Friday, May 29, 2009

More Wise Words on Meditation

desmond green 1 day ago YES!! YES!! YES!!! Silja,
As we accept that the universe is indeed our breath and that we are also the breath of the universe every thing will become one with us. It is our practice that will give us the inner peace and security that we so deeply seek .
So let us practice until we perfect our conscious deep breathing skills because
every thing else will fall into place in time. Lots of love and joy as we practice what we preach "ONE CONSCIOUS DEEP BREATH AT A TIME".

Comment by Silja Saareoks 1 day ago Yes, the breathing is important! It is same as great for the beginner who can use concentrating on it to let go of the thoughts and also for the achieved practicer who can combine it with other methods. And also the air! The clean air and the blooming flowers make the great influence on how much we can reach. The toxic air does harm not only for the physical body.
It is so warm here today and I meditated outside today - it was so great!

Great vibrations for you all! Comment by desmond green 1 day ago Yes Silja and Artemis,
At this point whatever helps us to achieve and sustain our sense of oneness with ourselves and the rest of our universe is working for us all. Breathing consciously and deeply as a natural practice perfects us in this truly glorious process. Eye feel our hearts and vibrations as part of my own and that is the richest experience eye can ever have.

Comment by Silja Saareoks 1 day ago Artemis,
Yes, flowing into one with something that you do with the whole heart and soul involved in it has similar effects with deep meditation. In my opinion learning to keep that connected feeling to use in daily life and in all kinds of circumstances is a true accomplishment. What is really amazing that I've learned to get into this transformed state even with doing things that I don't like to do. Still it is not reasonable to force into doing against the will of the soul, just not to be misunderstood here. All the activities that get us into spiritually ecstatic and higher state are really needed for the inner development.
Just trust your feeling! If it works the way that you've described it here, there's no need to doubt if it works for good. You KNOW the answer inside your heart! The inner feeling is the key, the meditation supports to purify this feeling and to get more deeper within. Thank you!

Comment by Architect x 1 day ago I should learn the right breaths,,my only experience is that by playing on lyra one mellody with the ancient spaces n harmonics,after a long playing the mind transforming,the body takes the vibrations n a feeling of earthquake it happen inside ,if u dont fear that, the next step is amazing,,u feel part of the all,,i dont know is that music meditation

Thank you Ron,
We are so favored to have one another as team mates on this wonderful journey in consciousness back to our starting point of our own spirit.We inspire and ensure our growth and self acceptance every time we say hi to each other. This is as good as living gets, as we continue to spread love among ourselves and invite the rest of the world to share in the fruits.
Lots of love indeed.

Desmond One Conscious Breathe at a time, right! Desmond Comment by Ron Alexander Desmond, you are a great teacher of Love! One Love, (familiar phrase?) Ron

Comment by desmond green Eye am feeling so at home and simply happy in this magical circle of family and friends. Thanks to all of us as we celebrate our light together and grow closer in our hearts and thoughts.
Eye love myself and the rest of us with all of my heart.

Comment by Ron Alexander I really enjoy reading all the inspirational well-written posts on here. thanks

The Dhamma Brothersclips down below do not give the documentary justice, but thanks for posting them Silya.
I experienced another type of meditation last night with a teacher from Kriya Yoga started by Yogananda. It is a very simple mantra/pranayama type but the teacher role-modeled a very peaceful state. She meditates 20 minutes twice a day.
Her teacher is Roy Eugene Davis, who has A Center for Spiritual Awareness in Lakemont, Ga which is situated in the Southern part of the Blue Ridge Mountains (which Violette says is the most ancient range in the U.S. and is full of powerful energies). It is one and half hours from Atlanta.

And no, the freaky movie Deliverancewas not true. James Dickey, the author, actually had a great river rafting trip in that area.

Anyway, besides the Vipassana retreat, it is nice to have another one not too far from me.
Roy Eugene Davis was ordained a teacher by Yogananda in 1951, and is the most down-to-earth and simple yet profound teacher I have observed. The teacher showed us a documentary of him last night.
The website is OM Shanti, Om shanti, Ron

Silja Saareoks 19
Yes, it is time to see what surrounds us, where we are, what we can do and take a deep look to deep inside of ourselves AND TO STAY TOUCHED WITH IT! Every step, every moment, every glance and every breath that we take has it's significance. And everyone is involved, it is time to see it the way it is and to let go all of the outer barriers that we're been wearing to classify ourselves.
It would be easy to say, that someone is this or does that, but the fact is that there has been the influence that developed this person to become the way he/she appears to be. We also carry the responsibility when doing nothing to make the change. When someone is in the hole, then the hand or at least the ladder is needed. Everyone knows what to do with it. Sometimes a word or two can be a ladder to one, who has fallen down. It is the time now, when all who feel strong and can help would do something to those who need it. In the time of the great changes there are many. Sometimes we can get the ideas how to help through the meditation too. I'm truly blessed to have you all here with all the dedication for creating the continuous change for the better! Thank you so much from the deepness of my heart, Silja

desmond green We are ushering in the new earth in fine style indeed. We are flexing our spiritual and physical muscles and claiming our divinity as the foundation of our humanity. This is truly the greatest of times for all of us who are choosing to take charge of our state of consciousness completely.
Eye love our vibrations and love our presence even more as we practice and develop our self and life affirming skills one conscious deep breath at a time.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

More Being Grateful for Everything

A spiritual teacher once told me "when you get to the place where you really like who you are and where you're at, you'll get grateful for all the s#!t that got you there". She was this little old gray haired lady in running shoes who was my boss when I worked for county alcoholism services back in the 80's. I didn't know then that she was my spiritual teacher and what she said often didn't sound spiritual or make complete sense to me but I knew it was important. She ran the residential program and was always bringing in new ideas, like the concept that we teach best what we most need to learn. "We could use an Assertion Training Program for the clients. Charly, go put one together and teach it. " She had my number..... and I learned how to be assertive.

An "angel mother", according to Clarissa Pinkola Estes, is a woman who appears in your life to give you something that you needed and didn't get in your childhood. Ruth was my angel mother for four years and I am, a quarter of a century later, still in awe of the tools she gave. Even my name came about in one of her fortuitous spelling accidents, teaching even without intention that anything, even accidents, can be gifts.

I pass on Ruth's wisdom to my clients and use it to shine light in my own dark places. I came to understand that everything I experienced, especially the hard stuff, had good for me. Physical injuries helped me to know my unconscious mind, taught me to ask for help, brought me to the Alexander Technique, and provided tools for me to use and teach. Relationship betrayals taught me lessons in acceptance, forgiveness, and compassion, to take risks and to keep my heart open because I learned that my heart is unbreakable when it is open. Catastrophes revealed hidden strengths and stimulated new brain pathways in the process of seeking solutions. Of course, I didn't usually see all the benefit while I was in the experience, but I learned to trust the process and seek guidance and support. Mostly it was in hindsight that I recognized that all the storms and upheavals contributed to my knowing myself and growing myself and led me to other wonderful teachers who furthered my education.

Today I get grateful that I can recognize my fear as it shows itself in new ways before it does much damage. It is illusive and I know it is my unconscious mind trying to prevent additional hurt, struggling to maintain the status quo because that is what the unconscious mind does best. It knows how to handle the status quo and change is scary. Old emotional memories spring to the surface in a misbegotten attempt to protect me. So I befriend my fear, sit quietly with it, observe it, see how it operates and how I can transform that fearful energy into love and gratitude, like my angel mother taught me. Thank you, Ruth, for your grace in my life, for playing it forward before we ever called it that.

Everything that happened in my life got me to where I am today, and I like where I am today. Every single troublesome thing, person and event helped me know myself. So I bless them and thank them and wish them love, happiness, and peace because that is what they have taught me to create.


