Sunday, November 19, 2017

A dialogue on Impermanence

Impermanence Must Be Felt
A sense of impermanence has to be felt and experienced. If we understand it truly, we will handle all our tribulations far better.
—Traleg Kyabgon, “Accepting the Unacceptable”

Ron Alexander Yes, in Vipassana, we are taught not to scratch the itch, to watch the senses from head to toe, and we learn the momentary itch, pain, burning sensation, goes away.
Karen Damborg Hinson: I find that aging and health issues provide the same message. 😱
Ron Alexander: Yes, "this too shall pass." Is that what you mean?
Karen Damborg Hinson: Yup
Karen Damborg Hinson: And I, too, am impermanent.
Ron Alexander Your body anyway😍
Karen Damborg Hinson: Exactly

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