Monday, September 27, 2010

Awakening to Oneness Weekend

Oneness is the ultimate level where there is no plurality only absolute unity. The basic ONENESS is the ONE SOURCE. 'I AM ONE WITH THE ALL'
(I AM One with Source, therefore I AM One with ALL)

Another Benefit from Awakening into Oneness: "This too shall pass." (detachment & letting go). Finally, I realize that it is alright (maybe even necessary) to have a feeling, yet the key is how quickly can we move out of the debilitating emotions like anger & sadness. I enjoy the positive - joy, bliss, peace, yet even... they "shall pass". Being attached to negative or positive is the problem. Letting go is the solution - the quicker the better for the hurtful feelings. to Loving Oneness, ron

Benefits of Awakening into Oneness: More laid back, don't take much personally anymore, have more close friends, more in the flow, more of a Human Being as opposed to a human doing, healthier, more mindfulness, more compassionate, feel younger, more diversity, more creative, more certainty, more abundance, lighter, more peace, more playfulness, better student, better teacher, get more compliments, however I need them less, much less needy, more power, more peace, joy & love and that is just the start of a list. be as One, ron
Another Benefit from Awakening into Oneness, I used to wake up in dread most of the time, Now I wake up in Bliss most of the time.
Derek Stone: Ron that is great news you realise that after such a great awakening and enlightenment you may not need to reincarnate any more unless of course your Soul desires so. I have also found Heaven and I Love being in the Physical World with this so I want to be here forever.
Ron Alexander: I am so grateful, Derek, in Buddhism, You would be called a Boddhisattva - voluntarily coming back here to help end the suffering, and I can strongly identify with That!

Comment by Josephine:
Oneness is the ultimate level where there is no plurality only absolute unity. The basic ONENESS is the ONE SOURCE. 'I AM ONE WITH THE ALL'
Thanks for your Certainty Josephine,
Comment by Sharon Taphorn: I love that.... more of a human being as opposed to a human doing... wonderful, thanks again ron... yours in and blessings, sharon
Thank you, Dear SharONE! The quote that I am most impressed with is Josephine's: Oneness is the ultimate level where there is no plurality only absolute unity. The basic ONENESS is the ONE SOURCE. 'I AM ONE WITH THE ALL' .

Heaven is right here right now, when I realize Oneness right here right now.
Derek Stone: Thanks for sharing Ron so true. When one realises ones Godhood, Oneness and just who is inside us all then we are in Heaven; a state within. This is also confirmed in the Bible.
Unity Walker: Realize ~~ Maintain in Love. :)
Ron Alexander: Thanks for the supportive comments, Derek & Unity! The Kingdom of Love is Within and Love is the Maintaining Energy for the Kingdom that joins us in Oneness.
Garna Sorensen: so true this has to be heaven for it is truly heaven to be loved to be able to love and to come together as one...together we stand and divided we fall..i am experiencing this right now,,as are so many others as wer are truly one.

Most of the time during this magnificent weekend of "Awakening to Oneness" I was very outward with Loving Connecting Energy. However, this afternoon spending time in deep Sacred Space Meditation, I became reflective and my Loving Energy was inward. Some people there looked as if they were confused by my turn inwards, s...o I had to tell them that I was "feeling reflective". Wish I didn't have to say anything. Sometimes I wear a "Silent One" name tag, and I wished I had made one up today. Next time.
Silence can really enhance Oneness, if the talking One is sensitive and compassionate. Compassion is a big key to Oneness, ron

‎"Gentle hearts, who scatter seeds of loyalty and rain pure goodness down on this black earth: You've heard, no matter where, the state I'm in; Don't separate me from my love again." ~ Rumi

Friday, September 24, 2010

The New Age Satan

Bobby Hinkle ‎"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy." The thief is the ego, which comes in the darkness of a faithless mind and, using the weapon of world desire, steals away the consciousness of eternal life.