Thanx, Charly, I really enjoyed your excellent post on your blog. This reminded me that I was blessed to do my internship for the same license at the Center for Attitudinal Healing (Jampolsky's). He was working with life-threatened children,but as they grew older they did not fit in with the younger children. So I helped create a young adult program, which turned into a job by getting a grant. The professors in grad. school were really amazed that my first work as a counselor/therapist was with life-threatened kids. They had an idea that that is something a seasoned pro. would do. However, I was passionate and enlivened by these youngsters, who knew how to be in the moment, which made them "'angels on earth". It was an enjoyable except for working with the parents, who understandably, were in much grief (which included alot of anger).
So I now proclaim that these young adults were the best teachers for me, and I am so grateful! Namaste', Ron

by Charly Hill
Thank you, Ron. What a wonderful opportunity you created for yourself at the Center For Attitudinal Healing. I have come to believe that my clients have always been my best teachers, and I am very grateful for them.

The Only Moment We Can be Alive

The Only Moment We Can Be Alive

I have arrived, I am home
In the here, In the now
I am solid, I am free
In the ultimate, I dwell

From Thich Nhat Hahn in his book No Death, No Fear

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gratitude For Paucity of Inheritance

My life has really been blessed by the paucity of inheritance. I was going to spend alot of my inheritance to go to study at the very expensive Oneness U. in India or Fiji.
Now I have the great Vipassana ten dayer at end of July till first of Aug. I have a deep intuitive feeling that this will be very powerful for me. In fact, I have experential proof already, as I fast on speaking and on food weekly now. After meditation, first thing in the AM, I enjoy a sort of yoga stretching dance to some beautiful music. This activity puts me into a mindful state of mind, which is usually cleaning, washing dishes, clothes, & myself. This morning I broke my weekly 36 hour fast with an apple and yogurt - manna from heaven. And I may go into a group in silence at noon, if not silence, I will be with only a few words (big change!) that are "sweet as honeycomb, soothing to the soul and healing to the bone."
So, actually, the "Reading of the Will" has spurred me to my greatest spurt of growth ever, and since I am 64, I could not ask for anything more.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Monday, May. 25 (

Ever let mercy outweigh all else in you. Let our compassion be a mirror where we may see in ourselves that likeness and that true image which belong to the Divine nature and Divine essence.

St. Isaac of Syria
Directions on Spiritual Training


"There is a silence into which the world cannot intrude.
There is an ancient peace you carry in your heart and have not lost.
There is a sense of holiness in you that the thought of sin has never touched.
All this today you will remember." A Course in Miracles

"True Intelligence operates silently. Stillness is where creativity & solutions to problems are found.

Any disturbing noise can be as helpful as silence. How? By dropping your inner resistance to to the noise, by allowing it to be as it is, this acceptance also takes you into that realm of inner peace that is stillness."
Eckhart Tolle, Stillness Speaks.

"All things of value are given and received in silence." Meher Baba

"As I silently listen to Spirit within me and think of Its perfection,I know that I am being born into joy, hope & gladness, born into love, faith & assurance.
Silently, I release every negative thought from my mind, I release it and let it go. And I too, pray 'that they may all be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they may be one in us.'" Ernest Holmes

"Stop the words, stop the words and let the spirits fly in and out in and out of your heart." Peter McKenna

"Be still, and know." Psalm 46:10

'Let every voice but God's be still in me. In deepest silence, would I come to You, to hear Your Voice and to receive your Word." A Course In Miracles (lesson 254)

Dear Ron,
We are happy to inform you that you have been accepted to participate in the Vipassana meditation course to be held at the Southeast Vipassana Center in Jesup, GA from 7/22/2009 to 8/2/2009. (ten day silent meditation retreat)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

We Wounded Warriors

We Wounded Warriors
In Memory of my Brother Barry Died (1968) While Saving Lives as a Pilot of a Medivac helicopter
Ron Alexander
we wounded warriors
are veterans
of the battlefield
of the heart
all have been hurt
had hearts broken
several times
many times
for most sensitive
healing hearts
disabled or enabled
transforming brokenness
into openness
breaking hearts
wide open
able to receive
love in &
give love out
from & to
an enabled
wide open heart
becomes a healer
of the One Heart

Meditation = escape?

Below is a reply from Chad (Vipassana forum)who appears concerned that I may want to "meditate my life away".

I highly recommend the movie The Dhamma Brothers, and you would know more of what I am writing about
- the transformation of these convicted murderers (some were just in the wrong place at the wrong time and are not murderers, yet convicted to the rest of their lives in prisons anyway) was just amazing.The Vipassana teachers locked themselves up with them for the ten days of silent meditation. Their "feeling of freedom" was astounding, as related by these men, and it showed on their peaceful countenances.

" is twilight time in my life and I just want to spend the rest of it in a meditative state as much as possible." (Chad quoting me). Postscript: it would have been clearer, I think, that I want to live in "mindfulness" (in the moment) as much as possible.
I wrote for over twenty minutes to reply to Chad's kind concern above, and yet it seemed to disappear in cyberspace. Now I start again, I have known several selfless (egoless) people in my life, and I was writing about Reality not illusions.

They find and I find the more we meditate, the more effective, creative, peaceful and even more energetic - the opposite of "escape"!

To most becoming completely transcendant, means they are feeling so unattached, so free, so ego-less, so light, that they are ready to leave their bodies. A good example of that was the transcriber of A Course in Miracles, Bill Thetford, who I was studying with in Tiburon, CA, Bill had a smile and a giggle most of the time, and he was so unattached to the ACIM, that If we as a group did not like what was written there, he told us to tear out that page. He told a friend, that summer in 1986(7), that he had never felt so free on July 3rd and than dropped his body on July 4th. - joyously I am sure!

At the same time, I was working with life-threatened young adults at Jerry Jampolsky's Center for Attitudinal Healing.
The Young Adults I worked with were diagnosed with a "fatal" disease or had a catastrophic accident, and they were angels on earth - why? Because they learned to live in the Moment. They loved all the field trips I took them on - to Yosemite camping, river rafting, stagecoach riding, sailing on the Bay, etc. They knew how to live and were ready when they departed for the Spirit

However, I have studied with Eastern Masters who were close to that transcendant state, yet they had supporters who waited on them hand and foot. So they could be on earth in that ego-less (some of them) state.

So I am talking about being more alive, more a servant, and I am definitely not ready to leave my body, but thanks for your sensitivity.

By the way, I sadly saw that the Author Frank McCourt has cancer now at the age of 78. He wrote his first novel: Angela's Ashes at age 66. So, no, to me "twilight" is a positive age, and I expect that elders will be more respected in the near future in our culture. to Real Life,
elder brother, Ron

Yes Ron,
The happiness and bliss which flow richly into our beings as we tap into our cosmic well springs and drink to our hearts content is worth it every time. As of today eye am inviting the rest of our families and friends to try it just for the fun of it. As for me Eye must confess that eye am now happily and hopelessly addicted to "CONSCIOUS DEEP BREATHING" for the rest of my life.
Eye will also suggest that as we learn to pay more and more attention to our breath, and how conscious deep breathing serves us, we also will passionately continue to celebrate it in all of the ways that it satisfies and renews us.

Comment by Silja Saareoks Here are the clips about "The Dhamma Brothers", the movie that Ron recommended us to see. Thank you for bringing up the subject! Look up group Meditation on"> ">

This power that managing the thoughts and feelings into the level that we can change or stop them on whatever moment we choose it to be can never be underestimated. That is the benefit that meditation gives. It is not only the power to stop the negative thoughts, but also the flow of unnecessary thoughts. The power to enter the silence inside and the power to see just the beauty of the nature for example in it's whole beauty or just the possibility to use the present moment.
It also works with the conflict situations, when someone just wants to arise some trouble or make us feel angry. The noticing that very first moment and ask oneself a question: "Is it a way I'd really like to feel?" And it just works.
One of my favorite meditation is staying in zone of no thoughts, the concentration is focused on feeling the unity and love with everything. But as it is so natural, it is not like concentration on "something". When practiced enough, this feeling can be reproduced in whatever moment in life. That is the key to stop the flow of thoughts in a half of word if we like. It feels like the eternity in the present moment. That is why just the few seconds of it can already have the transforming effect. We have also the power to compress or extend the time by using the feeling.
May all your highest dreams to become reality and your days pass in loving harmony.

