Thursday, April 30, 2015

Spend your day in gratitude

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30 Days of Transformation - Spend your day in gratitude.
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Divine is EveryWhere...

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Simple Wisdom

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You can change your future by forgiving now

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Today's Message - It's always important to forgive not only others, but ourselves. This is the key to being able to move things into the past so that we can move forward into the future! ~ heart emoticon ~

New video with thanks for support of original One (with brain-injured vet)

Pamela: "Good story. it is sad the elk are pushed out of their natural habitat by humans. Where humans and nature interact, it never ends well for nature. I would LOVE to have had this guy's job. Can you imagine. I am surrounded by noisy machines all day. I'd love to be able to look out the window and see some elk!" Thanks Pamela, this is my first effort with brain-injured vet - it was strenuous and a joy, so happy for first video facilitation.

  New One:     
This is original one below, as I am trying to raise funds to create Digital Storytelling Center here (there is one in Berkeley, CA and in Denver, but not one on East Coast. Also, my new job as Peer Support Spc. at VA is WOC (without compensation).
Only 3.5 min.                         

 Hi, Ron:
I watched this video several times over 2 days, trying to fully
appreciate it.  It is a poignant and deeply moving tribute to your brother,
Barry. It certainly affirms his life and service. Your devotion to and love for
him is a witness to the man he was and the brother you still are to him today.
Yes, Spirit is the word.
Thank you for sharing. It helped me,

Sincerely, Nancy

"Earth laughs in flowers" ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


Mirrors to Interiors...

Tony Dickens
Mirrors to interiors......I've said this for many moons now......I'm certain I'm not the first to say it or think it. I've seen it throughout my life in my own as well as others. Very often the very thing one accuses others of is the very thing that exists in themselves that they are blind to. Negative personal encounters are a reflection quite often of something that exists in YOU. Anytime someone has an issue with me I immediately search in myself to see if I'm the cause.....this comes from YEARS of metaphysical training. Once I realize it's not me, my conscience is clear, then I realize it's the other person, but my assumption is ALWAYS that there's something in myself to explore. If my conscience actually bothers me then I make amends, apologize and move on. If I'm wrong my conscience is extremely active and I won't sleep until restitution is made. At some point, when you realize it's not you, then you have to let the other person go in LOVE. No judgment. LOVE. <3 :="" nbsp="" span="">

A Brilliant Joy and Katy - My Thought about me is probably worse than yours...

Yesterday as a student said good bye to me at the end of class
I interpreted her facial expression and voice to mean that she was disappointed somehow.
I felt a stab in my chest.
I did something wrong.
I wanted her approval.
I wrote down a bunch of thoughts I had.
I did some Work in the car on the way home and in bed at night.
This morning I am really looking at the idea of defense.
If I defend against anything that is the first act of war-- stab, fear.
Sitting with that, these ideas also came and feel very true.
I get her approval or I don't. What I am is not dependent on anything.
Inspiration that arises (through me or anyone) is natural, free flowing, depends on nothing. It's organic. Whatever is happening/ whatever I am doing (that looks like teaching) in any given moment(and there are not even any moments) is unconceptualizable. Any label is a lie, meaningless. And
To whatever she could say or think: yes, I am all things. yes, i can find that. There is nothing that I am not.
"There's nothing you can think about me,
I haven't already thought about me." Katie
(and mine is probably worse...
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You are already living in hell--what you are imagining--
the worst that can happen is already happening--your thinking.
And it's over.
It can never get any worse than your thinking.
No one can ever give you a greater hell than you.
You are the expert.
In fact you are the ONLY one
who can ever do it.
You've lived it
and survived.
It passed.
It didn't last forever after all.
It's not permanent.
It's not you.
It didn't kill you
or even harm you
in any way.
(though perhaps right now it's
dis-arming you ...what a gift)
It comes to pass.
--it comes to clear out the crud
in the old pipes...
so the water/joy can run fresh and clear and clean
and unobstructed...
So much relief in this.
(thank you "student" of mine...
and let me be ever
your student,
ever the open mind
ever willing
what is
what is
what isn't
thank you
for not giving me
what i didn't really want

Rich Sanders I suffer with this one as well "I want her approval" - the truth is you can never have her approval, you can only have your own... you can imagine what is going in her head for as long as you like, you can interpret, and guess, and even ask her... BUT....See More

Joy Schultz I am very clear it is my own reaction. I was very clear in that moment, Rich. And I still need to do the Work when I stab me in the chest(when it happens). . I am the ONLY one who can give me can never get worse than my own thinking....all of that is mine. That whole post is about me--my thinking.

