Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Retreat - ten day silent Vipassana Retreat starting tomorrow


"Spend some time alone in quiet thought. Clear your mind, and focus on your truth and priorities."

Are you pushing yourself too hard? The Angels remind us that rest is a natural cycle in every living thing.Think of the mighty oak tree that grow in spurts and then rests. It draws its nourishment from deep within the earth, and takes its time before growing upwards again. Like the oak tree, it's important for you to nourish yourself with spiritual and emotional 'Food'.

While you are resting, take time to reflect on your heart's true feelings and desires. Your angels speak to you through your heart, and when you listen to and honour your feelings, you walk hand in hand with the Angels. You will know that it is true Divine guidance, and not just your imagination or wishful thinking if it speaks to your desire to make a difference in the world.

we love you dearly, the Angels

Monday, July 20, 2009

Left to Tell - Highly Inspirational Book

Highly Inspirational Book - Unbelievable Forgiveness that works miracles!

If all of you have not read Left to Tell (Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust) by Immacule'e Ilibagiza - please get a copy soon - She has been sponsored by Wayne Dyer on his "Inspiration" Series. "This book is a precious addition to the literature that tries to make sense of humankind's bottomless depravity and counterbalancing hope in an all-powerful, Loving God." Publisher's Weekly

Committed to One Love, ron

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Silence. Stillness. Listening. Truth.

"There is a silence into which the world cannot intrude.
There is an ancient peace you carry in your heart and have not lost.
There is a sense of holiness in you that the thought of sin has never touched.
All this today you will remember."
A Course in Miracles

"Silence is a virtue."
Let this be a gift that you give your self today. Get into a comfortable postion, close your eyes and let your mind settle down. Get behind the mind stream. This is where the real power can be found. It is found in the silence of the vastness that lies within.

"True Intelligence operates silently. Stillness is where creativity & solutions to problems are found.

Any disturbing noise can be as helpful as silence. How? By dropping your inner resistance to to the noise, by allowing it to be as it is, this acceptance also takes you into that realm of inner peace that is stillness."
Eckhart Tolle, Stillness Speaks.

"All things of value are given and received in silence." Meher Baba

"As I silently listen to Spirit within me and think of Its perfection,I know that I am being born into joy, hope & gladness, born into love, faith & assurance.
Silently, I release every negative thought from my mind, I release it and let it go. And I too, pray 'that they may all be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they may be one in us.'"
Ernest Holmes

"Stop the words now, and open the window in your heart
And let the spirits fly in and out out and in...."
Peter Makena

"Just one look into your eyes
Now I'm forever falling into the silence inside."
Peter Makena

"Be still, and know." Psalm 46:10

'Let every voice but God's be still in me. In deepest silence, would I come to You, to hear Your Voice and to receive your Word." A Course In Miracles (lesson 254)

WORD FOR THE DAY (gratefulness.org)
Saturday, Jul. 18

In the silence of listening,
you can know yourself in everyone,
the unseen singing softly to itself
and to you.

Rachel Naomi Remen

Listen, listen
Tuesday, Jun. 9

In the stillness of the quiet,
if we listen, we can hear
the whisper of the heart
giving strength to weakness,
courage to fear, hope to despair.

Howard Thurman

Love Truth, Love Silence
Saturday, Jun. 20 (gratefulness.org)

If you love truth, be a lover of silence.
Silence, like the sunlight will
illuminate you in God.

St. Issac - 7th Century Hermit Monk

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gratitude close to the bone...

Gratitude is so close to the bone of life...
WORD FOR THE DAY(gratefulness.org)
Thursday, Jul. 16

Gratitude is so close to the bone of life,
pure and true, that it instantly stops the
rational mind, and all its planning and plotting.

Regina Sara Ryan
Praying Dangerously

Trust Unconditonal Love

Trust Unconditional Love

Posted by Harold W. Becker on July 16, 2009
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Dear Friends,

We are at a wonderful crossroads of potential right now on our precious planet. For the first time in our collective history, we are capable and prepared to dream a different possibility for earth and all her many life forms. We have within us the balance of love, wisdom and power to bring forth a new reality filled with peace, health, harmony, abundance and genuine joy. Such is the influence we wield in our personal and shared lives.

