Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Healing with the Angels

Via Eva Tzouma healing Angel from Greece who we were blessed by her healing Self for a few months of the last year. And thsnk God, she can heal from a distance! in appreciation and gratitude love, ron

Healing Prayers

A beautiful gift, Capt!

Thinking of illness... I wonder at times, what is this dis-ease that takes me away from distractions from my true self?

Which is the dis-ease... what I'm experiencing now as some sort of discomfort... or what came before bringing forth the now? Some healing modalities ask, "what is your opportunity?"... when inquiring as to the state of your health or lack of it. Dis-ease as an opportunity.

I don't know though... I recently experienced an infection in a nerve in my jaw. My face swelled on one side... I looked like I had the mumps... and it didn't feel like an opportunity! it hurt! ...I am grateful to say that is behind me.

I hope you are feeling better soon!

Thanks so much for your as usual deep reply dear J. - here is one answer I received from and Angelic Reiki Deeksha Healer (Eve from Greece has come over and taught us alot - she is the real deal): "The illness of the body is always a sign that the soul sends to tell you that something has to take care of inside you in order to restore balance and harmony between the spirit and body. Stay awake and listen to what your body wants to tell you." And I holistically heal - using every tool -Shaminic to Eastern to Homeopathic to Naturpathic to psychology to philosophy to metaphysical to mystical to even allopathic (going to VA next week for more tests). Prayer/visualization - individual and collective helps immensely also! Truly WHOLISTIC for the physical as well as the light body!

My dear angel Ron thank you for your so kind words about me. My intention is to offer myself to serve all those who need any kind of help, directly from my heart. A healing can be done besides other methods of healing just by thinking of someone who needs any kind of support. We all can do this by keeping in our hearts the pain of the other, healing it and then releasing it healed. This is the power of the love and giving.
Without the body we have no reason to be on Earth and on the other hand our body is an indicator of health and illness. When the mind is free to flow into the body no disease can happen. What causes the disease is the way we handle the gift of life that has given to us.
A disease is actually an opportunity to see what is wrong with our lives, most often related to how much we appreciate and accept ourselves. This is important, no disease is caused to the body when we have accepted ourselves, when we have understood that we don’t need to earn any love, because it is rightfully ours from the time we were born. We call this self-acceptance.
The doubts we have about on our ability to love remove us from our real existence. Who told us that we are not able to be loved? This is a question we can ask ourselves to begin the journey to our true existence and be healthy in all levels again.
Thank you that you're giving me the oportunity to talk a little more about health and illness. I believe that many people doesn't understand how a God of love let them suffering in such a way, by giving them a disease. Maybe it's the time to start talk about it and inform more people.

Via Eva Tzouma healing Angel from Greece who we were blessed by her healing Self for a few months of the last year. And thsnk God, she can heal from a distance! in appreciation and gratitude love, ron


Unity's Profile · Unity's Wall
Unity Walker
If the light is real, authentic--if birthed by a surrendered, humble and singleminded soul, in the silence, midwifed by Grace--and if that light is unwaveringly steady, those lost in the illusion will gravitate to it and find their way out of the maze of world mind's illusion. Seek ye first the Kingdom. It is to be found in the silence. It's voice is still and small. It is the voice of LOVE, our Source.
Unity Walker: We are the Light of the world only to the extent that we yield to the ONE Great Light. Sow into the Light and reap the Light. This is the treasure of heaven, the Light and all its attributes. Peace, a still soul, Truth, Eternal Life, Harmony, and freedom from the contraints of matter.
Randy Welsh: I like that "midwifed by Grace" :)
Ra Divakar: Stories of this GREAT LIGHT by near death experiencers such as in books by Raymond Moody (LIFE AFTER LIFE) and Dannion Brinkley (LIGHT(?). The amazing wieghtlessness, watching themselves from above being thankful for being out of such a heavy body, etc. give me the most faith in LIGHT! Thanks for reminding me Unity!
Carroll Vance: One can only know One's Self in the light of that which created that One. Outside of this light, one can't know at all... a self constructed illusion of the mind. To return, seek, deconstruct, yield, let go. The beauty and wonder of the Kingdom is its effortlessness.

Unity Walker: Been there, done that, Ra Divakar. Grace gave me just such an experience to open my "eye" and begin the ascent out of material sense of life and up into the God-Sense of Life Eternal.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Gratitude to the Vets!

Blessed are the Peacemakers
Anti-war or Peace Activist Ron Alexander
Peacemaking - How can you "make" peace? How can you make people have peace? Lord, I have tried and tried. I have posted on blogs, sent many emails, letters to editors, made sarcastic remarks, argued, prayed, attended peace vigils, and marched in anti-war parades.
My dear Brother was killed in Viet Nam, quite an impetus to be a “peacemaker”. I was in the Army, and because of him, not in Viet Nam. Barry volunteered to pilot medivac copters, a dangerous mission, as he wanted to save lives rather than kill. He loved the Vietnamese, and all people, that I know of………he was a special beautiful person!
Going to the Viet Nam War Memorial (The Wall), while participating in a Peace March, and getting Barry’s smudge (trace of his name) was a very cathartic experience for me. The long peace march to the shadow of the Pentagon was like flowing in a tide of wonderful humanity, including many youth and Iraq vets and their families. Sure there were radicals from both sides, but overall, walking in peace united in purpose with a large group was wonderful and healing.
When I have found myself in a fighting-rebellious atmosphere in my family and workplace often “making peace" has been like beating my head against the wall. Interestingly, in the old times, guns were called “peacemakers”.
So If I can't "make" peace, what can I do? How can I be a peace blessing to my friends, my community, my family, and the world? I bless myself with a peace of mind first, and then bless others by bringing them my peace - not my arguments, sarcasm and anti-war opinions. It is helpful, to not resist their ideas but listen thoughtfully, ask gentle questions, with possibly a subtle hopefully humorous rebuttal, or at best remain silent and radiate my love and peace . I joyously expect to be the "blessed peace giver"! This newly found philosophy has been much more successful than trying to be a peacemaker, at least to my own peace of mind. Being peaceful takes constant attention for me. If I find that I am having angry fearful thoughts, I go to work on my thinking. My favorite tools are reading inspirational literature, such as the Unity Daily Word, and journal inspirational sentences & affirmations daily. Moment to moment, I find peace within by praying without ceasing. This deep peace at the center of my being radiates outward to all that I meet and beyond! I am so grateful! Now,for peace, meditation is probably the most important tool for me. Looking forward to going back to do ten day silent retreat meditating Buddha's Vipassana Meditation for ten hours per day and then 2 hours of learning from teacher. Aum Shanti!