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"Be an example... Show kindness to unkind people. Forgive people who don't deserve it. Love unconditionally. Your actions always reflect who you are."
New Book:

To Me Balance is the Key

"The Buddha encouraged his students to be always mindful of the Middle Way by neither allowing suffering to overwhelm them nor pleasure to infatuate them." ALONG THE PATH, Kory Goldberg and Michelle De Cary  
Ron Alexander: I have found balance is the key. I think The Buddha was right - take a middle path. Don't get attached to the material, as well as don't get attached to the spiritual, as things are changing all the time anyway. Being a Libra means inherently looking for the balance. Thanks Craig and of course dear Angel MaryRose Winkler. I know we are in Reality - Angels in disguise, except MaryRose has taken hers off thankfully!

According to Buddhism, individuals and societies as a whole have a tendency toward either a predominantly material or spiritual view of life. The negative effects of the materialism that pervades the modern industrialized world are apparent at every level of society, from environmental destruction to spiritual impoverishment. Simply rejecting materialism out of hand, however, amounts to idealism or escapism and undermines our ability to respond constructively to life's challenges.

Plant a seed of love and ????

When you plant a seed of love, it is you that blossoms.
Ma Jaya Sati (
We are caretakers of the earth and as such we must use our minds in the highest way by embracing the beauty of all living things. Hear the winds whispering words of wisdom that inspire and instill hope for a brighter tomorrow. The sunshine in our souls radiates in a way that allows each of us to light a path of heavenly wholeness. Plant seeds of love and the earth will reap a harvest of happiness and joy.

~ Micheal Teal~ Image by Philip Male

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Is fear the only thing to fear?

Ron Alexander The only thing to fear is fear itself. FDR

    MaryRose Winkler In my world Ron Alexander its a burning chair, FEAR is not an emotion, it is a behavior used to manipulate and control, it isn't even real, we might as well believe that bunny rabbits drive cars and PIGS FLY because when you give power to fear, its the same thing, you believe PIGS FLY right?

  • Ron Alexander Well, unfortunately, in another plane, a higher plane, you are probably right, but here on this plane, it is built into our instincts, our lower survival brain to help keep us safe! From wild animals. wild drivers and wild situations like riots and other unsafe situations. SORRY TO CONTINUALLY BURST YOUR BUBBLE DEAR, and who knows, like I said before, you may already be on that Higher Plane - do YOU inhabit Heaven on Earth dear - I experience IT more and more thankfully - THOSE HOLY INSTANTS ARE GETTING LONGER AND LONGER AND MORE FREQUENT GRATEFULLY!

    The Importance of Inquiry

    Life is an unanswered question, but let's still believe in the dignity and importance of that question.
    Tennessee Williams(  

    Elk in Yosemite ( my first with brain-injured vet)

    This is a digital story by Tom Gaines facilitated by Ron Alexander. It is a true story of how when he was 4 years olds in 1950, Tom went to Yosemite with his family. He was amazed at the Elk on the Valley Floor. His Father was a good photographer and took some awesome B/W photos. When he went back 2 or 3 years later, he was very disappointed they were gone. As an adult, he got a job working at Stanford Research site in the coastal range, and was delighted there was a small herd there that were of some moved from Yosemite Valley. He enjoyed viewing these magnificent animals for the 15 year period he worked there.

    Wake up to Change World - it is inevitable (suffering is optional)

    MAN OF AWARENESS KNOWS THAT LIFE IS CONSTANTLY CHANGING. Life is change. There is only one thing permanent and that is change. Everything else except change changes.
    To accept the nature of life, TO ACCEPT THIS CHANGING EXISTENCE, with all its seasons and moods, this constant flow which never stops for a single moment, IS TO BE BLISSFUL!

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    Tuesday, April 28, 2015

    The Middle Way | Buddhism - Makes so much sense to me

    The Middle Way | Buddhism | Soka Gakkai International (SGI)

    Buddha rejected the self-punishing way of the yogi back then - to starve oneself, twist oneself into pretzels, etc. in order to get rid of past karma and prepare for enlightenment. He understood that the present was left out - punishing oneself for the past to get rid of the future. So his Middle way was not to get attached to either - self - abuse or to pleasure - to go right in between. These are my words, Ron - the writing down below should clarify:
    Buddha's Middle Way makes so much sense to me: According to Buddhism, individuals and societies as a whole have a tendency toward either a predominantly material or spiritual view of life. The negative effects of the materialism that pervades the modern industrialized world are apparent at every level of society, from environmental destruction to spiritual impoverishment. Simply rejecting materialism out of hand, however, amounts to idealism or escapism and undermines our ability to respond constructively to life's challenges. Ron Alexander

    Four Freedoms by Roosevelt

    Walter Russell, my favorite man in the whole world ~ Ron Alexander Michael D Culver Sonja Reijngoudt John Reese I love this beautiful statue heart emoticon What a wonderful man, ...
    FOUR FREEDOMS: speech, worship, want & fear
  • Freedom of speech and expression
  • Freedom of worship
  • Freedom from want
  • Freedom from fear
    The Four Freedoms Monument was commissioned by President Franklin D. Roosevelt following his articulation of the "Four Freedoms" in his 1941 State of the Union Address. This was yet before the participation of the US in World War II. Roosevelt felt that, through the medium of the arts, a far greater…

    Easy to judge, harder to understand...

