Saturday, November 18, 2017

Eternity is Here and Now

Day 20 – Embracing the Timeless

No chatter, totally free from the burden ot time...limitless, a stillness, only from that state can you create your best self.
Timeless is always quiet, always there, watching the movie, the screen backdrop never moves. The backdrop of timelesness of present moment is always there. In reality, the timeless is the Reality of Life. ETERNITY IS HERE AND NOW.
To embrace our timeless nature, we don’t have to go anywhere or do anything. All we need is to allow awareness to shift from externally directed attention to a restful inward directed attention that is always the background of experience. When awareness steps into its timeless eternal nature, it is stepping into the present moment; it is coming home to its true self.
Our centering thought for today is:
Eternity is here and now.
Om Hreem
Pure transparent awareness is my essential nature.
“The here and now is all we have, and if we play it right it's all we'll need.” – Ann Richards
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