The challenge we face is the inertia to the path of least resistance, otherwise known as giving in to fear. For millennia, we have chosen this easier route of succumbing to our fearful thoughts and feelings rather than embracing our ability to love unconditionally. Fear, being the mask we wear to cover our self-doubt as creative beings, has led us through innumerable difficulties, traumas and dramas. This seemingly simpler choice has also brought us to the apex of our adventure which is illustrated by our current outward global crisis and individual destructive chaos.

The present circumstances may appear to be dire and at times, almost impossible to overcome. That is what fear creates – the illusion that nothing is possible and that our ability to imagine a different outcome is of no consequence. Each time we embrace our doubt and step into fear, we strengthen its hold upon us and allow it to become our perspective of reality.

There is another choice that beckons to us in each moment too, and it is filled with infinite potential. It is a quieter and more subtle opportunity that is most often ignored because it necessitates being present in the moment with an acceptance of our true nature as self responsible creative beings. It requires courage, strength and determination to delve into our heart, know the divine bond that connects us to all sentient life, and allow our expression to be one of compassion and understanding.

In the beginning, it takes more effort to choose love over fear since we must first overcome our initial reaction to whatever is before us and release the doubt and fear we previously engaged and encouraged. With a deep breath and a sincere willingness, we then allow love to be our guiding intention through our thoughts and feelings. As we learn to trust unconditional love, we experience how this tangible, immutable power steadily brings all things into balance and harmony.

Ultimately, unconditional love becomes the natural path.

Love, light and peace,
Harold Becker, President and Founder, The Love Foundation

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Vipassana Insights

Dear Dr. Mike,
I have received two encouraging messages about the soon coming Vipassana course:
Your message and this one:

"At 9:18am on July 14, 2009, Observe said… Ron, I love your quote:

If you love truth, be a lover of silence.
Silence, like the sunlight will
illuminate you in God.

May you have a wonderful Vipassana course!"

They are delightful reminders of what is coming up for me starting a week from Wed. I am looking for a life-changing ten days. I am looking forward to hearing your postsilence comments.
My life is open for big changes. Who knows I may become a yogi, a meditation teacher or go back to counseling? Anyway, I have pretty much transformed my thinking about my inheritance to "Divine Inheritance".
thanx, ron

Chad replied: I like this-
Ron Alexander said:
I have pretty much transformed my thinking about my inheritance to "Divine Inheritance".

Reply by drmike 12 hours ago
Hey group,

I wanted to share probably the biggest insight to the whole thing: Anger, hatred are all forms of a poison that only the self is drinking. I personally experienced an emotional pain regarding my resentments and realize today I can just observe it, and when ready become proactive in remedying the situation in as effective manner as possible. There is an entire life to "get it done." However, the first step is that attitudinal shift that this person, place, institution, etc. is not an ENEMY. This is what Ron is describing above, as quoted by Chad.

My instructior explained to me that his philosophy, and that expoused by Goenka, is it that there is no such thing. They have a different perspective and they are allowed to have that. My thoughts, actions, and behaviors are the only thing within the realm of my control. I can go to to love (this form of meditation is taught on the the last day of the program) for help with my own difficulties. I must go to self for the problem and the solution. However, Ron, be mindful to take advantage of the instructor's "office hours" and night questions after the discourse so you get clarity to any questions that you may have.

Reply by chad steele 12 hours ago
Thanks Mike... try this on... any and all thoughts that are "object oriented" and/or linear or causal in nature are illusions of your ego and will ultimately lead to suffering. In Vipassana terms... you are reacting to your apparent reality.

Be mindful of the difference between "self" and "ego"... the self (your essence, soul, or whatever term you prefer) is infinite and has no use for identity, causality, time, or suffering... your "infinite self" only experiences the present.

I especially like Goenka's story about the stolen watch... where "my" is your clue that you're in ego, not above it.

Reply by Jeanne 9 hours ago
The first noble truth is suffering... so every time that "I", (capital "I") suffer... "I" can now observe it as growing pains... LOL

My first vipassana course was spent with a skepticism about most everything... until after day 5. I would have left before that, except I really wanted the time away from the office and co-workers ...and my husband who was also attending his first course - would have thought me a total wimp... (just like when I was the only one with native blood in attendance at a sweat lodge ceremony, other than the facilitator and the only one to bolt! My husband later said... "and I just knew it was you.)