Gratitude Replacing Judgement (even of ego)

Gratitude is something of which none of us can give too much. For on the smiles, the thanks we give, our little gestures of appreciation, our neighbors build their philosophy of life.A.J. Cronin

When Gratitude Replaces Judgment
“When gratitude replaces judgment, peace spreads throughout your body, gentleness embraces your soul, wisdom fills your mind. Let gratitude replace judgment and your whole experience of life will take a turn for the better in five seconds.”
Happier Than God
Neale Donald Walsch

Replace judgement of the ego with gratitude - Being aware of the ego, you can work hand in hand with it in love, in fact there is no other choice while we are in our bodies.
Alan Brunton: Ron, so true. Like peddling a bicycle, one must push down not only with the right foot, but also the left, finding the balance between.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Everything is exactly right - here & now!

Find the better feeling path from here. Make peace with where you are here and now, and realign yourself from here. Your usual error is to blame yourself, and look about saying “I’m not where I should be, something must be wrong.” That’s the problem; self blame, judgment, criticism.

The Universe is handling things exactly right, according to your vibration, so when you switch to judgment and blame, your destination shifts. Keep it clean, aligned. Judge not your journey. Everything is exactly right, including you and the way you feel.

~ Twelve www.TwelveSpirit.net

Address things now that could otherwise turn into regrets.
Jane Fonda

" Do whatever you must with people; but don't take them out of your heart even for a moment. Neem Korala Dass

James Oneill-
In allowing everything to be as it is, the concequence is deep relaxation into the current experience. This reveals with increasing certainty peace that is ever available. In resting beyond ideas & circumstance often, we are more prepared for 'challenging situations'. This means reaction born of fear & conditioning increasingly falls away & responding from the heart of knowing takes over. Life IS perfect ♥

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sunflower Love & Joy

Where there is great love there are always miracles.
Willa Cather

" Do whatever you must with people; but never shut anyone out of your heart , even for a moment..."
Neem Karoli Baba

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”~Lao Tzu

"The worlds of Truth (love) and illusion (fear) are like parallel universes; with every thought we make a choice which one to inhabit." - Marianne Williamson

The Sunflower is my favorite. It reminds me of a great open loving light-filled face. So we have alot of sunflowers around - some real and some art. Jeanne painted the sunflower glass we placed on new sunporch. Lil our dog is just beyond the sunflowers growing in our yard. I hope you enjoy this collage.

THAT YOUR JOY MAY BE FULL. "Ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full." ( I did not know that last part of this verse until this AM) John 16-24

Friday, May 27, 2011

Healing Scarf - Healing with or without certainty

Joyce Ripp, a dear friend from Unity and Ernest Holmes' Science of Mind, painted this gorgeous Healing Scarf for me with a prayer written on it from Ernest Holmes's RICHER LIVING. Just as important, she wrote me: "You do not have to have certainty while you go through your medical adventure. Your mind can be filled with limp jello thoughts - those around you will hold the truth for you in mind as certainty that your healing is in divine right order - etcetera. Just know that we know. As I spend the day painting, I was in prayer for you."
God and I are one. Nothing can separate me from the Father. All that I am, and all that I do, is the Divine Presence expressing Itself through me. The thoughts I think and the words I speak are life and truth because God speaks them through me. Of myself I give no authority to my prayer, but the child of God in me knows that the authority of the Father brings the words that I speak to pass.
I speak the word of health for my body, my feelings and my thoughts, knowing that the Father within is the Power which brings this wholeness into complete being. I speak the word of Divine guidance and the wisdom of the universe wells up as a beacon and lead me into paths of right-use-ness, to make straight and clear my every day paths. I speak the word of joy and the Father within frees me from loneliness and sadness. I speak the word of peace to the world and know that the peace of God reaches into the hearts and minds of people of all nations

I am so grateful, dear Joyce,for your Healing Scarf and Prayers!

It appears to have helped that I quit eating eggs, bread, potatoes, and cheese for breakfast and have cut out my former snacks of popcorn with mixed nuts (fairly often). Also, we are making tea out of ginger root and licorice, which reduces my dizziness and nausea.
Thank you All for holding my in your prayers, Nameste' ron

Thursday, May 26, 2011

As Thy Thinketh (or seeeth) in Your Heart

Craig Moriarty;
If we only see a world of suffering, what else could possibly manifest. It is all an out picturing of what is within us. When we are ready to take 100% responsibility for this, then we can shift what is within, thereby changing the picture without.
It is in this way that we are creators. We must be willing to see in truth what is within, if we would consciously create a higher experience without
Ron Alexander: Since I am a visual person, I really appreciate this inspiration, Craig! Last night for me was a apparently small victory - changing some negative thoughts, however huge for me! When I think negative thoughts at night sometimes, a charge builds up and I may wake up with anger - not a way I want to wake up. This is not a nice way to wake up. Last night I was able to change the thinking, partly by escaping to a fantasy and partly by rationale & will - the thoughts are not completely true, and willing myself to look at the positive side (turn them around).