Ron Alexander: Thanks for your nondefensive answer Bobby! I learn alot from you and Unity. Wow, Unity, I am sorry, please forgive me for pushing your button(is that ego?), please forgive me, I love you.
I enjoy most of what you and Bobby write, however w...e don't need anymore dualistic condemning theology - like part of Old Testament and ACIM (most of it is brilliiant)
The ego is described by Freud as the CONSCIOUS mediator of reality for us - the part of us that can drive our car and take care of our body. Simply,it is known as our "self". The other part is the "superego" which we would call our Higher Self as in Reality.
Helen was the one who started demonizing the ego when she channeled ACIM. When I was studying with Bill Thetford(the Scribe) in the mid-80's, he told us to "tear out those pages." He had embodied the wonderful essence of ACIM - Oneness in Love! One average size book could be written called The Essence of ACIM and it would be one of the greatest Holy Books ever written!

And remember from the Bible - "the body is the temple of our spirit. & the kingdom of heaven on earth."

And to be here now, we need our body and ego!

I do believe in the ending of St. Francis's Prayer - "it is letting go of the self, that we are born to eternal life." However, I think you have to be ready to let go of your body also, and we will always have to face that profound choice. However, as of now at age 65, I have never felt more alive

Unity Walker: What buttons? I did not take offense... Was just thinking you may have taken what Bobby said in a way he didn't mean it. For me to say, Whoa, Ron, is like saying, "Lookie, here, Brother." I am passionate at times, but I ddin't take offense and apologize if it seemed I was attacking. Leggo my ego! LOL
Unity Walker: I LOVE St. Francis--Original Innocence--And yes, I agree that ego must not be demonized, for that reinforces the duality belief that evil is real. I love many of the principles of ACIM, though I do have a problem with ACIM'ers whose entire ...ACIM experience is just parroting the words back and forth and using those words to defend less than stellar actions on their own part. But then, anyone might do that at any time with any scripture. I do like what Thetford said about that. Like Solomon who said to the women who were fighting over the child and he ordered the child be split in half, Thetford was wise in pointing out that it would be better to tear out those pages than to fight over them. THAT said, ego does imagine enemies everywhere is looks, and in so doing, it sometimes ACTS as an enemy in defense of its beliefs. LOVE, Ron.
Ron Alexander: I do feel joined with you guys in Divine Love, and that is all that matters right! KISS (keep it simple sweetheart or Source)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Super Harvest Moon/Fall Eclipse

Watch out for the Super Harvest Moon - NASA Science
For the first time in almost 20 years, northern autumn is beginning on the night... of a full Moon. The coincidence sets the stage for a "Super Harvest Moon" and a must-see sky show to mark the change of seasons.
Some Great photos coming tomorrow!
These are from the Little River Inlet from the Isle of Light:

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Heaven is on Earth, and We are Joined in Divine Love

Ron Alexander: Blissful evening. It is so gorgeous out tonight that I am outside writing this on my deck. The moderate breeze is silky briney cooling, sweet smell of cedar trees and roses waft the air and the sound of the waves gently splashing on the talcum powder sand of beach is music to the ears with tree frogs and crickets addin...g to the symphony. And after an awesome Oneness Blessing Group 2 hours ago we walked to the beach gently lit by the near full moon. And Yennie was there with Jackie and Heaven is on Earth! We are All Joined in Divine Love,

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Noy Traba-g: Wooohaaaaah! Nothing can beat that > 'breezy feeling' mixed with the 'swooshing' of the giant waves' ... as carried thru to the babyish sand ... with the 'ribbittting' added to that 'symmetry'. Wow, that is just ... divine. Heavenly gooo...ooood! Great, Ronskers! Heyaw, I like wooden stuff (cedar tops!) and I can't help but join your nightingale's reverie > Seals and Crofts serenading with one of their best >
'CEDAR' Breeze (Summer Breeze, lol)
.... ♫ ... See the curtains hanging in the window, in the evening on a Friday night, a little light a-shining through the window, lets me know every thing's all right
'CEDAR' breeze, makes me feel fine, blowing through the jasmine in my mind, summer breeze, makes me feel fine ... blowing through the jasmine in my mind ...♫. :~D .... Ahoy-noy-Joy-buoyed! Wooof, wooof ... woooof!