I did not understand much of what Goenka said and it wasn't until my third course... my first serve... when talking with the other servers, that I came to understand what Goenka was saying. Whenever he said "develop"...I thought he said "double up"... so I'm trying twice as hard as I could and thinking what a slave driver he is. And when he said "apparent" reality... I thought he said abberant reality... sort of puts a different spin on it... ya think?

The teachers on my first course had one answer to every question I asked... "observe". So I stopped asking... since I knew the answer. Then on my second course, I ventured forth and asked another question... and, lo and behold... the answers that came forth from these teachers were long-winded and downright verbose. I was grateful.

Nevertheless... I had a life-changing experience from within... not from anyones words or any source outside myself. I am forever grateful to Buddha and the lineage of practitioners who kept vipassana intact, and to Goenka and to Denny - the co-worker who told me about vipassana.

For me... the biggest source of my suffering was my advocacy for children. Seeing children suffer at the hands of adults and the system caused me great anger and depression. It seemed no matter what or how much is done, the vicious cycle is never-ending. My altruistic nature was bogged down with the reality of immense suffering... and only after becoming a vipassana practitioner did I come to appreciate suffering as the bitter tool that it is. And... how dare I think I know or understand the value of another's suffering.
Now I accept suffering as a gift, but one to be shared with others... in the sense that we sit at the bedside of another... not to dissuade the suffering, but to accompany another on this mysterious journ

Reply by Ron Alexander
I am so honored to be receiving such wisdom of experience with Vipassana meditation. I am going in with a "beginner's mind", however it is wonderful to have such words that help me lower my transitional anxiety. Most of my friends find it hard to believe that I can be silent for that long, as I love telling stories & being "right" alot. The latter is one thing I want to reduce significantly, and my goal for the course is more consciousness with corresponding increased clarity.

I have just returned from the first townhall racism dialogue (yes, we are way behind here) led by a local columnist, Isaac Bailey, who has just written about Growing up Black in the South. I learned so much that I am still digesting all of his deep insights. He reminds me of a young Martin Luther King, Jr., and that takes a lot of courage in South Carolina!
Dr. Mike I will personally answer your question tomorrow, I hope. Much gratitude,

Yes to Belonging

WORD FOR THE DAY (gratefulness.org)
Wednesday, Jul. 15

We shall find "yes" to
belonging in every form
love takes.

David Steindl-Rast
Gratefulness, the Heart of Prayer

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gratitude and Compassion for Your Ego

I posted this on "Loving or Losing the Ego" (Return to Love Group - architectsofanewdawn.com) discussion and again want everybody to have chance to read it! (My ego loves it.)

Monday, Jul. 13 (gratefulness.org) "You breathe life in."

Every time you express gratitude
or compassion for any aspect of
yourself or someone else,
you breathe life in.

Mariah Fenton Gladis
Tales of a Wounded Healer

Love Starts Out Being Love

I posted this on Unconditional love discussion,(architectsofanewdawn.c0m) but want everybody to read it -

Crossroads (the poignant rest of my favorite song by Peter Makena) He said he wrote it from "ideas that came through words I heard spoken at a seminar (I met him singing for a Byron Katy Work shop), and I realized how truly interdependent and fragile we are and that love starts out with being love."

When you adopt the viewpoint
That all that exists within your circle of life
Is nothing but another part of you,

When you come to the conclusion
That there is no one who exists, who is not part of you,

You will wisely extend to yourself
An unconditional love that will be
The light of your day, the light of your night
The light that lightens up this world of ours.

When you come to the crossroad
Where you can choose which road to take
For the highest good of all

When you stand at the seashore
And your boat is ready to take off and sail,
To follow an inner call.

You will wisely extend to yourself
An unconditional love that will be
The Light of your day, the light of your night,
the light that lightens up this world of ours.
Peter Makena (openskymusic.com)

The Heart Of Prayer

Tuesday, Jul. 14 (gratefulness.org)

What is real prayer? Praise to God.
And the meaning of praise? Appreciating;
thus opening the heart more and more
to the divine beauty one sees in manifestation.

