Sunday, June 30, 2013

We Are One - Ambassadors for Love and Kindness

I woke up today & was deeply humbled to see that we now have over 40,000 miracle co-creators! Imagine the impact we have on the world now because we've come together in this way! Holy Moly!

A heartfelt thank you from my the bottom of my heart for choosing to create this energy vortex of love with me! I receive hundreds of messages daily from you expressing how this space we've co-created has brou...
ght & attracted even more miracles, amazing shifts, healing, AHA moments, opportunities & blessings in your life! That's what it's all about for me, that's why I do this.

Let's take our collaboration up another notch & expand our community even more!

Let's continue being ambassadors of love & kindness!

Why live in duality when there is only Love?

Why do we live in a concept of good and bad, of positive and negative, Ying and Yang? There is only love/energy which has been created in abundance which will never end or not be available. There is only love, and the absence of it
Alain Dirk Maitre Where is the proof that there was and is only love ?
There is construction (love) and destruction (hatred) . I go for love.

  • Michiko Takatsu Concept of Duality exist in 3D ~ ♫ where most people still live in ~ out of there, then you find what you are talking about
  • Alain Dirk Maitre Michiko are you constant living in non-duality ?

     Look more at documentaries on national geographic channel tv . Wake up . love.
     What we can do is minimalize the bad thoughts and maximalize the good thoughts. Training.

    KimMarie Patey The duality of life is important for us to find the neutral balance. So that when something bad happens we know that it is only temporary and we can look forward to balance again.

  • KimMarie Patey awww. I get you message now. if one is able to experience beyond the 3rd dimesnsion then yes, only love, joy and peace exixt. I had a near death experience and was able to observe the body and be in the presence of spirit. Even though my body suffered multiple head traumas and broken bones all I felt was love. Since I was a young girl i have had many OBE's and only experienced love even when witnessing traumatic events.
  • Ron Alexander It is our incessant thoughts that takes us away from Love. Meditators who have learned to let their thoughts go (not resisting them), and reached emptiness know the timeless bliss of beyond thoughts.
    Also, people who have had near death experiences know this Love like KimMarie above!
  • Lee Ann Angelicstargirl Medina Still enmeshed in duality and its polar opposites. Yet, there is a way out, they just need to see the door that is opened just a crack. And head towards it.
  • Alain Dirk Maitre Keep it simple, also with words. Be sure you understand yourself if you make it difficult with too many difficult words in combination... Yes, focus on Love.

    Alain Dirk Maitre I had a near dead experience also, but that does not mean that the cosmos is non-dual.

    We all have dual and non-dual thoughts, ALL of us. Nobody is perfectly in love all the time. But, we can maximalize our good lovely thoughts, by training.
    Yoga, zen , reiki can be helpful in training ...

    Ron Alexander Meditating is best "training" for me Alain, and in my near death experience is the timeless blissful Oneness that I sometimes experience in deep meditation beyond all thought! Descartes was wrong, it is not "I think therefore I am", rather it is I Am therefore I think! Yoga, I enjoy and it is preparing the body for meditation.

    Alain Dirk Maitre Ron, go ahead, if that helps for you, okay.

    Ron Alexander Well, just what I needed your permission Alain, lol! Knowledge comes from the outside, wisdom comes from within.

  • Alain Dirk Maitre You do not need my permission, hahaha...
  • Ron Alexander This is a fun helpful dialogue, thanks Alan Brunton, KimMarie, Alain, et al

     Oh, I would like to add that in my meditation, prayer is always included - May All Beings Be Happy!

    I AM therefore I think

    What do you think?

    Do you think that you are not good enough?
    Do you think someone else is to blame?

    Do you think it is the devil's fault?
    Do you think it is the ego's fault?

    Could it be ''stinking thinking''?

    What if you could not think?

    What do you think?
    (Ron Alexander
    Valerie Stiehl I think i will not think and meditate instead.....
  • Gisele Fahrbach In Italian : la mente mente= the mind lies!! And 98% of thoughts and emotions are not ours!!! So say "who does this belong to?" and it will go away!!! Or let the thoughts pass by like clouds without judging!! Ease joy and glory!!! 💰
  • Ron Alexander YES and gratitude to Valerie Stiehl and Gisele Fahrbach - I have healed headaches by meditating - letting go of thoughts - allowing them to float away like clouds in the sky of the mind. Descartes was wrong - ''I think therefore I am.'' How about I feel therefore I am?

  • Roslyn Savage I am, therefore i think .
  • Wayne Waller Thinking, by nature la divisive --- the heart is naturally intuitive as Oneness


    Small Sacrifices for Love

    Miss no single opportunity of making some small sacrifice, here by a smiling look, there by a kindly word; always doing the smaller right and doing it all for love.
    St. Thérèse of Lisieux(

    Saturday, June 29, 2013

    Peaceful thoughts Peaceful actions

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    Nagraj Fulchand Jain Action without knowledge and knowledge without action are both use-less.
    Ron Alexander Wisdom helps too

  • Nagraj Fulchand Jain Wisdom comes from experience.

  • Ron Alexander for some, many, who may have knowledge, lack wisdom!

    Nagraj Fulchand Jain Wisdom is needed for making decisions and implementing those decisions.
    Ron Alexander Here is wisdom:
    Bobby Hinkle: When faith captures the truth that you ARE you will cease trying to become.

    The Spirit Likes to Dress Up (Mary Oliver)

    Poem (the spirit likes to dress up)

    The spirit
      likes to dress up like this:
       ten fingers, 
       ten toes,

    shoulders, and all the rest
      at night
       in the black branches,
         in the morning

    in the blue branches
      of the world.
       It could float, of course,
         but would rather

    plumb rough matter.
      Airy and shapeless thing,
       it needs 
         the metaphor of the body,

    lime and appetite,
      the oceanic fluids;
       it needs the body's world,

    and imagination
      and the dark hug of time,
         and tangibility,

    to be understood,
      to be more than pure light
       that burns
         where no one is --

    so it enters us --
      in the morning
       shines from brute comfort
         like a stitch of lightning;

    and at night
      lights up the deep and wondrous
       drownings of the body
         like a star.


    Seeds You Sow

    Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.
    Robert Louis Stevenson(