Comment by desmond green Yes Silja,
All that we really have is our BREATH. It is as we grasp this fact that we also realize that all of our expressions are reflections and projections of ourselves as our breath. It does take practice and patience and accepting that we are all there is to discover and enjoy, and that we have the rest of our life as our breath supporting us to do it.

Lots of love and joyfulness along our path one conscious deep breath at a time.
Our lives are really all in our breath and our breathing practices. That was how my program in Jamaica's correctional system transformed a similar population. That is why eye am convinced of its effectiveness.When our entire human population begin to breathe consciously and deeply as our personal practices all prisons will be transformed into prisms revealing our common divine character and light.
Our practices are our teaching methods. Lots of love and joy.

Comment by Silja Saareoks Desmond,
I'm really glad hearing about your success with teaching your methods. Making the individual success with practicing meditation needs time, although it also gives the immediate transforming effect. In my opinion some difficulties with being successful with it appear if someone is too much focused on getting some particular result. Then it is still too much being inside and around the mind and it becomes hard to get any deeper. It is also good to be more patient and less demanding or strict. For example I find more important to keep the feeling and the consciousness than to keep one strict position of the body. Focusing on breathing is also a great way for letting go the thinking. Before I needed focusing on something, but now I just open up and let it flow. The breathing works for itself, although I'm being aware of it.
I did practice yesterday and today for many hours and it really did open up such a deep level and also transformed the feelings so much. It is important to learn to use all those possibilities and the time that we have. Why wait for that "perfect time and situation in the future", while we can take some time now. Warm embrace for you all, Silja

Peace - Remember Belonging & Loving

If we have no peace,
it is because we have forgotten
that we belong to each other.

Every act of love is
a work of peace
no matter how small.

Blessed Mother Teresa

Sylvia has sent you a message on Architects of a New Dawn

Hi Ron

Thanks for the word of the day.
It gives me power to go on with the BIG HUG event, that gathers the whole humanity in love and respect to each other.

Have you already joind wiht us?

Love and light

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Your Primary Relationship

from angel card:

"Your primary relationship is with yourself and your source, and every other relationship follows from there. "

To attract, heal, or balance a relationship, then snuggle more closely with your loving creator and yourself. As you feel safe and loved within, so shall your other relationships bloom and prosper.

Now is the time to enter a more positive phase in your relationships. You're now out of the forest and entering an area filled with light and beauty, just hang on a little longer and keep working on loving yourself more and more each day.

Affirm daily: "I am fully connected with my inner being and am surround by positive loving relationships."

we love you, your Angels

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Reading of the Will

Here is stimulus of recent intensity:
Mom died on Christmas Eve last and the "reading" was a few weeks later.

The Reading of the Will
Ron Alexander

feeling blessed to
be with Mom
when she passed
recently to cloudy
cool winter day
then squinting into fluorescent
conference room by myself
the other beneficiary
nephew left in waiting room
big table lots of chairs
extra lawyer to witness
page after page after page read
without my name
finally shows on last pages
containing minor parts of estate
only listed there since
remaining brother died last year
last page a request that
leftover cash divided
between three of us (now two)
not much after Mom’s bills
left over change
attempted mollification by lawyer
saying that Mom would have left
me off completely because of ex-wife
but he stepped in and advised her
that she could not take it with her
-you know what your Mom was like
he asked me
it was more than that
mentally compiling
list that would
lead to such rejection
why did she do that
why did I do that
why did she say that
why did I say that
why why why why
please quit brain
storm outside
hard time seeing while driving
turned down invitation
from aunt to stay overnight
with her and newly enriched
drug/alcohol addicted nephew
screaming curses at Mom
stopped at cheap motel isolating
deep near suicidal despair
storm continues outside
dark clouds sparking lightening
strikes in my mind

(6th draft 5-19-09)

At 11:08am on May 19, 2009, Silja Saareoks said… Thank you for posting the poem! You can write, my friend. It is so much more than just the words. You can touch the soul. Thank you so much!

Thank you Silja, for your positive feedback of my poem from the "lightening sparks of thoughts in my mind", you can see why I have turned so intensely to meditation!
Mom's "rejection' has turned into a Divine Gift, A Real Blessing, A knowing of Real Privilege, A Divine Inheritance, When I am in a meditative state, I know that I am extremely weathy person. Now, I realize this Truth:
"Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all else will be added to you." ron

:21pm on May 19, 2009, Silja Saareoks said… Ron,
Well, I know what you mean. It is to see and to appreciate the everything that we already have. By knowing and really feeling the connection with everything we can see that we do really have much and that we're always connected. The kingdom of heaven is already inside of us, we just have to feel it. The separation is just in the physical plan, we're also connected with those who have died and those who will be born in the future. The connection is in the presence and that is what we need to feel, that is the power that can also be gained by the help of meditation practice. Although we're living in the human body, we're being much more than it. And you really do have so much, you've also have the gift to share it with the others. These values count more than the gold. Silja

I read the poem about your mom's will.. my dad's death was a giant mess too with the trustee my sister lying in court and stealing everything she could with glutton lawyers being the only real winners. Death exposes a lot of sick stuff.. I guess what Carolyn Myss says is true we need to thank those who love us inadequately because they get us closer to the divine Marinspin

Hi Marinspin, I think my Mom never forgave me for not going to Viet Nam instead of her favorite son Barry who was killed there. I was in Alaska in the Medical Corps., because only one brother was allowed there at one time.
I know it is my job to forgive all involved and be grateful to my Mom for Divine Inheritance that is worth much more than gold. Carolyn Myss is right - thanks for sharing that quote. lotsalove&peace, Ron
Sorry about your mom. My parents said if they had had a son they would have sent him to Canada to get out of the draft. I agree Carolyn Myss is so right!!!!Marinspin


y The Ancient One

Listening is a magnetic and strange thing, a creative force. The friends who listen to us are the ones we move toward. When we are listened to, it creates us, makes us unfold and expand.

~ Earl Nightingale

We must be silent before we can listen.
We must listen before we can learn.
We must learn before we can prepare.
We must prepare before we can serve.
We must serve before we can lead."

~ William Arthur Ward
May 20, 2009
Mercury, the planet of communication, gets tense with both Neptune and Jupiter. The planet of illusion and the planet of expansion are bound to get you into trouble if you talk too much today. Will silence make this your day to watch others fumble?

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Practice of Returning

Comment by Ron Alexander
The Practice of Returning
Dharma Master/musician Will Tuttle told us yesterday that "meditation is a practice of returning - returning to the Presence."I can relate to that, as I find my mind wandering alot during meditation, and then I return, and remain with unconditional regard with myself (as dear Silja reminds us often). Interestingly, the word Present (or Gift) could be used as well as Presence - returning to the Present or returning to the Gift.

Silja answers:
Yes, I agree with you! The presence is really everything, the real source of our being. But when dealing with something unpleasant, we just try to slip away into our thoughts of the past\the future or just start worrying about it. If the condition like this last for a long time in our lives, then it can even lead to depression or just anxiety. It can drag us down. But then it is really vital to recreate the connection with the present moment and to find what we can do with it. It is needless to remind that using the meditation as the way to escape from dealing with our lives does not get us any closer to our real nature. But the meditation in our real presence is powerful, totally powerful. Then it is not the searching, but instead it is living. But to get this connected feeling to the everyday life filled all kind of experiences, that is what I would like to call the real goal. To keep this feeling no matter what we have to face.