Pir-O-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan
Bowl of Saki

Monday, July 13, 2009

Gratitude - Another reason to be grateful for everything

Monday, Jul. 13 (gratefulness.org)

Every time you express gratitude
or compassion for any aspect of
yourself or someone else,
you breathe life in.

Mariah Fenton Gladis
Tales of a Wounded Healer

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Although I borrowed the quote below gratefully from "The Ancient One", I know the author Dannion Brinkley who is also from S.C. Dannion had an amazingly profound neardeath experience after being hit by lightning, while he was on the phone. He was dead for 11 minutes, and his "enlightenment" & subsequent transformation can be read about in his book Saved by The Light.

Humans are powerful spiritual beings
meant to create good on earth. This good
isn't usually accomplished in bold actions,
but in singular acts of kindness between
people. It's the little things that count,
because they are more spontaneous
and show who you truly are.

~ Dannion Brinkley

Gratitude - you can't have too much!

WORD FOR THE DAY (gratefulness.org)
Saturday, Jul. 11

The grateful person knows
that God is good, not by
hearsay but by experience.
And that is what makes all
the difference.

Thomas Merton
Thoughts in Solitude

Hello Ron, Thanks for your wonderful and heartfelt message :)
May the winds of light hug You and fill You with peace,
love and joy ! Gratitude, Love and Peace to You every moment 8)
Thanks for your friendship :))))
Elizabeth SkyRaven


This is from a sermon by my Unity Minister, Rev. Margaret Hiller, so anyone with more knowledge please reply or if you have a question please reply also. I paraphrased Rev. Margaret's sermon from a CD.

"Ho'oponopono" is a form of healing from Hawaii. It was devised many years ago by a Kahuna woman with a long name but she was called "Morna" for short.
It is a simple yet profound concept.
Since we are all part of the human family, we have all had a part in creating all the confusion, suffering, fear & war. On the other hand, we are also part of the healing, light, peace, joy & transformation.
A psychiatrist, Dr. "Hew Len" practiced it while at a mental hospital in Hawaii for five years. He never saw a patient, but with each of their files, he would exclaim: "I am so sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you." He did this with each file over and over.
Slowly the hospital started to transform from a sickly place to a healthy place. The employees stopped their high absentism and started enjoying coming to work. The patients got better until there was no need for the hospital after Dr. Len's five years.

I am so sorry,
Please forgive me.
Thank you, I love you

Ron Alexander said:
Ho'Oponopono - I love you, I'm sorry, Please forgive me, Thank-you (See this video - it is best yet on this, ron)

Posted by Sharon Taphorn

Fantastic video about a Hawaiian Healing method...


Sharon sent me personal message about it and then posted it on her website
"Playing with the Universe"
It is Joe Vitale of "Outer Limits" and "The Secret" Fame
and he said it is taking responsibility for everything and then saying I am sorry, Please forgive me. thank you, I love you. over & over to the Divine!

Gratitude Power sent me this note that goes along with Sharon's - about Joe Vitale & Dr. Hew Len:

Hello Ron,
Kahuna's are part of the Hawaiian ancestors and were healers and guardians. Some were also considered to be magicians and soccerers which is probably where the "witch doctor" label comes from. I've had the opportunity to work with an Hawaiian Aunty on the Big Island and she comes from an amazing lineage of Kumus (spiritual teachers), Kahus (shamans) and Kahunas (healers & guardians) She teaches the traditional Ho'Oponopono.

Dr. Hew Len teaches an updated modern approach he calls Self I-Dentity Ho'Oponopono which is a method of healing from the inside out. The method is based around repentance, forgiveness, gratitude and love. It's a very, very powerful process for cleansing, clearing energy/emotional blockages and opening up to receive all the goodness life has to offer. We teach it in our classes Awakening to Gratitude. " I'm sorry-please forgive me- thank you - I love you"--I've witness some amazing shifts using this process.