Ron Alexander: Was going to bed, but gentle pillow like clouds started slowly rolling in under moon creating a luminous quilt like ever changing canopy of delightful ethereal shapes - a supernatural tripping trance.Kelly Faith Payne and Patricia Gianniou like this.

Derek Stone: Thanks for sharing Ron and I am so happy you have realised the Heaven within and also your own Godhood. We are all One, we are all equal and we are all Gods re-learning how to act like a God and treat each other like Gods. YE ARE GODS

Ron Alexander: Thanks Noy, Derek & all You "Likers"- Kelly, Alberta, Robyn, Patricia & Linda! Since God is Love and is The ONE, we are All ONE LOVE!

BEAUTIFUL HUMAN AWARD ♥ ~ Once you've been blessed, you can bless 8 humans (or more) who you think deserve an award. I know YOU ARE TRULY BEAUTIFUL. If you break the chain, nothing will happen. But it's always nice to know that someone thinks you're ...WONDERFULLY ......Wise, ...inside and out a truly Radiant Being!

Bobbi Newman: My heart is filled to overflowing and God's Grace and Light pours into me from divine mirrors like you.

"LOVE is not something you do, but
something you are. When LOVE is treated in your mind, you try to
figure out how to implement it to yield the best results. When LOVE
is felt in your heart it flows FREELY from you and raises the
vibrations of all it touches, and your LOVE will find those craving
...compassion, comfort, hope, LIGHT and LOVE. LOVE yourself, and your
LOVE will heal the world."~
Bent Kim Lundberg

We can all contribute now to changing the Universal Consciousness and thus make our Universe a better place to be for all and everything. Universal Consciousness responds to Love by giving Love back it also responds likewise to Negativity by giving Negativity back as Like attracts Like. Start now Feel Love, Think Love, Act Love, Be Love; because we all come from Love and are Love. Love Everybody (Derek)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Let There Be Peace on Earth

Bunni Vaughan Healy: International Day of Peace 9/21. As we pray for peace for the whole earth please remember - or find - that you don't have to wait for the rest of the world. You can live in peace today. Ohm... I Am... Amen

Beautiful colorful images, Vince and children singing the awesome Unity Peace Song. And great quotes from many sources. May peace begin with me Now!

Kahu Kahealani Kawaiolamanaloa Satchitananda: ‎"Knowing us as ONE with all makes it absurd to steal, lie, fight, or in any way bother anyONE, as it is yourself you steal from, wage war against, etc. It becomes absurd, and that will make us stop doing, or accepting these things.... Recognizing our ONENESS will change the world as we know it."~Bent Kim Lundberg
Thanks Kahu, they go together as One, ron
In Lak’ech Ala K’in I AM another YOU YOU ARE another ME WE ARE ONE ONE IS ALL ALL IS LOVE

Monday, September 20, 2010

Effortlessly is the Key (Going with the Flow)

Ron Alexander ‎"Live in the present. Do the things that need to be done. Do all the good you can each day. The future will unfold." Peace Pilgrim
(effortlessly is the key - my words) WORD FOR THE DAY (
Whale Communicators: Imagine the day when we realize we've given up effort!
It all just flows and we are the receive...r and purveyor of it all!
Grace isn't earned, it's allowed...(Struggle is highly over-rated! ;)
...~Joe Noonan

Paulette Ball: What a thought, Ron. Given up the effort, it all just flows! Imagine...
:-D Just imagine...and it's all coming together in the now......"(& I add in Oneness!)

Unity Walker: Love Peace Pilgrim! What authenticity of soul! Yes, effortlessly.
Yewguan Tan: the future will unfold. as will the past. effortlessly.

If you pay attention at every moment, you form a new relationship to time. In some magical way; by slowing down, you become more efficient, productive, and energetic, focusing without distraction directly on the task in front of you. Not only do you become immersed in the moment, you become that moment.Anon. Mindfulness as described above happens to me when I meditate alot!
So I meditate alot! Peace in, peace out, as One, ron


As we learn to have compassion for ourselves,
the circle of compassion for others --
what and whom we can work with, and how --
becomes wider.