Comment by desmond green 22 hours ago Yes Silja,
We are all here for the fun of helping ourselves and each other to move fearlessly into our inner and outer truths. This is truly the time to spread our wings and celebrate ourselves and this wonderful opportunity which we are all creating together to expand our consciousness into the next stage of our reality, and our new dawn.
We are love, we are light, we are beauty, we are Gods and Goddesses, we are Divine humans, we are our demons and dragons and we are accepting all of ourselves completely and the rest of life unconditionally, "ONE CONSCIOUS DEEP BREATH AT A TIME".
Lots of love and joy.

Comment by Silja Saareoks 1 day ago Thank you Desmond!
It is the time now when everyone needs the helping hand or supporting words in this path of development. Cause thats what we really are, we're always surrounded and supported even when facing difficulties. The whole world is in a great change and that really influences each and every one of us living on this planet. The breathing is really important, it is for the understanding. Also about the whole creation and the nature, it lets us to understand. It is a true blessing to have a friend as you are. It is a blessing to have You all here the way you are. Just keep shining! Love, Silja

Comment by desmond green 1 day ago Yes Silja,
We are truly entering into the state of accountability in which we are now taking full responsibility for ourselves. We are now learning to love ourselves as our breath and realizing that conscious deep breathing is the skill to practice and perfect and use at all times.
It is indeed a matter of practicing and having fun with ourselves as our new way of life, one conscious deep breath at a time.
Eye love you and trust that you love yourself as passionately and as completely as you can because we are all of what life is and how it works. Indeed this is what we are here with one another to do. To usher in this our new way of embracing all of who we are and expressing ourselves fearlessly and fully from within.
Lots of joy and fun.

I find it really powerful to use the short meditation before going to sleep and also early in the morning. The alarm clock can also be used when it is a working day just not to be worried about the time. I know that many people don't suggest falling asleep from the meditation, well I really do. From my own experiences I can tell that it can also help. First of all to spend some time to relax from too many thoughts that have been filled to the mind through the day. For that it is really better to sit and not to lay down yet. Just until feeling the full connection to the inner feelings, then it is great to use some technique that we feel is suitable for the moment. After that it can be laid down and to use some visualizing. From that in my opinion it is really great to fall asleep. I do remember the dreams that I have at night most of the times. These can also give the idea what needs to be working with.
Well, that period of time, that is being used in the evening or in the morning can be just about ten minutes, but it can give the immense influence.
Thank you.

Gratitude for Everything

Wednesday, May. 20 (

Gratitude can turn a meal into a feast,
a house into a home,
a stranger into a friend.
It makes sense of our past,
brings peace for today,
and creates a vision for tomorrow.

Melody Beattie href="">Michele Selinger

Hi Linda
Gratitude changes everything for me, I experience such a feeling of lightness, peace and freedom. The biggest challenge for me was becoming grateful for all I happened to be feeling, whether it was anger, sadness, etc. Now when I am grateful for all around and all I feel within, it seems the lesson comes to me quicker. We live in an amazing world, and I am grateful to be a part of this time, and for all people that have come and gone through my life, for all they have bought to me.Michele

Michele Selinger, thank you for sharing. What struck me was when you said: "...Gratitude changes everything for me, I experience such a feeling of lightness, peace and freedom. The biggest challenge for me was becoming grateful for all I happened to be feeling, whether it was anger, sadness, etc. Now when I am grateful for all around and all I feel within, it seems the lesson comes to me quicker."My question is how did you do it?My experience is that sometimes the resentment is too great against a person or institution, and I am blocked off from being grateful (for example when I'm stuck in fear and/or anger....). If you could offer more than the praying for the enemy thing that would be great....Thanks,Mike

Hi Mike – thank you for your response. I have been thinking about my answer to your question for a few days now. To be honest I have never really thought about the process I used.I started to work on expanding my gratitude practice when I realized I could say “Thank you for the lesson that this person or situation was bringing me”, yet it felt as if I was just repeating the words because it was something I should do.Understanding that when I was feeling anger, jealousy, fear etc, that I was being shown a place inside of me that was wounded, helped me to see and embrace the idea that I wanted to “feel” gratitude for these people/times as well, as these are my times of greatest learning.
The first step for me was to let go of the person or the situation so I would be free (and them as well) to move inside to examine what I was feeling, and why, and working to change it. I used visuals to do this. I would pull the person or situation into my mind, see myself thanking them for bringing to my attention something that was off within myself, presenting me with the opportunity to heal it and put them into a pink bubble filled with love and watch them move toward the universe.Once I had released them, I started repeating different statements depending on what I was feeling.
“Thank you for this anger I feel inside, for it is showing me I was feeling invalidated”.
“Thank you for the jealousy I am feeling deep within, as it is showing me I am feeling I am not smart enough, good enough to achieve something I desire”
“Thank you for the love flowing from me on this day, as it reminds me of my essence, and that of everyone else’s”.I found that in order to expand these statements from “Thank you for the anger I am feeling”, to what it was showing me, I had to go inside and ask myself some tough questions. From there I was able to see what I could learn from what I was feeling.If I find that I am feeling anger over a perceived injustice and am having trouble finding gratitude, I will start by sending the situation love. By doing this I can let it go, knowing that everything that happens is as it is meant to be – usually by doing this I am able to flip into my gratitude state.Each day I set my intention to be in touch with what I am feeling, and from there I start my gratitude statements and use visuals when I needed them. Now I know when I am out of my “love space” I can choose to use this to bring myself back into that space – or not, and it has become automatic.Thanks again for your response, I hope this helps you on your gratitude path…Michele…

Hey Michelle,Thank you for that. It really does help. It's been said I'm a bit too analytical, but that's how I am made at present. To summarize those concepts I particulary liked is to include:
1) Visualization of a resentment floating away in a big pink bubble. Your a girl, so mine might be like aqua green or blue--but I really dig that.
2) Go inside further
3) Feeling the feelings, even if they are uncomfortable. After all, often we have no choice but to feel them.
4) Love a situation (even if it is messed up).

What concepts. And definitely better than just saying "pray" about it. This preparation may make that asking in prayer a bit easier....Best regards,Mike

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Back to the Presence

Our power and the energy comes from the presence. When the things seams not to go too well, it is most important to bring ourselves back from the thoughts and to see what we can do now. It is good to find the reasons to be happy and to let go the worries. Every thought has the manifestation energy, so we can change the thinking when we see that the subject we're thinking about isn't related to our goals. The meditation can also help to bring ourselves back to our presence when we're getting stuck with the thoughts that are not much of the help for ourselves. Stay focused the what is good now and the what we'd like to see in our future. Feel the love inside. Silja

Expressing Gratitude Best Way to Forgive Yourself


I was just thinknig that AOAND
might be mostly about forgiveness. And that expressing gratitude to others might be the best way to learn how to forgive ourselves. Thank you Marinspin. Thank you.
Love, Erin
Well, I finally found this by Michelle on page 17 or it may be the first page of this blog?
I will go back and look again, and I really appreciate the post above though!
It is fun having the opportunity going back, since I am relatively a recent addition!
God, thank you for such bright guiding lights like drmike, Erin & most people on this site. Ron

Good morning Ron, I would imagine that central GA is less backwards that central CA, but that is not my buiness. That old idiotic thinking persists in many sectors, I can not change others. I do know what you are saying regarding what I consider a very signicant defect I have: people pleasing, and even co-dependency. There certainly is a balance needed to be struck between having a sense of community and of self. I have had to realize that many of my family members are sick, and I can not do one thing about it unless they also look for a path of spiritual enlightment. I see some benefiting from the church environment, but that is the rare few. However, I have also come to realize that IT IS NOT MY BUSINESS what their path is necessarily. I would encourage you to continue to pray for your mother and family. Check out Michelle's recent post on a gratitude blog, that I responded to. She outlines a great way to deal with resentments. Most importantly, realize that your actions will always speak louder than words. Today is is about how well I can take care of myself, and let my own let shine. Not about what others think of me, and how I should appease them Peace, Mike