I recommend the book "Zero Limits" by Joe Vitale and Dr. Hew Len. It's about Dr. Hew Len's work and the Self I-Dentity Ho' Oponopono process

Love and Gratitude
Gratitude Power

I think Peter Makena's song explains why Ho,oponopono works:

When you adopt the viewpoint
That all that exists within your circle of life
Is nothing but another part of you,

When you come to the conclusion
That there is no one who exists, who is not part of you,

You will wisely extend to yourself
An unconditional love that will be
The light of your day, the light of your night
The light that lightens up this world of ours.
Peter Makena

Friday, July 10, 2009

More Good Quotes from Gratefulness.org and/or architectsofanewdawn.com

Friday, Jul. 10(gratefulness.org)

The world is holy. We are holy.
All life is holy. Daily prayers
are delivered on the lips
of breaking waves,
the whisperings of grasses,
the shimmering of leaves.

Terry Tempest Williams
from Talking to God: Portrait of a World at Prayer (anthology)

Thursday, Jul. 9 (gratefulness.org)

Those interested in tranquility of mind
should act just for the sake of the action,
for the benefit of the universe,
not for one’s own benefit.
It is only when a personal motive is present
that we are we subject to the dualities
and that we become perturbed.

Sri Swami Satchidananda

Reply by Deniz Alsan Moules (architectsofanewdawn.com)
Thanks Ron!For your beautiful reply...!:-)***
If this simple ( but extraordinary in any way ) fact could hit everybody's consciousness,human kind would be busy with something marvellous.But most people prefer to be lost in nonsense works and get locked among four walls...Actually funny but true everybody is working so hard just to make sure they got a four walled space they can lock themselves in with as few people as possible...They are very scared of what is outside!:-))))))))))
And where is the priviliged chosen Human Mind they claim to be gifted with the ability to think that suppose to be seperating us from other beings and making us superior?????????So the belief goes....

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Can & Should we Love our Egos?

In my life, I loved being a sailing ship captain. I enjoyed being in charge of the boat and everybody in it. I was definitely a Capt. Ego. Yet, this controlling part of me helped me to a place several times beyond the body into the blissful state of feeling oneness, freedom, and timelessness.

Here is Webster's Dictionary definition: 1. the self as distinguished from others
2. the one of the three divisions of the psyche in psychoanalytic theory that is the organized conscious mediator between the person and reality.

The definitions of "egocentric, egoism, egotism, and ego trip" align more with metaphysical sinister interpretations of the "ego".

Duality is "having a double character or nature."

Oneness is a number denoting unity, and unity is a Reality in Metaphysics. "Be as one, as my Father and I are one" Jesus said.

Isn't splitting off our "ego" going against our goal of achieving Oneness?

Even if we consider the ego to be "the enemy", Jesus said to "love our enemies." Besides, don't most spiritual teachers direct us to love ourselves unconditionally?

I was blessed in being in ACIM study group in 1986/7 in Tiburon Ca., where I was working with Jerry Jampolsky at his wonderful Center for Attitudinal Healing (CAH). Much of the CAH Principles were derived and thankfully simplified from ACIM. I still use one as a mantra/prayer without ceasing called "Choose to be a love finder, rather than a fault finder". It is very helpful when I find myself becoming judgemental. Can we apply that principle to the "vicious ego"?

Now, what can I find to love about my ego? Well, I like that "conscious mediator" definition for one, but I agree it is usually unconscious.

Eckhart Tolle writes in A NEW EARTH: When you observe the ego in yourself, you are beginning to go beyond it. Don't take the ego too seriously. When you detect egoic behavior in yourself, smile. At times you may even laugh, above all, know that the ego isn't personal. It isn't who you are. If you consider the ego to be your personal problem, that is just more ego.

Meher Baba said that while we are in our body, the ego is needed to get us to higher places.

Carl Jung said that the problem is that we let our egos be our masters, when they should be our servants.

I imagine Bill Thetford's ego had a lot to do with him becoming a Ph.D. and being a dept. head at Columbia U. As well, I am sure Marianne Williamson"s and Eckhart's egos had a lot to do with them writing inspiring books?

I have noticed that when "Gurus' from the East live in their transcendant state, they have quite a staff of maids, servants, body guards and others devoted to them. Recently, I even attended an event for a former nightwatchman for an Avatar who passed in the 1950's. I was impressed that this honored elder had his hand maidens waiting on him hand to foot.