Steve Farrell:
“The road of life takes everyone to the same place—being one with the divine. The only difference between people is the journey itself. Some take longer than others – let that be okay. Remember that everyone is divine, each person remembering this truth in his or her own way.”
Selacia, The Council of 12
Alan Brunton
‎"Youth is not a time of life - it is a state of mind. It is a temper of the will; a quality of the imagination; a vigor of the emotions; it is a freshness of the deep springs of life.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Ultimate Truth Yet

The Ultimate Truth may be mindlessness
yet while in my body, I cherish my mind.
The Ultimate Truth may be selflessness
yet while in my body, I cherish my self.
The Ultimate Truth may be egolessness
yet while in my body, I cherish my ego.
The Ultimate Truth may be eternalness,
yet while in my body, I cherish now.
The Ultimate Truth may be infinity,
yet while in my body I cherish here.
The Ultimate Truth may be spirit,
yet while in my body, I cherish my body.
The Ultimate Truth may be oneness
yet while in my body, I cherish our
The Ultimate Truth may be beyond earth,
yet while in my body, I cherish the earth.

Aum Men, Aum Women, Aum One, Aum Shanti!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Your Life can be Heaven on Earth

Steve (via Eric Butterfield) Farrell:
“Open your eyes and see… Realize that within you, in the Kingdom of Heaven within, there is power and life and substance that is sufficient to establish you in wholeness and abundant living. As a TV commercial once put it, ‘get out of the shadows and into the light of new loveliness.’”
Discover the Power Within You by"The mind is its own place, and in itself can make heaven of hell, or hell of heaven." Eric Butterfield

Orandon Marie: Yes; didn't Jesus say - "The Kingdom of Heaven is Within You"? I sometimes forget this... This week, 2 different friends got very excited about their ability to manifest good things. Each of them posted at different points: "I Am God!!" Na...turally? everyone swept in, gave them each bad time! One woman wrote: "R.! I worship God, I don't worship YOU." People are so funny. Your post leaves me thinking - so what if? What if we all treated one another, and life, as our part of our worship practice? How different would the world be then? (((♥)))

Jeanne Porter Ashley: Love always matters. Love the person, not the act
Ron Alexander: YES!

Don't open the door to the study
and begin reading. (Or turn on the computer - Take down the dulcimer, or paint or garden or create in whatever way you like to create - Ho!)
Let the beauty we love be what we do.
There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.
(Jelaluddin Rumi, Translated by Coleman Barks)

Meditate & let thine eye be single & thy whole body shall be full of light! HOLY BIBLE, Matt 6:22

When the meditation is mastered, the mind is unwavering like the flame of the lamp in a windless place. HINDU BHAGAVAT GITA

Those who tread gently on the earth, when the ignorant speak to them, they only utter peace. In the privacy of the night they meditate. QURAN 25:63-66

The main emphasis in Buddhism is to transform the mind & this transformation depends upon meditation. HH DALAI LAMASee More



Your nonphysical creation is there, in completed, perfected form, in your imaginal creation space, womb of Creator. And with your periodic thought you are holding it in perfection, thinking of it always, allowing it to become more and more clear, more connected, more solid, more real, more precisely formed, more familiar. It’s on track for an arrival in physical life form on the rendezvous date.

Your physical life is also on a track for the rendezvous date. You are making preparations. You are making the space ready to receive. You love your space. You love yourself. You love those around you, whether they deserve it or not, because you are making your life-space ready. You don’t get angry at the weeds, you just give them a tug and send them on their way. You don’t worry about the things that seem out of your control, you just do the things you can. You have peace in your life now, and your physical life is on track for the rendezvous point with your imaginal creation as well.

You live in two worlds you see: the imaginal creation zone, vortex of creation, and in the physical world of manifestation. You can have your attention on one or the other at any given time, and your physical world tends to be a little grabby and demanding of attention if you allow it.

The tasks you have to attend to in each of the worlds are different. In your world of creation you are building things to perfection in ideal form (idea and ideal being of the same root). In your physical world you are preparing the space, making the field fertile, and manifesting peace. Think on the things that are worthy of praise. Appreciate and appreciate it. In the nonphysical world you create what is yet to be, and Source Energy flows into it, fathers it, becomes it. In the physical you appreciate what already is, nurture it, grow it, develop it, love it. Two worlds: two approaches. And on the chosen day they will merge into one.



Ra Divakar Thanks Brian, nice to see a article like this without seeing any part of us demeaned.

Ron Alexander: Yes, Ra - especially the "ego". Yes, I know it is hard to write inspirational pieces without smashing this part of ourselves, and like the mind/self we will eventually lose the ego, but while we are in our temples (our precious bodies) we need a healthy ego (not unbalanced egoism (egotistical) or weak ego to operate our daily lives, to drive our car, to run our business.
8 minutes ago · As Gary Zukav says "the ego is our earth guide." and "this too shall pass". And I believe in St. Francis's ultimate truth: "it is in dying to the self that we are born to eternal life." I know it is mainly semantics - mind, self, "ego", yet I think it is important for earth balance to differentiate.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Let The Beauty You Love Be What You Do

Today, like every other day, we wake up empty
and frightened. Don't open the door to the study
and begin reading. Take down the dulcimer.

Let the beauty we love be what we do.
There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.