Pema Chodron
When Things Fall Apart
A human being is a part of the whole that we call the universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separated from the rest -- a kind of optical illusion of his consciousness. This illusion is a prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for only the few people nearest us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living beings and all of nature.
~Albert Einstein

Noy: That was YEWnanimously unprecedented. I wish I could be prefixed (even affixed) every now and then, lol! True! Effortlessly swing like a butterfly perching on a rose (that is Yew's) - swift and smooth.
Peace Pilgrim ... an amazing woman w...ho did walk her talk. Very inspiring, indeed. Isn't it cool > her legacy leaves on and almost everyone is going for it. As soon as the grim weather on my end clears up, my princess and I would 'tail' her passion. Back to walkathon by the woods. At the same time, would surely be throwing her one-word mantra to the whole universe - let things unfold >...... PEACE ~

Sunday, September 19, 2010

“Oneness” Awakening Course Returns to Unity!

"Knowing us as ONE with all makes it absurd to steal, lie, fight, or in any way bother anyONE, as it is yourself you steal from, wage war against, etc. It becomes absurd, and that will make us stop doing, or accepting these things.... Recognizing our ONENESS will change the world as we know it."~Bent Kim Lundberg

Margaret Hiller, Spiritual Leader
Unity Christ Church
Surfside Beach, SC

“Oneness” Awakening Course
Returns to Unity!
Rev. Dr. Michael Milner & Rev. Suzanne Champlin
3 Blessing Giver Workshops & Sunday Celebratory Talk

I attended the Kanuga Retreat in Hendersonville and had the pleasure of meeting Margaret & Dave. It was a joy spending time with them in the workshop they presented.
Unity of Pendleton has two members that will be in attendance at the One...ness Awakening Course Sept 24-27. Marge Quiney and Koreen Sweet are eagerly looking forward to the experience.
Love & Blessings to all of you!
Ruth Looper
Thanks, Rev. Ruth, and I always enjoy your inspirational sermons and the warm fellowship of your sweet congregation, and Marge & Koreen will have the pleasure of joining with Marlene, who has already gone through training down here. So I look forward to being part of an awesome Oneness Blessing Group when I visit there! Loving Oneness, ron

FRIDAY, SEPT. 24: 7-9PM “Intro to Oneness Blessing” Love Offering


SAT., SEPT. 25: 10AM-4:30PM “Deepening Into Oneness” Workshop
Cost: $88

SUNDAY, SEPT. 26: 11 AM Celebratory Service
Rev. Dr. Michael Milner, speaker: “What’s Up On Planet Earth: Global Awakening”

SUNDAY, SEPT. 26: 1:30-4:30PM “Deepening Your Connection with the Divine”
Suggested Donation: $25

MONDAY, SEPT 27: 10AM-4PM “Dark Room, Sacred Space & Mukti Deeksha”
For initiated Deeksha Givers only ~ Love Offering

Attend any of the Fri. - Sat. events to learn about the Oneness blessing, or
If you attend all 3 workshops (Fri., Sat., & Sun.) you can be
Initiated as a Oneness Blessing Giver on Sunday.

For more information go to

Bunni Vaughan Healy: Fantastic workshops coming up this coming weekend at Unity Myrtle Beach. There will be workshops on Fri., Sat. & Sunday after which anyone who wants to can become a Oneness Blessing (Deeksha) Giver. (All three days required for that.Bunni Vaughan Healy: Monday there will be another workshop for those who have become Deeksha Givers (at this weeken or in the past). Quite a few of us who already did all the workshops are doing them all again. It was THAT good. Life changing I think. Perhaps my life has changed by coincidence since my first oneness blessing. Could be. Could be not. The info is all at I'll be posting this on the Unity page tomorrow. I'm putting it here for anyone who isn't a friend of the Unity page and is interested. Rev. Dr. Michael Milner and Rev. Suzanne Champlin (his wife) will be doing the workshops and they are great. (

Unity Christ Church: Special Events
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Best Relaxation Meditation Ever! Relax anywhere, anytime! Bondi Beach Sy...