Muhumuza Kenneth & I had a dialogue about egos and my ego enjoyed his humble reply to my "An Unconditional Lover would love their ego":

"After all, we could not exist in this world very long from a young age without a well developed ego. At the same time, we want to avoid being an egoist or being egotistical. I think demonizing the ego activates it - causes it to be defensive and slows our ability to be non-defensive and non-judgemental"

Ken's humble reply:

"Albeit we can Understand it all from a personal perspective the more we ponder about it from a Universal perspective, yet still the general Truth is that "What we avoid...We only make it stronger".
knowing that the Law Of Attraction draws to us that which we consciously try to avoid, it makes perfect sense to say that Unconditional Love would definitely embrace individualistic Ego for a Positive experience..."

Reply by Sandra Daubney
Yes we can love our ego. It is a part of our whole being. We can cherish it, love it and tell it how much we appreciate it. This way our ego feels safe and loved and loses the need to fight us. Our ego then becomes an ally and a companion on our spiritual journey..

Reply by Amya
hello sandra - you put into words so well what i was envisioning as a response - thank you!
...love all of us, every part of us has a place in our being...and as we expand, we will find more to love and add to the balance of who we are/have been/are becoming

Spirit Walker replies:
By all means we should all love our egos. The ego is a tool to teach us our lessons as we journey through this lifetime. Without ego there would be no development personal or otherwise. Although competition feels like such a negative we learn from it. If we look at the world today and all of the availability of materialism, if put in the right context, it is a perfect tool to teach us right from wrong, wants from needs. Ego feeds on materialism and personal development. The following post is an article I had written about ego a few years ago. I still believe it holds true even though it sounds like the ego is our worst enemy, which it can be, but once we understand its place it allows us to let go of self, or rather embrace the self allowing the ego to become insignificant. We cannot achieve this level until we go through the cycles of the ego. We must. If we were all void of egos we would be like robots walking around without feeling. Once we realize that the ego is simply a tool to introduce us to our higher selves them we are able to let go of it and replace it with unconditional love, compassion and understanding of our fellow beings.

The Ego Explained- (Spirit Walker)
The ego can drive people mad. Ego is nothing more than self, inflated or deflated.It can tear us apart quicker than an atomic bomb. It has the ability to delude our reality, cloud our judgment, and effect us emotionally any way it sees fit. It is like a disease, much like cancer. Most people are unaware of its manifestations and the effects it has on, not only oneself, but the universe as a whole. No matter how much we fight it is always there looming in close proximity, connected to every moment, testing us from every angle. It picks us up, it knocks us down, it falsifies worthiness and hopelessness, it praises us and degrades us, it can drop a grown man to his knees and even drive him to suicide. Oh, have I mentioned that it isn't real? It is a false perception of our true selves. It serves only one purpose - to teach us.

Ego is a tool we all possess which serves to teach us, if we allow it. It enables us to become closer to spirit. If we choose not to learn from it then we are bound to it like a ball & chain. Ego limits our ability to expand our sense of true self by making us believe that we are our ego. Because we listen to and believe everything our ego tells us we put a wall between spirit and our development as spiritual beings. We believe everything our ego tells us and because of this we hinder the process of awareness.

The first and most important step to overcoming ego is to become aware of it and to realize that it is the motivation behind every action and reaction that we initiate. It is the driving force to be better than, want bigger than, and have more than others. It whispers in our ear that we are less than, worse than and unworthy. Ego serves its purpose, but there comes a time in our spiritual growth where we realize that it is time to graduate from ego. It serves us well as a learning tool, but after a while we must let go of ego and implement all that it has taught us. This is where people get stuck. We hold onto it because we fear that once we let it go we are nothing. On the contrary; once we let go of ego we become everything we are meant to be.

In order to let go of ego we must replace it with compassion, tolerance and love. We have to realize that we are all in the process of spiritual growth and healing. We all learn at a different pace and it usually takes many lifetimes to complete the process. Once we understand that ego is there to serve us through this process and is only a tool then we begin to understand that at some point it has to go back into the tool shed. Once we put ego on the back shelf the possibilities are endless.

P.S. "
Carl Jung said that the problem is that we let our egos be our masters, when they should be our servants." This is exactly what I am talking about. Ego serves us as we become spiritually adept.