(Jelaluddin Rumi, Translated by Coleman Barks)
I woke up this morning feeling better than I have in a long time, and I played my Tinklet(Wooden Balinese instrument similar to a zylophone), and continued on to a pleasurable creative day with Jeanne. However, my meds came in from the VA, and I took one of the "non-drowsy" anhistamines, and yes, you guessed it, it screwed up my afternoon. I will not take another one of those until just before I am ready to go to bed. I dislike feeling medicated, and I may not even take it anymore, unless I get really congested again. Natural remedy for congestion anyone? namaste', ron

Don't open the door to the study
and begin reading. (Or turn on the computer or the television
- Take down the dulcimer, or paint or garden or create in whatever way you like to create - Ho!)
Let the beauty we love be what we do.
There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.
(Jelaluddin Rumi, Translated by Coleman Barks)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Restoring Health & Living with Chronic Pain

Bobby Hinkle
"To dwell in fear of future illness, especially illness based on family history, is like putting your faith in negative probabilities. Instead, meditate daily in faith, visualizing the healing energy that belongs to you as much as it belongs to God."
Thanks Bobby, this is just what I needed to read today, as I have had some... troubles with health lately. I am asking for everyone to visualize with me perfect health by June 7th when I have a "Stress Test" and ultrasound on my carotid arteries. I visualize completely open vessels producing much more energy, clarity and joy in my life! I am so grateful for your supportive inspirational healing help!
I am making the necessary lifestyle changes - replacing eggs, cheese, white bread, pasta with oatmeal, cereal, almonds, ginger, tumeric, lots of brown rice, veggies, salad, veggie burgers, some fish, etc, And increasing my stamina with walking everyday - getting better and better in every way!

Lori Easterly: Visualizing the healed wholeness that we are. Blessings, brother.
Jeanne Porter Ashley: Go, Darling! Yay, Ron! BIG love always, your Jeanne ♥Craig Moriarty: Visualizing physical restoration and the ultimate transfiguration to incorruptible bodies
read this everyday in the Daily Word and today i thought of you.

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Between You and Virginia Klein

Virginia Klein: I read this everyday in the Daily Word and today i thought of you.

The healing power of spirit works in and through me. Illness is not who I am and I am not defined by a diagnosis. I am one with spirit and the life force of God. God is at work both inside and outside of me. I consciously open myself up to receive God's life giving energy in mind body and spirit. During prayer and meditation I visualize myself harnessung this energy. I see God's healing light lovingly infusing every cell every organ of my body. I deny anything that stands in the way of accepting God's healing light. I affirm that I am completely whole and and healed. Reaching out to others I ask for support and provide love and complete acceptance to those who need healing power.
"All the crowd were trying to touch him for power came out from him and healed all of them." Luke 6;19

Living with Chronic Pain -
Kristiana Owens
Chronic pain doesn't have to equate to Suffering unless you Allow your mind to say it's so.
No matter what science labels your pain to be or come from, no matter how many attempts at lessening of the pain fail, allowing yourself to feel gratitude for the pain and not bracing against it will bring some relief. It is a part of you for ...a reason. Ascensionists say it's our bodies changing to be able to live multidimensionally. When I'm in pain, I move to very still, quiet places in me to not aggravate my condition with movement or negative thought patterns that will exacerbate my levels of discomfort. From these times, I am moved to explore me on a whole other level. From the calm flows through me such loving peace and I Am grateful for those moments of Divine Clarity. The Light will penetrate every corner of darkness in your life if you just open the doors of your heart and let it In. Whether or how we understand this truth to Be matters not. Only that we don't shut the doors on Exploring our own limitless possibilities. They won't always be pain free. But they will Allways nurture in each of us lessons in how to not resist what Is, but to let All flow through us with gentle Awareness.
Namaste ♥ q

Robyn pulled the 'Ascension' card for Ron Alexander using Path of the Soul Destiny Card Reading!
Ascension - Path of the Soul Destiny Card Reading
Your energetic field is in a state of change and expansion. You have begun to vibrate at higher levels as your consciousness moves more in alignment with your Higher Self. You are one of the fore runners working towards Ascension to raise the consciousne...ss of the planet. The changes you are experiencing are not always comfortable, but they are necessary for your continued growth. The true beauty of your soul is beginning to show and it has a positive and uplifting effect on others.
I reread this inspirational post, dear Robyn, and want to tell you how important the affirmation is for me now! I am so grateful! Especially this: "The changes you are experiencing are not always comfortable, but they are necessary for your continued growth."

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Siddartha Gotama - Enlightened Teacher

The man, Siddhartha Gotama, known as Buddha, 'The Enlightened One", never claimed to be anything more than a teacher. Teaching only what he had learned by direct experience. He encouraged others to only believe what we experience directly from within. "Each of you make truth your island, make truth your refuge; there is no other refuge."

All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think, we become.
- Buddha
So Siddhartha was teaching us to have a pure mind in order to end suffering and reach enlightenment. (in my words, Ra)

Since a Pure Mind is the goal of Dharma (The Path, The Law of Nature) that is the result of the end of suffering (enlightenment) and a Pure Mind is full of Love, Peace & Joy, isn't that the same as "God" in most religions? The "Great I AM"?
Sai Sharma: Osho can't be compared to Buddha at all. I don't believe in 0sho's concept of no God...in fact every atom in the universe is God, its our duality nature which makes us feel that we are different from God. People say Buddha was atheist but this is sheer misunderstanding as he did believe in light which can be said as one power we give different names. Budhha was against religious rituals but not againt the omipotent or omnipresent power. He didn't believe in fasting or praying through flowers or other items, that's absolutely truth as God is not looking for offerings or your fasting, all that we do for our satisfaction. God looks only for pure heart and that can be attained through various paths, Buddha chose the highest path of meditation.

The Dalai Lama, whose strategy for nonviolence begins with a Buddhist approach of transcending inner conflict, urges his followers to let go of anger and achieve tranquility.
"Like children, a little quarrel here takes place, a fight," the exiled leader of Tibetan Buddhism said. "But to keep ill feeling is very bad."