Vipassana Meditation - ten day silent retreat

From Ron Alexander to drmikeSent 1 day agoNo, I have not done a 10 day retreat, and I would like to - could you send me info. about it? I have studied with a couple of teachers briefly in Ca. years ago, however after watching "The Dhamma Brothers". I am highly motivated to take the 10 dayer. See if you can find that film! I think that you may find this is the best thing you have done in this life! Please keep me up on it! No mistake, Ron

From drmike to Ron AlexanderSent 1 day agoHey Ron, I'll let you know what is to become. My course is in 4 weeks, I'm getting excited.
FYI this is the information: 1) This is the main website, internationally.
You being in the American SE may find that this is the particular location for you.
This is the video meant to demonstrate what the 10 day course is about. There is no obligatory costs for the first time, 10 day course.... I will ask an experienced member to contact you to share that experience. Peace, Mike

Thanks Dr. Mike, that was well-organized info., and I have already been on line, and the SE center is in fairly familiar territory. Tomorrow, I may fill out the application? lotsaappreciation, Ron Yes, please keep me in the loop about your experiences!

I did fill in application the next AM, and sent it out to the Jesup Ga. Vipassana Med. Center for the dates July 1 to July 12th. I think this is an auspicious time - July 4th - to be taking course.

Reply by chad steele on March 17, 2009 at 5:03pm
It is 12 to 14 hours a day of silent meditation for 14 days without any significant contact or communication with another person. There is also very little activity. It is the Xtreme Sport of meditation in my view... it can be extraordinary. The theory is you'll get to sense and heal past karma... translation... it can hurt... a lot... and the amount of suffering you experience is entirely up to you. You'll also, likely, taste a little bliss.Good Luck.

Dear Chad, thanks for starting this forum. I have applied to the July 1 group here in the Southeast like Violette above. Even though the website said it was open (for men), they sent me back a reply that I could go on a waiting list or apply for next available time. I sent back email to see if I could do both? Be on waiting list for July 1 and apply for next available course if the waiting list does not work? I have called them and left a message also.I became eager to do this ten day retreat after seeing the film "The Dhamma Brothers". Also, it is twilight time in my life and I just want to spend the rest of it in a meditative state as much as possible. I do silent and weekly fasts already and get alot out of them. Have you seen that documentary? lotsagratitude, Ron

Cool Ron! It was said to me many a time: don't worry about what other's think--that is there business. And finally don't worry about the "brainwashing," because most of us need to have it washed anyways. I used to live in Atlanta, GA for two years, and really loved the woods that one experienced once you got out of the city. Only problem was the uncivilized human components. I think the Jesup trip would be a nice break for you, as it appears as I'm up for the same in central CA. Peace, Mike

Interestingly, Central Ca. was very much like Central Ga. to me - there may even be more polarization of people in Central Ca.?You know, Dr. Mike, one of the blessings of my Mom's passing, is that I don't feel there is anyone I have to impress anymore. I spent so many years trying to please her, that I feel a great relief to be free of that burden.I am looking forward to spending much of the rest of my life in meditation - a transcendent state of selflessness. When I am there, it definitely does not matter what anybody else thinks!I am creating a meditation center at least in my Self, and possibly a material one, whatever that is what I am doing, and the students may come or it just may be big ol' me, and that is alright! It will be interesting to share experiences, as I may be led to take it into prisons or not? No mistake, Ron

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dawn has come at Death


Death is not extinguishing the light; it is only putting out the lamp because the dawn has come.

Rabindranath Tagore

Friday, May 15, 2009

Community Created One Conscious Breath at a Time

desmond green has sent you a message on Architects of a New Dawn

It is truly awesome and satisfying to be here in spirit with all of us who are co-creating this divine space and community of humans who are accepting ourselves completely and the rest of life unconditionally. It is dreams coming true and hopes being fulfilled as we feel, and touch, and see ourselves as the one truth, expressing as the many states of consciousness which each of us is manifesting.How deeply rewarding as we extend our hearts and intentions towards each other in love and trust, knowing that we are simply doing what we are meant to do, that is, to love ourselves and others freely and fully.This is a priceless experience and it is not by chance because we are the ones creating it, and we are the ones with the skills to continue doing it. The greatest joy however, is that as we practice and perfect our conscious deep breathing skills we only will keep multiplying our quality of life and relationships.Indeed this is the day and state of consciousness that our universe is meant to host for all of us, and we are the ones who are awakening to usher it in for ourselves, and all of those who are to come.We belong here because we are investing our love and joy to make it our new earthly home of joy.Have fun one conscious deep breath at a time.

Comment by Clinton Doherty 33 minutes ago
Thanks I have been through allot latley and something sparked with in me about a month ago. It was like my learning stoped and I started to act in love instead of see it from a third person. I really am everyday filling my self and others with that amazing energy. So again love you all.
Comment by desmond green 21 hours ago
My Heart is full and overflowing with the love coming from all of our hearts right now. Yes Brooks, Silja, Clinton, Ron, and the rest of our beings. It is a wonderful feeling just to feel all of us in spirit and truth. My only words for this awesome connection is this is true love indeed. Eye love you with all of how eye am feeling.Thank you all for being here as the Architects and co-creators of the new dawn and the new earth.
Comment by Clinton Doherty 1 day ago
Awe thanks guys so much. Its trully an honor having somebody listen and journey to the way I present it outwardly. Its awsome. Its a sharing and im glad you tried it and shared with me. Much love every one clinton.
Comment by Silja Saareoks 1 day ago
Clinton,It is so great that you've shared with us all this wonderful video. That's what is all about - to find the own personal experiences and to share with one another.I think it is vital to stay open, then we have the way for development. I've found entering the meditative state so easy lately, without no effort just by allowing to flow into it.I'm really grateful for all of you that you're being here and for all of the sharing. It is truly wonderful to be with you all. Thank you, Silja
Comment by Ron Alexander 1 day ago
I enjoyed that Clinton, I felt like I was in a beautiful coral garden under the sea, and became one with the turtles above. To me the music was muffled like being underwater, and it was Onederful! Thank you, Ron
Eye Love you too Clinton. This joyful way of loving ourselves completely and the rest of life unconditionally is truly mind blowing and soul affirming. We are the new dawn of the age of true love and self and life affirming living.Have fun one conscious deep breath at a time.Desmond

Harnessing the Energy Of Love

Friday, May. 15 (

Someday, after we have mastered the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love. Then for the second time in the history of the world, we will have discovered fire.
Teilhard de Chardin

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Who or What Inspires You to Have Unconditional Love?

Who or what inspires u to feel unconditional love?
Posted by Linda Lawson on April 22, 2009 at 9:55am in Return to Love
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In a simple, ordinary , straight from the heart way, my dog Ruby, shows me how to hold unconditional love, not as an after thought rather as my first nature. She places no demands or expectations on me that I must meet in order to experience this union of hearts with her. Its there like air to enjoy, to remind me to pass it on..

Replies to This Discussion
Permalink Reply by Ron Alexander 28 minutes ago

Great, Linda! Yes, my two wonderful dogs for the last 25 years - Honey and now 17 year old Hershey (who I rescued from a flood in California about 15 years ago) have been Onederful givers of unconditional love to me.