When love replaces fear ego becomes obsolete. For example: Two men stand face to face ready to engage in combat. Though they may fear the physicality of the situation, to some degree, it is the fear of being seen as inferior or losing what they deem superiority that they fear the most. When love replaces that which they fear the most the ego is diminished. Ego feeds on fear. Fear of being and not being. Fear of not being smart enough, pretty enough, successful, rich, popular, funny, talented, etc... Fear of being labeled. Once we are labeled (pretty, smart, successful, rich, popular, etc...) we are expected to live up to expectations. If we fail at these expectations we are then labeled failures. Fear of failure is a huge ego crusher. It seems to be a lose-lose situation. Once we learn to let love replace our fear ego is dissolved. It is the learning how to let go and let love in which is the hardest.

Lee, I am very impressed with your thinking. I think your disclaimer is absolutely not needed - I think you are saying that your thinking is "stream of consciousness"? Well if that is what you meant - it is not a "stream of unconsciousness" and it answers what I wrote to start with:
"Duality is 'having a double character or nature.'

Oneness is a number denoting unity, and unity is a Reality in Metaphysics. 'Be as one, as my Father and I are one' Jesus said.

Isn't splitting off our 'ego' going against our goal of achieving Oneness?"

Thank you: I now copy your conscious answer:

My Title: Reuniting With the Ego

My identification with ego, which has been strong, to this point in my life has brought many trials. These trials have been the exact lessons I needed to move into a new union with my ego. A union in which we interact with the world together. Earlier in life I was all ego, and did not know any different, does anyone early in life? We are defining ourself, seperate from the whole, and in doing so creating our special gifts to present to the whole upon our return. Gifts that will be a piece of everyone beginning a trek back toward the whole. This return is slow and its beginning may be signalled by the recognition of the ego. Upon such recognition we begin to question everything before and seeing the world very differently. This questioning is a confusing time, and I, as well as many others I know, tended to struggle against the ego, which fought back. This time can appear destructive. I believe it fights back, because it knows we are not done with our lessons, we are likely never done with our lessons, and the ego is the perfect mechanism to hand us lesson after lesson. Cooperation with the ego simply expedites the process so that we may handle more lessons in a given span of time (life), but then we get into time, which begins to look and feel a lot different as well (that is another discussion). In the end we will knowingly love the ego for what we have learned, or we will unknowingly love the ego for what it defends us from as we stagnate and do not learn. Eventually though I believe everyone will bump up against more than they can handle from a completely ego identified state, recognize the ego within, and begin the process of loving the lessons as opposed to the defenses the ego offers.

"Brilliant!" (adds ron)
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Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Dialogue About Dualism - Demonizing the Ego!

The ego is powerful, and all of its power was given to it by YOU.
Ego is a constructed identity of a person, soul, energy, etc. that perceives itself to be separate from all other persons, souls, energies, etc. Its view is dualistic: “me and you;” and “me and the world.” The words “I” and “me” claim a unique role in the universe that this “identity” recognizes as “reality.” Yet, that reality is merely an imaginary story based on all the input a particular body receives from its physical senses from the moment it is conceived. Assumptions are made, beliefs are formed, conclusions are drawn, rules are established, and attitudes with their congruent behaviors become part of ego’s operating guidelines. The ego then combines all of these components to manage your life through the mental body with its thoughts. (Both visual and word thoughts are included; thoughts are thoughts, no matter what form they appear in.) For those who have heard that the world is an illusion, this is how YOUR ILLUSION came to be. The way your ego sees the world and your part in it is your illusion, no one else’s. And since ALL of ego’s thoughts are merely a creation of each individual’s imagination – they have nothing to do with reality.

Every time you accept the ego as your guide and Master you are ignoring the power, wisdom and loving presence of your True Nature. The ego controls you with doubt and fear. It keeps reminding you of the past to keep you open and vulnerable to its input. It pretends to be looking out for your best interest, but in Truth, the ego is not your friend. Its only interest is maintaining its control, because without its ability to control your life, the ego will cease to exist....and THE PATH TO RETURN TO LOVE WILL APPEAR OUT OF THE DARKENESS....