Generally speaking, I have found peace activists and peace rallies to not be very peaceful... to the contrary; they are usually angry and focused on the object of their anger - not on inner peace - which comes from within, or it will not ex...ist anywhere. But it does not just show up one day and take up residence in your heart, kicking out anger and turmoil. No, we must invite it, nurture it and get to know it through direct experience. If our focus is the lack of peace, we will not find it. If our focus is war, we will not find it. One peace activist I know of learned all about military weapons - became an expert - yet did not learn about or pursue inner peace with the same seriousness. I think about the old "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" - cuz when you are doing those things, you become them.
Thanks Jeeni, Mother Teresa said "I will not be antiwar, however I will be proPeace." I went to a big peace rally against Iraq war, and I found some very effective pro-peace activists there - mostly the elderly yet alot of the young people. There were some gov. thugs there trying to bait the peace activists, yet out of tens of thousands people there, there were only a few dozen taking the bait from these pro-war activist - only a couple of hundred of them yet where did our "liberal press" go? To that small conflict - we were only covered by the foreign press, and when I watched the news - all of the press went to the small conflict, and the couple of hundred pro-war got most of the publicity.
Happiness Will Follow You
We are what we think
All that we are arises
with our thought
with our thoughts
we make the world.
Speak and act with
an impure mind
and trouble will
follow you.
As the wheel that
follows the ox
that draws the cart.
We are what we think
All that arises with
our thought
with our thoughts we
make our world.
Speak or act with
a pure mind
and happiness will follow you
as your shadow, unshakable

Receiving is also Giving

The happy heart gives away the best.
To know how to receive is also a most
important gift, which cultivates generosity
in others and keeps strong the cycle of life.
Dhyani Ywahoo
Voices of Our Ancestors (gratefulness.org)
Jeanne Porter Ashley: yes, the lessons are how to give and how to receive....all love is pure love...any other description is from a place of fear...and fear is the edge of what one knows already. ♥♥12 hours ago · UDonnamarie Jones CoachdjRN ~ this is the message of the day for me -- the part about cultivating generosity in others by knowing how to receive ~thank you for the reminder to remember ....blessings ~ DJ ~ *

Orandon Marie: I was reading a little last night about the muscles around the heart...? In some systems of thought (specifically Huna) the muscles around the heart are believed to be the area where the body holds the "soul", or the Inner Child. ♥Ron Alexander: thanks for comments Jeanne, Angela, Donnamarie, & Orandon! Receiving is giving also I have found out the hard way lately. I have been in some bad health lately, and been forced to receive, and Friends are responding so lovingly. I am so grateful. Please visualize my arteries being completely clear with me passing stress test with flying colors on Jun. 7!

Invisible yet Everywhere

There are millions of spiritual creatures unseen walking the earth both when we wake and when...other dimensions...in my father's house is many dimensions...welcome all! ♥ we sleep. John Milton

Marie Corry: Yeah, all around us everywhere. Other beings on t'other planets.1
Jeanne Porter Ashley: ‎

Angels, ghosts, devas, plus? Orbs!

Loading...Ra Divakar We look at it and do not see it; Its name is The Invisible. We liisten to it and do not hear it; Its name is The Inaudible. We touch it and do not find it; Its name is The Subtle. Lao-Tzu

I believe we are free within limits, and yet there is an unseen hand, a guiding angel, that somehow, like a submerged propeller, drives us on. Rabindranath Tagore

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Humanity's New Earth

"Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens. "
~ Kahlil Gibran
The greatest challenge of the day is: how to bring about a revolution of the heart, a revolution which has to start with each one of us? Dorothy Day

Friday, May 13, 2011

Healing Relationship with Sacred Space and Silence

Since most mental activity is not real thinking, it is the same with most talking not being real communication. My best relationship was one in which we were mostly silent together. Too many words expressed can be like shovels digging a hole in which to bury a relationship. Mental masturbation can become word masturbation which can build up into verbal abuse - offensive and reactive defensiveness,
My most creative thoughts have popped up in meditation and in the mindfulness stage created by meditation and other creative pursuits such as art and crafts. So I recommend, instead of talking it out, to mutually do silent activities either together or by oneself. Giving space is a natural outcome of the "silent times."

Solitude is a joyous thing. It affords us the opportunity to be free of the outer distractions that prevent our focus on the universe within. Time and time again we think that we must actively seek peace when in reality, all we need to do is be alone and quiet our minds to allow an experience of peace. It is within us all the time and all we just need to make the choice to accept it. It is our source and we are always connected to that source. All we have to do is get out of our own way and experience it. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

Dear Jeanne,
I am pleased to let you know how glad I am that Jeanne & I will be doing a ten dayer of silence and meditation in August. Can you let us know how Vipassana Meditation has helped your relationship with your husband?

Hello Ron,

We would no longer have a relationship... were it not for vipassana. Too much damage was done... without the need for a total change. Vipassana provided the forum for that necessary change. It also has made everything more interesting... including our relationship.

I like your thoughts about space and silence... and wholly agree about the benefits of silence and space.


ni Zucchini May 17 at 6:28pm Report
Hi Jeanne,
That is wonderful! ...your 1st vipassana course. I was so nervous when I did my 1st... I think I somehow sensed that something very powerful was about to happen to me... but I really didn't have anything to compare it to.
Both HubB and I said after we broke silence on day 10, that this is what we had been looking for all our lives. We were in our late 40's and had basically given up the quest... believing that it really was just 'chop wood, carry water'... and white knuckle it till the end.

We were reborn. When I read the articles that state that mindfulness meditation actually changes the brain... I believe it. The experiences I've had since I've become a vipassana practitioner have been amazing. I'd always had 'paranormal' stuff in my life... but the whole tone and flavor changed. No longer was I plagued by darker forces, worries, fears... and even psychosomatic pain that had been with me for years.

The experience of doing ten days is like a formula that has been refined over years of many meditators trying different ways, until it was found to be the most optimal experience for a beginner. It is an amazing experience... one that I am thrilled to observe and share with others who complete a course. Some experienced practitioners don't like to do courses with new students... but I love to hear their revelations on day 10 - the day we break silence. I also like the retreats with only experienced meditators - because it is so concentrated immediately... whereas it takes days with the new students... they are so agitated - it is such a difficult and demanding experience. Everyone says its the hardest thing they've ever done... and only 10% of of ppl who've done a course, do a second. Congrats to Capt Ron for going again - this time as an 'old student.'