However, I want to share a post from the Meditation site, where Silja reminds us of remembering our purpose of meditating:Comment by Silja Saareoks:
To Be Blessed With Unconditional Love (Ron's title)

Here's one meditation I'd like to share with you all. I started with just letting pass the pictures and memories that are coming when entering the meditation. There's no use for fighting with them, as it is always something that needs to be worked with. In a few minutes they just stop coming, when not fighting with them and neither giving them any concentration of the energy. Then I started breathing through the chakra channel until all the blocking opens and until feeling the warmth and until the breathing goes through without any stopping. To be noticed, it should be much more than imagining just the human body, it should eventually reach also the center of the earth and to be sent up to the whole cosmos. When doing it, we should involve the feeling of unconditional love.Then imagine the light rays coming out from our heart center. Who has done the meditation with the colored lights before, or the meditation for the Sun, it should be quite easy to imagine. Just put all the colors of light into the one light ray, imagining the whole spectrum of the colors or the rainbow colors in the way they move from one to another. It should be done until the total feeling of the light rays spreading out to all over. But also keeping all those mentioned before, the breathing and the cosmical connection, just adding the light body. Then I also added the sending healing sound up, not literally by singing it, but imagining it through the meditation. (Using the voice to open the energy system gives the immense effect to inner improvement. When practiced a lot, it can be easily recalled the imagination and feeling of doing it when meditating.) Now just using all those mentioned before together it really gets to so deep meditative state, that it just can't be described in a words. Just the five minutes in it can give so much.*It is not meant to be like some instruction to fallow, it is rather a suggestion to combine the different methods, that you've already used and practice before to make it even more powerful and for finding new in each time we meditate. What I really liked when reading the internet pages Joel mentioned before, was the dragging attention to purpose of the meditation. To understand and to feel what we're doing it for. To Be blessed with unconditional love.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Privileged Vocation

WORD FOR THE DAY Monday, May. 11 (

In a world so torn apart by rivalry, anger, and hatred,
we have the privileged vocation to be
living signs of a love that can
bridge all divisions
and heal all wounds.

Henri Nouwen

What is Real Privilege?

Recently, I left my status as a "privileged" person, as normally seen, in this society.I was almost completely left out of my Mom's will. There were lots of reasons, even though, I was the "familycaregiver", I was also resented for being a "liberal" (really more "conscious") here in the South.To a family, who woke up every morning and went to bed in the evening to Fox News, I was scapegoated for "scolding and satirizing" them for that. I was the traveler, the adventurer, and the one who respected Eastern Religions, and liberal theology. I was the one who warned them that they could not take their possessions to their graves. I was the one who went to California for grad. school and stayed out there for 14 years.I came back and saved my Brothers' life., three condemned houses and then my nephews' life. I found out later that Mom was "humiliated" because I choose to do that. Somehow, it made her feel "less than".

Yet I was shocked to be virtually left out of the will, and I realized then what a "priviliged" lifestyle I had been living. I had the financial security that enabled me to travel to be an adventurer. I did not feel like I had to save an nest egg, to work to retirement. I did it all while I was young. I was fortunate to have that feeling of security.Now, that the security blanket is gone, I have been really doing what it takes to feel really secure inside - meditation, prayer, groups, intense study of more liberal theology, etc.Here is what I have found that is "Real Privilege" to me. It is called Divine Inheritance!

We have so many journey's in this lifetime, unfortunately most of us go through them with our eyes closed. I am so glad you have realized the beauty in your journey & what "real privilege" truly is. Very inspirational. Love, RC

Friday, May 8, 2009

Celebrating Ourselves One Conscious Breath at a Time

Comment by desmond green 1 day ago
What a joy to be in this truly sacred conscious community of awakened loving lights. It adds spiritual stamina and bliss to our here and now experiences of ourselves and one another.Eye just love us with all of my heart. Yes Ron, Silja, and all of our awesome community. We are love incarnate and revealed.Desmond
Comment by Ron Alexander 1 day ago
Wow, Silja, Just ditto with Desmond's beautiful admiring words below.I just saw an amazing film today about Vipassana Meditation being taught in a prison in Alabama no less. It is call The Dhamma Brothers. They worked with hardened lifers mostly in for murder. After a ten day silent meditation retreat, these guys went through an amazing transformation. They continued a meditation group afterwards but had to shut it down (2002) because of a Christian chaplain, but continued the group under another name and with a new chaplain and warden, the teachers came in for another ten day retreat in 2006 and the group is flourishing, And the teachers were able to go into another prison in Alabama.As a result of watching this film, I wish all prisons would incorporate it, and I will probably refresh & restart my Vipassana Meditation!

Thank you Silja for your truly wonderful meditation experiences. It is so really glorious that as you surrendered to your breath completely you also found your wholeness. It is also so comforting to understand that by wrapping your consciousness around your breath you experience your own bliss so fully. Our joy is in our practice and as we do it we are awakening from within to all that is appearing to be without. We are truly the new earth and energies rediscovering how to celebrate our divine human potentials.Thank you for yourself and all of the love that we are all contributing to one another. We are indeed the way that life is intending to manifest as all of humanity.Lots of love and joy.

Comment by Silja Saareoks 9 hours ago To Be Blessed With Unconditional Love

Here's one meditation I'd like to share with you all.I started with just letting pass the pictures and memories that are coming when entering the meditation. There's no use for fighting with them, as it is always something that needs to be worked with. In a few minutes they just stop coming, when not fighting with them and neither giving them any concentration of the energy.Then I started breathing through the chakra channel until all the blocking opens and until feeling the warmth and until the breathing goes through without any stopping. To be noticed, it should be much more than imagining just the human body, it should eventually reach also the center of the earth and to be sent up to the whole cosmos. When doing it, we should involve the feeling of unconditional love.Then imagine the light rays coming out from our heart center. Who has done the meditation with the colored lights before, or the meditation for the Sun, it should be quite easy to imagine. Just put all the colors of light into the one light ray, imagining the whole spectrum of the colors or the rainbow colors in the way they move from one to another. It should be done until the total feeling of the light rays spreading out to all over. But also keeping all those mentioned before, the breathing and the cosmical connection, just adding the light body. Then I also added the sending healing sound up, not literally by singing it, but imagining it through the meditation. (Using the voice to open the energy system gives the immense effect to inner improvement. When practiced a lot, it can be easily recalled the imagination and feeling of doing it when meditating.)Now just using all those mentioned before together it really gets to so deep meditative state, that it just can't be described in a words. Just the five minutes in it can give so much.*It is not meant to be like some instruction to fallow, it is rather a suggestion to combine the different methods, that you've already used and practice before to make it even more powerful and for finding new in each time we meditate. What I really liked when reading the internet pages Joel mentioned before, was the dragging attention to purpose of the meditation. To understand and to feel what we're doing it for. To Be blessed with unconditional love.

Comment by desmond green
We have now completed the circle of unconditional self and life acceptance. It is a great and grand time for us. We the architects of the new dawn are truly awakened to our divine human status. This is a joy of limitless potentials and abundant bliss. As we celebrate ourselves one conscious deep breath at a time we are also setting that irreversible vibration of world joy and happiness into multiple motions.This is so much fun. Let us just keep doing it because it is by paying attention to our breath and breathing one conscious deep breath at a time, that we fully guarantee our well being and ensure our constant overflowing love.Desmond
Comment by Ron Alexander 19 hours ago
I am sending information for the powerful Ananda Mandala Guided Meditation, that I mentioned before - Kosmic music from India which can be seen at Om shanti, Ron (Divikar is my Sanskrit name)
Comment by Ron Alexander 1 day ago
I have just returned from a sound healing/meditation with crystal bowl, and voice, which has been powerful for me. The leader was sore from working in yard for last few days, so we all got her in the middle at the end, and with hands on,we sang her name and added a verse, "Olivia, you lift us higher!"It was so satisfying to watch her go to glowing as we were singing touching her.We were truly joined in oneness!Desmond, like some others in this group, your words are "sweet as honeycomb, soothing to the soul, and healing to the bone." loving gratitude, Ron

Biodiesel Vs. Ethanol

Alana Bliss has added you as a friend on Architects of a New DawnThank you for your biofuel post in the living green group. My partner and I converted out 81 school bus to run on straight veggie oil and drove to Costa Rica. Also I'm glad you pointed out the algae.