I Love You all and am glad to be another Soul amongest you all, in this shift to Self Realization (Awakening)

Return to LOVE,

In Peace, light & Gratitude,Kenneth

Hi Kenneth, welcome to this loving group. Several of my best teachers, including A Course in Miracles and two teachers (Marianne Williamson & Echart Tolle, who started there, talk about the ego in the same derogatory vien that you talk about it. Despite that, I still consider ACIM, Marianne & Echart to be of my most favorite teachers, however I think that an "Unconditional Lover" would have to love their ego also! Be aware of its trickery but be thankful for its protection for all these years. After all, we could not exist in this world very long from a young age without a well developed ego. At the same time, we want to avoid being an egoist or being egotistical. I think demonizing the ego activates it - causes it to be defensive and slows our ability to be non-defensive and non-judgemental.
I was in a group back in the middle to late 80's studying ACIM with Bill Thetford, who was the scribe of this wonderful text. He stayed mostly quiet on the sidelines of the group, except when we complained about the treatment of the ego. He just smiled, giggled a little and told us "just tear out those pages." He realized the deepest meaning of ACIM, and that is we are all One, and
There is a place in you where there is perfect peace. There is a place in you where nothing is impossible. There is a place in you where the strength of God abides.(ACIM W, 76) a cosmos of gratitude, ron

Thanx so Much Ron for enlightening me about the "EGO". In it all i agree with you entirely when you say :

"After all, we could not exist in this world very long from a young age without a well developed ego. At the same time, we want to avoid being an egoist or being egotistical. I think demonizing the ego activates it - causes it to be defensive and slows our ability to be non-defensive and non-judgemental"

albeit we can Understand it all from a personal perspective the more we ponder about it from a Universal perspective, yet still the general Truth is that "What we avoid...We only make it stronger".
knowing that the Law Of Attraction draws to us that which we consciously try to avoid, it makes perfect sense to say that Unconditional Love would definitely embrace individualistic Ego for a Positive experience...

Thanx so much for enlightening me more about it all. can you please help tell me more about ACIM....(Am so curious about it now that i have heard about it from you for my first time)...

In Gratitude,


Hi Kenneth, thank you for this statement:It makes perfect sense to say that Unconditional Love would definitely embrace individualistic Ego for a Positive experience...

I think what we have to watch out for is dualism - separation. I have been studying A Course in Miracles for 25 years I say. Jerry Jampolsky created his Center For Attitudinal Healing with it as the primary text. Dr. Bill Thetford, who I mentioned is the scribe, was a dept. head in psychology at Columbia U. and he wondered aloud why the faculty could not get along. A colleague, a Jewish Atheist (can't think of her name), started receiving this metaphysical info. at night, and Dr. Thetford wrote her channeled info. down into a large text and workbook. It became an instant mystical hit and many fabulous teachers sprang forth - Jerry, Eckhart and Marianne Williamson to name a few. I think Marianne has stayed closest to the original, and I would read her books, and find ACIM group if you want to study it further. It is definitely worth it.
I just don't understand how such a magnificent volume could be so ego dualistic demonizing, however I would do like Dr. Thetford told us:" just tear out those pages." The rest is among the best metaphysical material since the Bible. Many say that it is like Jesus writing with a more modern vocabulary. However, feminists would argue, that it is not "modern enough" as the Diety is referred to as "Father, He, etc."

In the original Aramaic Bible, "Abba" (father) is really "Abwoom" which stands for a genderless God.

Anyway, "I would rather be happy than right", and who am I to question ACIM, Eckhart & Marianne or You, Kenneth. You are much greater teachers than myself. I will end this with one of my favorite quotes from ACIM:

Everything you teach you are learning. Teach only love, and learn that
love is yours and you are love. T42

Unconditional Loving Kindness Unlimited

I read in Eckhart Tolle's Power of Now that trying to be right all the time is violent.
Then I heard program about kindness on NPR. It was by a British psychiatrist, who said it is hard to be kind in our competitive capitalist "warfare" culture. However, he noted that Obama is leading the way to move toward a more compassionate community friendly type govt. Thank God!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

In - lightment!

"Enlightment means that you access that light within you, which is where you find Divine guidance." -Wayne Dyer