Bobbi Newman: likes this.
Bobbi Newman: What a great tape that is. I'd return here again and again.
Thanks dear Sacred Sister! And I think a key is to get past the "imagination" and have a direct Divine Experience wherever you are.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Florida Gathering Meditation

‎"10-10-10 where we gather to end separation and begin..."
I am seriously thinking of going after seeing this clip. Loving Oneness, ron

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Love Everybody, Divine Mirrors, & Beyond to Oneness

Derek Stone: Everyone is Beautiful, Everyone is Loveable, Everyone has Self-worth, Everyone came from Love and Everyone is Love. It doesn't matter what Colour you are, what Religion you believe, whether you are fat, thin, tall, short or even striped, etc. Nobody is better than anybody else as we are all One; we are all Love. Love Everybody

We are created to love and be loved. Mother Teresa
Unity Walker: We are created AS love

You are the only ONE who knows exactly who you are.
Never let others make you less than the immense beauty of magnificent you.
Remember that you are totally unique in this vast universe, and that you are, and has always been a whole being.
(Bent Lundberg)

Sunie SeventhHeart ‎" There is a Power in this Universe accessed by being the state of love within. It heals all things. It balances all confusion. It awakens the light within all things... and it is within you. It waits for you to love you so much so that by doing so you awaken yourself to notice you are loving all. Love away, my friends, love away."

Michael Milner: The outer world is a reflection of the inner world, faithfully mirroring your inner state. All outer spiritual forms, experiences, gurus, masters & teachers, no matter how powerful & compelling, merely reflect as a mirror your own true Divine Nature.

Gregg Winston: Where is the boundary between the "inner world," and the "outer world?" Are there two worlds?

Michael Milner: No boundary exists.There is actually no "inner" or "outer". It's really all ONE. What is felt & experienced in consciousness is reflected in so-called "outer" manifestations. Words & concepts always fall short... they just point the way. Never msitake the finger for the moon. Hahaha

Unity Walker ~♥~ Words ABOUT God are poor substitutes for the actual EXPERIENCE of God as my Within and my Without, my Everywhere At Once. As I let go of words I can experience free floating in LOVE. ~~ In stillness and in silence, I can experience God as True Self, one of the Many As ONE. LOVE Itself is now known to me as the matrix of All I AM. ~♥~ OM ~♥~
Jeanne(of Crone to the Bone) commented on Ron Alexander's blog post 'love Everybody, Divine Mirrors & Beyond to Oneness': Great quotes! Seems we could spend our entire lives trying to define love... and still the next generation finds new descriptions and writes new poetry.


"The Silent Prayer" - Tobias/Geoffrey Hoppe - Crimson Circle Shaumbra

Here is the script of this "The Silent Prayer" by Tobias, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe - video by ilove2feelgood and put out by
In my heart, I accept my perfect Being.
I accept that the joy I have intended is already in my life.
I accept that the love I have prayed for is already within me.
I accept that the abundance I have sought already fills my life.
In my truth, I accept my perfectr Being.
I take responsibility for my own creations
and all things that are within my life.
I acknowledge the Power of Spirit that is within me.
I know that all things are as they should be.
In my wisdom, I accept my perfect Being.
My lessons have been carefully chosen by my Self
and now I walk through them in full experience.
My path takes my on a sacred journey with divine purpose.
My experience becomes a part of All That is...
In my knowingness, I accept my perfect Being
In this moment, I sit in the golden chair.
I know that I am an Angel of Light.
I look upon the Golden Tray - the gift of Spirit
and know that all my desires have been fulfilled.
In love for my Self, I accept my perfect Being.
I cast no judgements or burden upon myself.
I accept that everything in my past was given in love.
I accept that everything in this moment comes from love.
I accept that everything in my future will result in greater love.
In my Being, I accept my perfection and so it is.