Ron, I was born Ronald Alexander Reid but swapped the first two names about 10 years ago. Al Electric cars is the way of the future. food shortages will make bio-gas far too expensive for the masses.Comment by Ron Alexander 19 hours ago Good question, Alexander -

Comment by Ron Alexander
A shortened revised The Freedom Fuel.docx
Most people do not know that biodiesel is not ethanol. The original fuel for the diesel was peanut oil. It can use any kind of oil, and is the only fuel that can be reclyable, as used cooking oil can be used and is used by many biodiesel users. Algae has become the favorite source, as it is a quick growing co2 eater and great oxygen producer. It is being grown in many waste ponds as well as swamps, marshes and salt water.
Diesel is a much superior engine. It is simpler, with no points, spark plugs, condensers, etc, need. It is more economical. It is much more durable. It is much safer. It does not produce dangerous carbon monoxide. Almost all commercial boats are run by diesel engines because of this. I used to be a passenger carrying yacht captain, and have rebuilt the engine myself in the tropics.
Biodiesel is a much more superior fuel than ethanol as it has much more lubricity being an oil, and has a lower flash point making it much safer. And very importantly it is biodegradable!
Europe knows about diesels and over 52 % of all autos there are diesel, and there is a 5 % mandate for all the fuel to be biodiesel. Even 1 % biodiesel improves the exhaust. In our state, the school districted has mandated 20% biodiesel for the school buses, as so many students have lung problems from toxicity of fossil fuels.The ultralow sulfur diesel mandate has really improved the fossil fuel exhaust in this country, and hybrid lovers were shocked when the new Jetta TDI (Yes it is a diesel) won the Green Car of the Year award this year. VW was not able to import the TDI for 3 years because of the EPA mandate, as they had a harder time engineering an affordable exhaust system to fit the EPA standards.The Jetta is just as efficient as an Hybrid, and is a much better performer with a carbon nuetral exhaust, which the gasoline hybrid still produces. The battery contains very toxic acid and has to rely on a usually coal driven power grid to charge it.
For more information, you may look up or read Josh Tickell's book Biodiesel America. I will attach one of my articles for you to read: Also you can scoll down and read the article I wrote below: Surprise - the Green Car of the Year is a Diesel!

Comment by Ron Alexander 19 hours ago Good question, Alexander - I have alot of big plastic container full of the "E Junk". I have the same last name, you know it means "defender of humankind" from original Greek?I looked in local newspaper this morning and was happy to find my piece onSurprise, the Green Car of the Year is a Diesel, except they titled it Clean Diesel offer environmental benefit Whatever I sent it out to local new biodiesel plant, as after seeing the film Whaledreamers yesterday, I want to spend more time promoting a biodegradable, carbon neutral fuel - biodiesel. Our beautiful marine beings would really appreciate not being poisoned by fossil fuels and so will our children and all of us! RonP.S. Portion of the film's proceeds are going to help save the rain forests.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Meditation Group on Architects of the New Dawn

Comment by Ron Alexander
I enjoy a pranayama/chakra meditation called "Ananda Mandali" put out by a leader of the Oneness Movement ( Desmond and Silja below, I really get alot out of conscious breathing(pranayama) hence:
The whole universe is breathing as our breath; we limit the process by our assumption that we are doing the breathing.
Pir Vilayat Inayat KhanAlchemical Wisdom

Comment by Silja Saareoks 2 hours ago
Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful sites and also your experiences. I'd truly recommend to take a look at these sites suggested by Joel, there sure is what to read about.

Comment by Joel Levey 7 hours ago
Aloha ))) It's heartening to explore the stream of inspirations and perspectives being offered her in this group. Over the past 40 years we've been blessed to study and practice intensively with many of the most revered contemplative teachers of our time including the Dalai Lama, Kalu Rinpoche, Krishnamurti, Vimila Thakar, Ram Dass, Pir Vilayat Khan, Goenka, Jack Kornfield, Dipama... and we have posted a website of essentialized guidelines for a wide variety of meditative practices, inspiring and affirming quotes, links, research, etc. for our friends, students, and colleagues around the globe. We invite you to explore these resources and hope they will inspire your own explorations and practice of these precious wisdom teachings. all beings awaken to their True Nature and Highest Potentials )))Joel & MIchelle Levey and

Comment by desmond green on May 3, 2009 at 1:10pm
We are always much more lovable than we can ever choose to feel and be,So open the wings of your imagination and feelings and set yourself free,To express, explore and experience yourself as passionately as you can today,Because all yesterdays and tomorrows are already your open fields of play...

Comment by Ron Alexander
I have just returned from a sound healing/meditation with crystal bowl, and voice, which has been powerful for me. The leader was sore from working in yard for last few days, so we all got her in the middle at the end, and with hands on,we sang her name and added a verse, "Olivia, you lift us higher!"It was so satisfying to watch her go to glowing as we were singing touching her.We were truly joined in oneness!Desmond, like some others in this group, your words are "sweet as honeycomb, soothing to the soul, and healing to the bone." loving gratitude, Ron
Comment by desmond green

Eye Love you Ron, Silja, And all of our other breath dancing team mates.Desmond
Comment by desmond green
We are truly accepting our breath as our limitless potentials of joyfulness with every conscious deep breath that we take. As we surrender to our breath and find ourselves, we are now indeed set absolutely free to simply experience all of who and what we are and will always be. What a joyful time for all of us. What a richness and expansive love and bliss as we breathe together and shower the rest of our world with our loving passions!Eye love you as eye love myself and know deep down that you feel the very same way within yourselves.Thanks for all of us and our beauty.

Monday, May 4, 2009

More reasons I belong to the Architects of the New Dawn

Friends Add spice to our livesFrom desmond green
Thanks for choosing to be my friends everyone. It is truly enriching to fellowship with you as we travel together on this wonderful journey in consciousness back to our original sense of oneness. Have fun today as you celebrate your life one conscious deep breath at a time.

I am grateful to have a friend who would have to be conscious to write a message as inspiring as that. It sounds like you may be in touch with a Deeksha Blessing Giver ( In Joy, Ron
"Joy is the realization of oneness, the oneness of our soul with the supreme love." Tagore

From Candice Wilmore to
If interested, this site used to require registration but now open to all with "just a click"I suggest avoiding events from India unless you don't mind translation. http://www.mspeaks.comFor short, nice clip of Prem (Maharaji) read below and/or watch youtube of same. Best to all my friends here on Architects.

How amazing.. How amazing must be the love that this heart has for the peace!How amazing must it be the love that this heart has for being fulfilled!That in the middle of such a raging war, it is still looking, for that one very thing that it recognizes.The "passion", the "want" must be so great that in the middle of the emptiness it is searching to be fulfilled.This happens to be the story of every single heart that is here, residing in every single person that is sitting in this room. You should be impressed! That is courage re-defined, it really is! This is something else.The need must be so incredibly great that to go, to be rejected again and again and again out of that door,no go away,no go away, but to keep knocking, in the hope that some day this will open.How amazing is that! How beautiful is that!And I am not here to sing the praise of that, but to remind you again and again that this is the most beautiful thing!This moment called now, this life that is dancing in front of you.Accept it!Embrace it!

Captain Ego

(click on to enlarge illustration)
Gratitude For the Ego
Can we be "love finders rather than fault finders"?