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    I am not a victim! And Freedom is Fun Forever (Pie in the Sky high LOL)

    Back to the question What is Authentic Power?
    Ron Alexander I know it is not egotistical. I know it is not having to be in control. I know it is not being a bully. I know it is not being offensive. I know it is not being defensive. WHAT IS IT? Anybody?

    Mary Catherine Bushma Maybe not knowing your true inner strength and sometimes our past hurts carry on in to our adulthood...
    Ron Alexander Yes Mary Catherine Bushma, thank you! Healing that part of me helps me realize I AM POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE! Fully accepting myself - ALL OF ME! Loving little Ronnie and All of Me - fear cannot exist with LOVE!

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  • Ron Alexander My identity as Capt. Ron was only to compensate for having that feeling of a scared "little ronnie", so as i heal that scared part of myself with self-Love - helping the inner child to feel safe and loved do I feel I AM POWERFUL beyond all measure! thanks dear MaryRose Winkler for supporting and inspiring!

    MaryRose Winkler I, like you Ron support that part in us all that is holy beyond measure XOX Ron Alexander

    For anyone who is interested in affirmation / motivation & positive thoughts, you are all welcome to join :
    ...See More

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    We Work Together Network

    • MaryRose Winkler
    • Sharyn Sambrick

  • Ron Alexander PollyANNA thoughts lol!

    MaryRose Winkler I don't get the PollyANNA thoughts, what does that mean Ron? Ron Alexander I'm going to a 95 year olds birthday party this afternoon, how cool is that for FREEDOM FOR FUN FOREVER wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhLOLOL

    Ron Alexander PollyANNA is my term for your incessantly positive attitude - all you want to do is have fun and be one forever and freedom is the pie in the sky that get you high! You can't be a Taurus (too earthy) - are you an Aquarius or Pisces? no mistake cake, ron

    Kudos to René Krömer: "Perhaps the compassion comes in when added that all of that is done in complete innocence." and to Isma: "I also notice our innocence in doing that and this makes me so connected to me and to 'them'". thanks for your Wisdom!

    What do I get from being a victim?

    What do I get for being a "victim"?
    "A victim act is a form of passive aggression. It seeks to achieve gratification not by honest work or a contribution made out of one's experience or insight or love, but by the manipulation of others through silent (and not so silent) threat. The victim compels others to come to his rescue or to behave as he wishes by holding them hostage to the prospect of his own further illness/meltdown/mental dissolution, or simply by threatening to make their lives so miserable that they do what he wants.
    Casting yourself as a victim is the antithesis of doing your work."
    Steven Pressfield in The War of Art

    Joy Schultz I can find myself over and over and over again in these words. The Work is about recognizing how I react (complete exposure and recognition to every detail of the effect of believing a thought). I see these words as helpful in articulating that. Have you ever had someone else say words that resonated so clearly for just never had those words before? I've done the work with many people who when asked what do you get for believing that thought have no idea, cannot find what they get by being a victim...or it is fairly limited awareness . I shared thispost not to be right, but because of the clarity it brings to me. It holds value and worth--this exposure. And I believe people who visit this page are interested in clarity and exposure. In my world its very personal. It calls me to closer examination and investigation, to see how I have manipulated people in my life. It's about self realization. yes. I have done this. Let me see all the times I have done this. let me look very closely. let me miss nothing. Where am i doing it now? Let me watch for it and see if I can catch myself playing the victim to any degree. And if i find it, let me admit it and make amends. Let me be as honest as I possibly can with myself and others. In my world this clarity is the ultimate compassion for myself and others.
    Joy Schultz until i see it and admit it, i'm in denial

    René Krömer Perhaps the compassion comes in when added that all of that is done in complete innocence.
    Joy Schultz I have not Deborah. I've actually had this book The War of Art around for at least a year or two and never read it. I finally opened it last night. It's all about Resistance to our creative process. He was saying that 70-80% of visits to doctors has nothing to do with health...:-)Our "condition" becomes a work of art...and his theme is that this is just one of many many forms of Resistance to following that quiet inner guide. We'd rather d o anything than actually start the creative act. I'd rather be a victim... And again it's all about recognizing "the beast"--what's operating really under "my story".

    Sara Burns Sounds like a great book for me to read. Thank you for sharing it.

  • Ron Alexander Interesting title: in THE ART OF WAR, I learned that the way to help subdue the "enemy" is to dehumanize them - call them names such as "gooks", "ragtops", "chinks" "savages". And of course, then it is easier to make them "victims". Tragic, however one needs to know how "war" works to help end it!