I accept my perfect Being...
Linda Jean Morel: Hess Beautiful, thanks !!!
Ida Rose: O Ron!! "The Silent Prayer" is beautiful . It is so indeed!!!!!>>>>>
.Ron Alexander: O Ida Rose, I am going to have to watch it again, thank you, yes indeed!

Noy Traba-g:
In acceptance ... acknowledging ... knowing ... being non-judgmental ... in love ... with love - loving thy self and the rest ... in Oneness with All ... welcoming/embracing everything therein - its whole entities.
Thanks for this beautiful share, Ron. A culmination of all that most of us love: the healing waters of the deep - soulful playground of its majestic residents; the moon symbolizing reflections of (in life) - in quietude; the instilling message ... plus the evocative tune (Benedictine?) that binds the lot. It does lift the spirits to its highest. All blended perfectly! Gosh, how many times did I replay it? LOL!
Have a lovely day, folks - love you Ron, love you All ... love this world! Sending each one of you bliss-filled joy! Bless ~

Ida Rose; That I am!!!Beautiful,Thank you for reminding me again of that fact again. Ron Alexander: Yes, dear Ida, O You Are, I AM! loving Oneness, ron

Monday, September 13, 2010

Reflections on Emptying Thoughts with Meditation

"Emptying thoughts with meditation" - I have had several people tell me they can't do this, and I can't either. What I have found is that "clarifying, watching, and not attaching to the thoughts is a key." Such as watching clouds (sometimes dark ones) moving across the sky (of the mind) and allowing the wind (of your ...breath) to push them over the horizon. In addition, I always add a Loving Kindness &/or a Forgiveness prayer and an affirmative I AM (I AM Divine Love in Action, Divine Light, for example) to the sitting. May all Beings Be Free & Happy, ron

‎"Sit quietly, and listen for a voice that will say, Be more silent". - Rumi.

Friday, September 10, 2010

How to Create Happiness

‎"I believe that happiness comes from within and that we create our happiness or suffering by our thoughts and actions. Take the time to breathe!!! In silence there is peace. So give meditation a try. It does wonders." Donna Stead - She is a yoga teacher, Reiki Master, and a Oneness Blessing Giver plus plus plus and sh...e owns the Yoga Room. It is her birthday today, and she deserves to have a Blissful Day every Day. Thank you for all you do, Dear Donna!

Abraham Hicks - Consciousness of your cells

Watch how you label (create & perpetuate illness) yourself - here a self-described "diabetic" learns that is not who he really is...
Noy Traba-g: Loveelee! The mind dictates, the body follows. Saying/feeling it - and it does manifest. 'I was ill' onto 'I am well'. It truly (and undoubtedly) happens. Cells are clusters of law-abiding citizens in the body waiting for the order (and they wouldn't want to disappoint, lol!). Hence, a bouncy tune: 'I am amazing, beautiful, charming, dandy, exciting, funny ... unique, versatile, witty, x-citing, yummy, zany' (alphabetically yours, lol!). Pow!
Eva Tzouma: Our non-physical body, composed of tiny particles of light that interact with our physical body. Whenever we do a thought, positive or negative, we provoke a reaction among them. Negative thinking causes a tendency to view things irreparabl...y or impossible to happen.

For example, if someone get disappointed by a setback in his work, he gets a bottle of whiskey and drunk. This might not be dangerous for himself but could be for someone else especially if he drives the car drunk.

Now, how this negative event related to the mechanism of non - physical body. It's very simple, it reduces the flow of energy in our physical body and that causes gradually, if we do negative thoughts for many years, the sense that we are powerless to provoke any change in our lives.

But this is an illusion. Any time we decide to change our reality the flow increases again, strengthens the body and the feeling of weakness disappears.
The issue here is what we decide we want to happen in our lives. By changing the way we think we change our reality.

It is well known to all those who have knowledge of the internal reality of the fact that the more self-knowledge we acquire the greater the flow of energy in the body is and the more awaken our consciousness of who we really are becomes.

..."Not going with the flow is what is at the heart of every negative emotion that you have." ~Abraham-Hicks