I admire and I am inspired byMarianne Williamson. I quote her alot (see,) and I really like her book EVERYDAY GRACE. However, I see in a current article in Unity Magazine, she is quoted "The way A Course in Miracles talks about it, the ego is not a good thing: 'do not underestimate the vengeance of the ego, ' it says. 'The ego is suspicious at best and vicious at worst.' The ego is a lie about yourself that you have bought. It is a total lie."
She goes on to say that "we need a personality but not an ego - it is a false belief about ourselves.
The point is to get to the place where you can live ego-less."
Below is what Marianne wrote in EVERYDAY GRACE:
The attention we pay to the nature of our thinking, therefore is the most powerful attention we can pay. Our spiritual victory lies in rising above our mental forces of fear and limitation, using our wands to purify our thought forms, thus attaining the power to heal and be healed. We will think anew and and see anew. Such is humanity's next step, our spiritual challenge, our power and our destiny.
Is it not true that thinking of our ego in such a negative way is not "rising above our mental forces of fear and limitation?"

Also, when Oprah Winfrey was interviewing Eckhart Tolle online about The New Earth, I was sending email after email in the first few interviews about Eckhart making a mistake demonizing the ego. Yet, Eckhart has been one of my favorite consciousness teachers for years. The last part of The New Earth, as well as the last few interviews, he got off the ego's case, however, it is "spiritually correct" to bash the ego, especially after the publication of A Course in Miracles (ACIM). From what I understand, although he does not credit ACIM, Echart used to teach it.
Is this bashing of the ego duality?
Here is Webster's Dictionary definition: 1. the self as distinguished from others 2. the one of the three divisions of the psyche in psychoanalytic theory that is the organized conscious mediator between the person and reality.
The definitions of "egocentric, egoism, egotism, and ego trip" align more with ACIM sinister interpretations of the "ego". However, I would go along with Webster's definition before I would Eckhart's, Marianne's and A Course in Miracles'.
Duality is "having a double character or nature."
Oneness is a number denoting unity, and unity is a Reality in Metaphysics. "Be as one, as my Father and I are one" Jesus said.
Isn't splitting off our "ego" going against our goal of achieving Oneness?
Even if we consider the ego to be "the enemy", Jesus said to "love our enemies." Besides, don't most spiritual teachers direct us to love ourselves unconditionally?

I was blessed in being in ACIM study group in 1986/7 in Tiburon Ca., where I was working with Jerry Jampolsky at his wonderful Center for Attitudinal Healing (CAH). Much of the CAH Principles were derived and thankfully simplified from ACIM. I still use one as a mantra/prayer without ceasing called "Choose to be a love finder, rather than a fault finder". It is very helpful when I find myself becoming judgemental. Can we apply that principle to the "vicious ego"?
Now, what can I find to love about my ego? Well, I like that "conscious mediator" definition for one.

Back to the ACIM study group, one of the "leaders" was Dr. Bill Thetford, the transcriber of the course. Dr. Bill was so "ego-less" at that time, that he would light-heartedly quip, when someone reacted against a quote from the tomes, "just tear out that page." He was continually giggling and maintaining to not take the Course that seriously. Bill told one friend July 3rd that he "had never felt so free", and then left his body on July 4th that year. So, if we really want to be "ego-less", we should be prepared to leave our body.
Or maybe like an angel on earth, where "we can fly since we take ourselves so lightly."
Perhaps, Marianne and Eckhart have achieved that status as egoless angels on earth? I would not be surprised! However, I suspect angels don't say negative judgemental things even about their former egos or anybody elses'? Indeed, Eckhart lightens up on the ego abit, when he writes in A NEW EARTH: When you observe the ego in yourself, you are beginning to go beyond it. Don't take the ego too seriously. When you detect egoic behavior in yourself, smile. At times you may even laugh, above all, know that the ego isn't personal. It isn't who you are. If you consider the ego to be your personal problem, that is just more ego.

Meher Baba said that while we are in our body, the ego is needed to get us to higher places.
Carl Jung said that the problem is that we let our egos be our masters, when they should be our servants.
I imagine Bill Thetford's ego had a lot to do with him becoming a Ph.D. and being a dept. head at Columbia U. As well, I am sure Marianne and Eckhart's egos had a lot to do with them writing inspiring books.
I have noticed that when "Gurus' from the East live in their transcendant state, they have quite a staff of maids, servants, body guards and others devoted to them. Recently, I even attended an event for a former nightwatchman for an Avatar who passed in the 1950's. I was impressed that this honored elder had his hand maidens waiting on him hand to foot.

In my life, I loved being a sailing ship captain. I enjoyed being in charge of the boat and everybody in it. I was definitely a Capt. Ego. Yet, this controlling part of me helped me to a place several times beyond the body into the blissful state of feeling oneness, freedom, and timelessness. One time I had a short overnight sail between the Berry Islands and Andros Island in the Bahamas. I did not want to get there before sunrise, because of the outlying coral reefs. And was glad it was light winds with a flat, noiseless sea. The moonless sky was clear of clouds. That area is on the interface of the shallow Great Bahama Banks and deep Tongue of the Ocean. The proximity means that many deep sea bioluminescent organisms flow up to the surface. Therefore, on this magic night, it was like flying through the cosmos with stars above and "stars" below. Everybody aboard would have been happy for that blissful night to never end - to sail on through the cosmos. We were completely in the Now.
Collectively, from ACIM, Jerry, Marianne and Eckhart I have learned to forgive by seeing the innocence in every person, and that even an attack is a call for love. Can we not do the same for our ego? And I am so grateful!

I forgive. I see the innocence. I can be a love finder rather than a fault finder. I can certainly laugh, and I am even grateful for my ego. Then there are blissful times when I am beyond it, and can fly like an angel, even while in a sailboat.

Friday, May 1, 2009

The Angels are Waiting for Us Now

This excellent thesis on angels is extracted from Marianne Williamson's 2nd chp. in EVERYDAY GRACE.

"Four corners round my bed'
four angels round my head.
One to watch, two to pray, and
one to chase bad things away."
It took me forty years to understand what a prayer like this is really saying.
Angels are thoughts of God, and to ask for angels to gather near is to ask for God's thoughts to overshadow our own. To pray to an angel is to look to a level of pure thinking, divine thinking, and to ask that it replace our thoughts of fear.
"One to watch": May the Spirit of love tend my thoughts, guarding the holiness that alone should remain on the altar of my mind.
"Two to pray": May I remain inconscious contact with God, ever alert to the miracles in my midst.
"One to chase bad things away": May God's Spirit cast out of my thoughts, and my world, the things that are not of love.
When we pray to something higher than ourselves, we are not praying to something outside of ourselves. Angels do not live "somewhere else"- ultimately we realize there is nowhere else - but simply in another realm of perception. They live within us as latent energies of divine power potential but not yet actualized within most of humanity. In summoning angels, we're responding to the evolutionary lure of the angelic state. We are recognizing angels as spiritual mentors who can lift our thoughts to the heights of truth. And as we rise to meet them, we will ultimately become them.
Angel wings are higher thought forms through which we transcend limitations, flying above the earthly fears that would otherwise hold us down.
The "flight" (Ron's word) to transcendent sensibility is neither even nor easy at times, but the difficulty of the journey sometimes turns out to be its blessing.
Indeed, there are ways in which the pain we suffered yesterday increases our power to work miracles today. For challenges teach us humility and faith. Having experienced the pain of a broken wing, and having been healed by the mysterious mercy of God, we then fly again with distinctive grace.
When we choose not to be an angel, the angels in our midst depart. People will tend to be to us what we have decided to be to them. Yet it can be difficult to shine on others when we do not honestly feel that there is a light within us. There is a light within us because God put it there.
Again, Ron's word, the light within us contains our angels, or conversely do the angels contain our light? Whichever, that is why "we must take ourselves lightly" so we can fly above any earthly self-imposed limitations.
Are we not being called by history to become the greatness that lies within us (our lightness -angels- of being). What happens to this earth now is up to us. We can remain who we are and sink further into the troubled world we have already made, or we can allow our hearts to crack open like cosmic eggs, out of which will emerge transformed creatures - our own true selves (our inner angels).
Look at it closely, in yourself and others, and tell me that creature does not have wings.