harmony, peace and joy. In it all is good, all that is true, all that is beautiful. It is perfect balance, perfect poise. I empty my mind and heart of all but Love. I let Love express in me and through me. I let Love flow out into my world of thought and action. I am Love. The Love in me shines forth as harmony, peace, joy freedom and wisdom. Love binds me to the whole of creation. I find fulfillment through loving.

from his "Daily Wisdom"

Doreen commented:

Thank you Ron. It is time to BE unconditional love, the only true power to support and nourish Earth Mother as She births a New World Age.

Ron comments:

Put all your faith in the Love
of God within you; eternal, changeless
and forever unfailing.
This is the answer to whatever
confronts you today.

W, 79 ACIM

Changing Nightmares into Pleasant Dreams

January 31, 2010
Saturn, the planet of limitations, gets tense with Pluto, the planet of transformation. This tension brings up an issue from November, but do not expect resolution right away. Can you work to develop coping methods as you plan for a brighter future?
I only pay attention to the horoscope, if it can be helpful. A year ago last November was when my Mother had her accident. She went into the ICU and never recovered. I was up there with her, but could not understand the negativity coming to me from family and "friends" while I was spending more time in the hospital with her than anyone else. She was never to speak again, so she could not tell me what was going on.
At her funeral in late Dec., I was again puzzled and hurt on my negative reception by these family and all but one friend.
The reading of the will in Feb. shocked me into the worst feeling of rejection in my life. I have been working since then to change the news into a "divine inheritance" being helped by sayings such as "the best and most beautiful things in life are not things." And then attending a ten day silent Vipassana meditation retreat. Plus weekly support groups and meditation groups.
Recently, I was asked by my Aunt, who was one of the very negative people to come and help me with my addicted, alcoholic nephew, who was the most negative of all.
There he lost his temper one day in front of my aunt, threatened to kill me, but most importantly spewed out the accusations that he had been demonizing me that my Mom, my Aunt and the others must have believed. I have been forgiving that and this is what leads to my writing below:

Recently, I have returned to the scene of my biggest feeling of rejection, and like a "prodigal son", I have been accepted. However, at night, I awake usually with those same feelings of being a "victim of the world". I get over them by placing my right hand over my heart and repeating "God's love is right here, right now." And then I add the Ho'ponopono prayer "I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you. I love you". Even if I think I am right, I say this prayer as much as for myself as for my "enemy" , as we are all one anyway. My thinking is changed, and I wake up feeling much better. I read inspirational liteture (at least three "daily words", and then I pray/meditate for an hour if possible. My days start off brightly, and with an occasional shift in thinking, the day remains positive. I can see it in the faces and hear it in the words of those around me.

Comment by Arieljoy Fine I was talking with a friend about the practice of Ho'oponopono and how I have found it very useful as a way of entering into the Vortex (ala Abraham-Hicks). So I want to share that, and this insight my friend had. She said that she has changed, "I'm Sorry" to "I am Greatful". I have tried it her way and I really like it better. I found that when I was saying "I'm sorry", I have a tendency to stay stuck in feeling bad. But when I say, "I am greatful" I immediately begin floating downstream and all the resistance to letting it go simply disappears.

In Love and Light,

Hmm, thanks, Arieljoy, I will try it that way, however I am wondering if if works for the person who "thinks you have hurt them." Even though I can rationalize their feelings of hurt as mistaken, or taking it too personally, or just plain wrong, somehow I must have created it. I am learning that I have to take responsibility for everything in my life, as much as I would like to shift it sometimes.
"No matter how much I protest, I am totally responsible for everything that happens to me in my life." Wayne Dyer (Your Sacred Self)

I will let you know if changing to "Greatful" makes a difference?