I look forward to hearing about your revelations,
Jeanne .
Scarcely Even the Needs for Words:
There is but One Life, One Body of Love, and all are part of it, one Perfect Being. As I look at Nature I see how every part melts into another in great transmutation-one part could not exist without the others. In human nature the fusion of love and thought makes us One. In the true meeting of hearts and minds there is scarcely even the needs for words. I know that in the One Mind there cannot be misunderstanding, in the One Love all are included. Ernest Holmes

And when there are words: "Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord..." -Psalm 19:24

And when one acts:
Karma is not "fate". Fate is something out of our control - our "preordained decree of providence." Karma literally means "action". Our own actions are the causes of whatever we experience - "cause and effect."
Everything we encounter in life is the result of our own actions. Consequently we can become master of our fate by becoming master of our own actions. Each of us is responsible for the actions that give rise to our suffering. Each of us has the means to end the suffering in our actions. The Buddha said:
You are your own master,
You make your own future.
There are three types of actions - physical, vocal & mental. According to Buddha's "Dharmma" - the law of nature, the mental is the most important. Both physical and vocal assume totally different significance according to the intention with which it is done.
Physical action could be as opposite as a surgeon cutting with great compassion to a murderer cutting out of hatred. Vocal action could be as opposite as verbal abuse done out of hatred to words used to express love. It is the intention of our actions that determine the result.
It is the mental intentions of our actions which is the real karma, the cause which will give results in future. Understanding this truth the Buddha announced,
Mind precedes all phenomena,
mind matters most, everything is mind-made.
If with an impure mind
you speak or act,
then suffering follows you
as the cartwheel follows the foot of the draft animal.

If with a pure mind
you speak or act,
then happiness follows you
as a shadow that never departs
(Paraphrased from William Harts: THE ART OF LIVING, VIPASSANA MEDITATION as taught by S.N. GOENKA)

"Wakan Tanka, Great Mystery, teach me how to trust my heart, my mind, my intuition, my inner knowing, the senses of my body, the blessings of my spirit. Teach me to trust these things so that I may enter my Sacred Space and love beyond my fear, and thus Walk in balance with the passing of each glorious Sun." - Lakota Prayer

Expressing the Love Song of Joy:
I tune out all dull, negative ideas, and tune in with the Sunshine of Life, with brightness and laughter, with the joyous Presence which is Life Itself.
I know that all the form around me is the Garment of God. I know that the Presence of that is manifested in my life & mind is God expressing Itself within the Garment of Form. As I feel this Presence more & more I hear the Song of Joy deep within. Always when I hear the song of Life pouring through my consciousness. I have only to listen, for it is always there.
With this knowledge, this assurance that the Loving Presence is always (ALL WAYS) here-"closer to me than my very breath, nearer than my hands and feet"-I have nothing to fear. I feel this loving protection around me, and I know that it is a bulwark of strength. I know that It is not only a Song of Joy, but a Song of Love and Protection.
Knowing this, that I am the very Essence of God, Joy wells up within my heart, and Life sings through me in radiant ecstasy.
Ernest Holmes (paraphrased)

"Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord..." -Psalm 19:24

"In the midst of movement & chaos, keep stillness inside of you." ~Deepak Chopra~

Are you two independent people together or co-dependent?

Then Almitra spoke again and said, And what of Marriage, master?
Then he answered saying:
You were born together, and together you shall be forevermore.
You shall be together even in the silent memory of God.
But let there be spaces in your togetherness,
And let the winds of heavens dance between you.
Love one anothe, but make not a bond of love:
Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores
of your souls.
Fill each others cup but drink not from one cup.
Give one another of your bread but eat not
from the same piece.
Sing and dance together, and be joyous,
And let each one of you be alone.
Even as the strings of a lute are alone
though they quiver with the same music.
Give your hearts, but not into each other's
For only the hand of Life can contain
your hearts.
And stand together, yet not too near
For the pillars of the temple stand apart,
And the oak tree and the cypress grow
in each other's shadow.

Kahil Gibran - THE PROPHET

“The law of attraction is this: You don’t attract what you want. You attract what you are. You have to just be. You have to let go. You have to allow. You have to be free & make this your consciousness. Basically, what you would see is a frequency (of energy) that manifests itself through the process of giving, of allowing, of offering & of serving. It asks nothing back.” ~Dr. Wayne Dyer

Need do Nothing starring Winnie the Pooh

Need Do Nothing starring Winnie the Pooh

Tao does not do, but nothing is not done. Tao Te Ching
Need do nothing. ACIM
Do without doing. Wei Wu Wei

Those who do things the Pooh Way find these things happening to them all the time. It's hard to explain, except by example, but it works. Things just happen in the right way at the right time. At least they do when you let them, when you work with circumstances instead of saying, "This isn't supposed to be happening this way", and trying hard to make them happen some other way. If you are in tune with The Way Things Work, then they work they way they need to, no matter what you may think at the time. Later on, you can look back and say, now I understand. That has to happen in order for this to happen..."Then you realize that even if you'd tried to make it turn out all perfectly, you couldn't have done better, and if you had really tried, you would have made a mess of the whole thing."
THE TAO OF POOH by Benjamin Hoff
Need Do Nothing starring Winnie the Pooh

Tao does not do, but nothing is not done. Tao Te Ching
Need do nothing. ACIM
Do without doing. Wei Wu Wei

Those who do things the Pooh Way find these things happening to them all the time. It's hard to explain, except by example, but it works. Things just happen in the right way at the right time. At least they do when you let them, when you work with circumstances instead of saying, "This isn't supposed to be happening this way", and trying hard to make them happen some other way. If you are in tune with The Way Things Work, then they work they way they need to, no matter what you may think at the time. Later on, you can look back and say, now I understand. That has to happen in order for this to happen..."Then you realize that even if you'd tried to make it turn out all perfectly, you couldn't have done better, and if you had really tried, you would have made a mess of the whole thing."
THE TAO OF POOH by Benjamin Hoff

Ron Alexander: ‎" We never do anything well till we cease to think about the manner of doing it " William Hazlitt (from Travis Duke)
Ron Alexander: Most of our mental activity is not real thought anyway - mental masturbation! Thought is creative!
LoadiRa Divakar Travis Duke: So true Ron !! This running commentary..is not really who we are..we just think it is...
Ron Alexander a human doing vs. a HUMAN BEING!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Get on Board with Source

Art of Vladimir Kushhaven (Image)

Twelve Insight Journal

Q: How do I make (conscious creating) work better, smoother, see quicker results in physical time space?

Begin by relaxing. It is that little core of resistance that you have, that knot—contraction—in the center of your chest, just below the heart chakra, that is the core of your resistance.

Next, recognize that you have it all, so that you see there is no journey. You don’t have to go anywhere or do anything to have what you want to have. It is already present, and it is already present within your field of experience or you could not conceive it.

You see, by presuming that you have to go somewhere else to have what you want, you commit yourself to a search, a journey of sorts, in order to get there. And if instead you will see yourself already at your destination, already arrived, then things will rearrange themselves around you—the Universe will make it right. So quit trying to go somewhere else, because you’re already there.

And we know that when you gaze out into your physical world you don’t physically see those things you want right away, but the more time you spend with them in the imaginal realm where you already have them, the more your vibration will begin to match, and when you are a vibrational match, the Universe must deliver: It cannot be any other way.

So give up your journey—your personal journey—and get on the boat with Source and let Source take you there instead. Completely relax, including that core of contraction at your center. You shouldn’t really have any questions. Questions are an indicator that you still think there’s something you must do. And really, there’s not.

There are things you will do; things that are enjoyable, inspired, creative, fun, lighthearted. Source’s journey to become you and your world of choice is lighthearted and easy and fun. If you are grinding or suffering or struggling then you’re on the wrong boat.

Relax and breathe easy. That is the way. For absolute results, trust Source absolutely.



Saturday, May 7, 2011

♪♥♫♥The Miracle Of Friendship♥♪♥♫

Jean Mitchell commented on your link.:
Jean wrote: "Bless You <3 Ron <3 you have been my strength, you understood me when I did not, you gave me healing when I could not, friends like you and our community of friends here on fb are our heart's treasures, I love you dearly and sincerely, I can honestly say hand on heart( right hand) you know what I mean......was the most amazing healing I have experienced my beloved Reiki and crystals are in good company <3 <3 :)"


The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life. Rarely do members of one family grow up under the same roof. Richard Bach
Thanks for your Angelic Sistership, my Dear!
5 hours ago ·LikeUnlike · Eva Tzouma likes this.
Eva Tzouma: Nothing is more important than when family members come across again on Earth. We are joining together and remember each other. By living on Earth by choice we continue the journey of self-discovery and development of our individual soul and when family members find one another it's time for celebration and joy!!! I am grateful and delighted that we met again!!! :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Heal the Ego

Dean A. Banks
The ego is a construct of our self-survival mechanism. It needs to feel secure and justifies that need by seeking to control the actions of its environment and others. In reality it can influence them but not ultimately control them.

Egotistic people need flexible people to exercise what they feel they must have in order to survive; to... control, dominate and manipulate the actions of others. Flexible people need egotistic people to provide direction and focus in moving forward. Both need each other to balance the desires of self with the desires of SELF.

If someone flexible is overly controlled and emotionally abused by someone egotistical, they can choose to understand the insecurities of the egotistical person and love them as they are. This doesn’t mean that they become a punching bag for that person. It means that they recognize the strength that they have to offer and temper that strength with their flexibility.

If they genuinely love the abuser and they have made inroads to help them to grow in their understanding, then there exists a possibility of positive expansion. If they are attached to the abuser because they believe their behavior towards them is love, then they are fooling themselves.

Abusive behavior is NOT love. Love is kind, gentle and understanding. Abuse is control, domination and manipulation toward a self-serving end. Abused children identify with the abusive parent because they want attention and they come to learn mistakenly that attention, no matter in what form, is love.

Love makes you feel good about whom you are and abuse doesn’t. A controlled person lives in a shadow of insecurity because it is safe and comfortable for them. It is the only place where they can justify the attention from an abuser.

Stretching oneself to the point of reality will reveal that no one deserves any form of abuse. If that is all an egotistical person can demonstrate is abuse, then remove yourself from them as soon as possible. Their growth is NOT dependent on your participation as being abused by them.
~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

Dear Dr. Dean, with all due respect to you and Nick. You are using new definitions of the ego from ACIM. While I love most of ACIM. The ego is a construct of Dr. Freud. He invented a triad system where the ego is the CONSCIOUS MEDIATOR between the id (our instinctual self) and the Super Ego (our Higher Self). The id sounds like it was confused with the ego in ACIM, and of course, we could not survive without it also. Gary Zukav has the best definition of the ego -"Earth Guide". While an out of balance ego is a problem - a egotisitical, egomaniac or a weak ego, they both come from the same source - a lack of self-worth. A healthy ego is what we all need while in this body. A great example of a healthy ego and out of balance egos were demonstrated in the Press Awards the other day with Obama demonstrating one of the healthiest egos I have ever seen and Trump vividly demonstrating an inflated one. So the work is actually to balance/heal the ego - our Conscious Mediator!

Ra Divakar ‎"Something More?" Sounds like you are referring to the "id" Dr. Dean however here is what I really think: "Now, scholars can be very useful and necessary, in their own dull and unamusing way. They provide a lot of information. It's just that there is Something More, and that Something More is what life is all about."
(THE TAO OF POOH by Benjamin Hoff)

Ron Alexander: The ego, according to A Course in Miracles is that part of us that believes that it is separate from God., and I believed in that definition for years. However, now I know that is dualistic thinking. I know that no part of me is "junk", as I have healed from my lack of self-worth. And I know there is "Something More"! lol!Ron Alexander: I am enjoying this dialogue Dr. Dean. You know I highly respect you, and agree with you almost always. I consider you a highly respected Divine Mirror Friend, and expect this to end up greatly, However, I am going to have to be off the computer now for over 6 hours.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Merry Month of May

To be or not to be joyful - we have a choice:

Today the planet is the only proper "in group."
Participate joyfully in the sorrows of the world.
We cannot cure the world of sorrows, but we can choose to live in joy.

Joseph Campbell

In thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore. - Psalm 16:11

There are things you will do; things that are enjoyable, inspired, creative, fun, lighthearted. Source’s journey to become you and your world of choice is lighthearted and easy and fun. If you are grinding or suffering or struggling then you’re on the wrong boat.Twelve Journal Insight

Joy - Infinite & Eternal -
"Joy is the realization of our oneness, our soul's oneness with the supreme love." Rabindrath Tagore

"Joy is what happens to us when we
allow ourselves to recognize how
good things really are."
Marianne Williamson

Bringing an End to Judgment(thanks to Steve Farrell)

When you bring an end to judgment, you bring an end to an entire way of living. This is no small thing. This is a life-changing shift in attitude and behavior. This is a miracle.
But how does one perform this miracle? That is the question to which everyone wants an answer. Please, then, pay very close attention to what I am going to tell you now: The way to move out of judgment is to move into gratitude.”
Happier Than God
Neale Donald Walsch

Joy - from Being
"Joy does not come from what you do, it flows into what you do and thus into this from deep within you."
Eckhart Tolle

For happiness one needs security,
but joy can spring like a flower
even from the cliffs of despair
Anne Morrow Lindbergh

"My brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of any kind, consider it nothing but joy." James 1:2

Steve Farrell
“The energy field that radiates from joy will transform any experience, activity, outcome or results. Your joy will be like a healing balm to yourself and others in your life. Practice your joy in all its wondrous forms.” Morning Messages by Peggy Black and the “team”

‎"The mind is its own place, and in itself can make heaven of hell, or hell of heaven." J.Milton

Life is meant to be enjoyed & we have that choice:
"I find ecstasy in living -
the mere sense of living
is joy enough."
Emily Dickinson

Life is meant to be enjoyed, and we have that choice:
"Seeing the bounty and ease within
and all around and diligently fanning
the flame of certainty opens the
channel for dissonance to resolve
...naturally into harmony."
Dhyani Ywahoo
Voices of Our Ancestors (gratefulness.org)

Many persons have a wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness. It is not attained through self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.
Helen Keller

Ra Divakar: Zippety do dah, zippety day, have fun everyday!
Jeanne Porter Ashley: Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah

Music by Allie Wrubel
Lyrics by Ray Gilbert
Performed by James Baskett
...© 1945 Walt Disney Music Company

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay
My, oh my, what a wonderful day
Plenty of sunshine headin' my way
Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay

Mister Bluebird's on my shoulder
It's the truth, it's actual
Ev'rything is satisfactual
Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay
Wonderful feeling, wonderful day, yes sir!

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay
My, oh my, what a wonderful day
Plenty of sunshine headin' my way
Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay

Mister Bluebird's on my shoulder
It's the truth, it's actual
Ev'rything is satisfactual
Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay
Wonderful feeling, feeling this way

Mister Bluebird's on my shoulder
It is the truth, it's actual... huh?
Where is that bluebird? Mm-hm!
Ev'rything is satisfactual
Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay
Wonderful feeling, wonderful day!

Orandon Marie: I definitely look forward to a new way of living, by stepping out of judgment and my reactions to an emotion like jealousy. I know it's an old story with old, useless seeds planted in the past. It's time to exhume the energy and turn it over.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Gold Standard for Truth, Wisdom or Spiritual Revelation

Rajiv Pande:
The "gold standard" test of any truth or wisdom or spiritual revelation or insight is: does it increase your love for your fellow humans and for the world? Does it release you of inhibitions and differences and makes you want to just hug everybody with joy? Does it suddenly bring you closer to someone or something you never fully understood?
Rajiv Pande: When we are struggling for truth, seeking and struggling and striving, we are lonely, egotistical, aloof, defensive, argumentative...it is never a good feeling to be always on the way - always getting somewhere but not quite getting there. I know when I get uptight and irritable that I am not yet ready for any truth.
Ra Divakar: "Now, scholars can be very useful and necessary, in their own dull and unamusing way. They provide a lot of information. It's just that there is Something More, and that Something More is what life is all about." (THE TAO OF POOH by Benjamin Hoff)

Thank You

The greatest gift one can give is thanksgiving.
In giving gifts, we give what we can spare,
but in giving thanks we give ourselves.
David Steindl-Rast
Gratefulness, the Heart of Prayer

Sunday, May 1, 2011

President Obama at the 2011 White House Correspondents' Dinner

think there are various definitions of Ego afoot. The Course in Miracles talks about Ego as being that part of the being that believes that it is separate from God. That seems to be fairly close to what is addressed here.
Ron Alexander: I understand Barb. and that has become a fairly standardized definition of it. However, Freud invented the term as the Conscious Mediator between the id (instinctual self) and the Super Ego (the Higher Self). We all need a healthy ego, and Obama demonstrated that with brilliance last night at the Press Dinner. Did you see it?