Friday, July 18, 2008

Inspiration: Would you rather be right, or would you rather be happy?

What I have been mostly touched by lately is "Would you rather be right, or had you rather be happy?"

I choose joy, and the best definition I have heard of joy, is by Tagore - "Joy is the realization of oneness, the oneness of our soul with supreme love."

What is "supreme love"? Well in the Bible it says that "God is Love" & "Abide in love, and you abide in God." Also, "Behold what manner of love the Father hath bestowed, that we should be called the sons (children) of God." 1 John 3:1

Love builds, and hate destroys and we have free will to choose!
I choose the joy of my oneness with Divine (God's) Love.
in Joy, Ron

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Are you ready to help ignite the Grace Light? A Global Event -Namaste Light Workers

More info. on the Power of July 17th Full Moon Deeksha Gathering
7:00 -- 8:30 PM

“Committing to Oneness”
A Learning-To-Love-Every-One Group
with Ron Alexander

Be certain to attend this Special Evening of
"Committing to Oneness".

On July 17, local Deeksha Blessing Giver, Beth Inman, will be
helping us receive the Grace of Oneness.


Something extraordinary is happening! The Grace of God in the form of Light is coming to the earth to help usher in the Golden Age that is anticipated by many to start in 2012. This event is triggering the Light of the Golden Age and gives us all an opportunity to assist the transformation to the Satya Yuga (Age of Truth).

A perfect place and experience to fully enjoy benefits of
"The Full Moon of the Guru" (Grace Light)

The "Full Moon of the Guru" or Guru Purnima (July 17) is an ancient tradition in India when heavenly teachers offer powerful blessings to the human race. It is a time of opportunity for divine energy to enter the collective heart of humanity, bringing new levels of compassion, joy, peace, and divine intelligence to the world.

A $20.00 Love Offering is suggested for this special Deeksha Blessing
by Beth Inman

Namaste Light Workers!

Are you ready to IGNITE the GRACE LIGHT?! Here are some specific instructions on what to do on July 17, 2008. Remember this is a GLOBAL event and the more people who participate the more powerful this phenomenon will be for everyone on the planet. Please do your part and spread the word so that millions of people will be Meditating Simultaneously for the awakening of the Grace Light on the planet. This event comes exactly 1 year after the global "Fire the Grid" event, coincidence?! I don't think so! Pass it on!


Something extraordinary is happening! The Grace of God in the form of Light is coming to the earth to help usher in the Golden Age that is anticipated by many to start in 2012. This event is triggering the Light of the Golden Age and gives us all an opportunity to assist the transformation to the Satya Yuga (Age of Truth). Find out more:

GLOBAL MEDITATION: July 17 8pm Pacific Time

The TIME to create a divine awareness of the Grace Light is 11pm Eastern Time / 8pm Pacific Time. Please check your time zone and plan accordingly:

What to do on July 17:

Guided Meditation:

For more instructions to go

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Planetary Environmental Concerns & Soldier's Hearts

I have just returned from Thailand, and guys we have so much to learn from this people regarding living with nature.
They are phenomenal, they are simply a true example of what we all should do.
I am trying to apply some of their techniques and I hired a Thai expert to develope their green respect with the touch of elegance and beauty this Thai people are developing, I am simply impressed. No wonder why the most beautiful hotels and theme parks are in Thailand, and gosh how delicate and sweet are the ladies... wowwwww...
Agustin Ortiz,


Thats a leap in faith for me ... I served in Nam' and Thailand in 68 and 69 and their idea of green was to throw all of the garbage out of the window of the hut and when it got higher than the hut, they moved the hut ...

Best regards, Vernon C./Vpc
Vernon Collins,

Well Vernon, back in the late 60's no one care about green or yellow or polution, that was against all odds.
Now Thai's are learning thet they have just a few ways of survival, and one is to take care and watch for their land and forest, thailand is one of the most efervecent countries nowadays for European tourists, and Germans (they only beleive that the black forest is the only forest they can travel) are so exigent on cleanliness, no moskitos, no wild animals, (I mean for a German a rat is a wild animal), and Thais have ñearned to deal with this eloquent and theatrical tourists excelent, and I admire what they have done.
Agustin Ortiz,


I hope its true for themselves and themselves alone, they're a proud an vigilant country and I hope that which you indicated is a self pragmatic paradigm for themselves and their fellows.

My best regards, Vernon C./Vpc
Vernon Collins,

Vernon, Why just for "themselves alone"? The whole planet needs to work together to heal the environmental problems. "The wind from a butterfly wings affects the whole world." This is a paraphrase, of course, but I got to experience the winds from a volcano thousands of miles away and three days previously. These abnormally high winds came along the jet stream unexpectedly (we did not understand these effects back then) and sunk many boats in the "protected" harbor I was in. I was fortunate to be aboard, and used diesel power to face the wind along with my two set anchors. I had to wear goggles & a snorkle to see and breath through the spray. For less fortunate vessels that were flying by me set free by the wind and heading to the rocks, I had students fending them off with boat poles. They were going too fast to catch them.

We all need to work together, Ron

Wow, Ron....I was there on the boat with you as i read it!!! What an experience...sure makes you grateful for every minute you get granted from then on!
Marie-Dominique D,

I certainly understan your repulsion of Thais, afterthe Kemish rouge, and after learning about the killing fields, you won't beleive that those kids are now able to stand up a nation, and what they have done in tourism, it's unbeleivable, Orient express is now owned by thailandese, the most luxurious venues in the world are located in the killing fields, and the remains of the 60's war are forgotten in the minds of Thais, they are respectfull, open, and overall welcoming all sort of tourits and don't care about their menthality, the only think I dislike is the protitution, the girls so young and pretty shoen in the hookers apparel like cattle, and the ugly "looking for sex" tourists geting drunk and abusing of the prostitution in Bangkcock, well that happens in other cities in the world but I have never seen the industry of prostitution like in Bangcock, its a "bang, bang" 24 hours a day.
Agustin Ortiz

Can you believe it? How many posts ago I wrote that "this too shall pass?" I think that most of us want to have planetary committment to good environmental solutions to any problems. Don't you agree?

"The modern world is developing an almost mystic consciousness of the continuity and interdependence of humankind." Jane Addams (many years ago)

Good to hear from you, Ron

"Treat the earth well: We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children"-Ancient American Indian Proverb, well said, huh? Ron


Well said Ron - well said. . . Our stewardship decides tomorrow.

William Kovach

Dear Augustin,great words,but allow me to suggest that I find it better not to even mention the aspects which you dislike. You are indirectly advertising for them unless you can choose your audience.
Ron I had forgotten that great one. Thx., can spread the word in fertile minds.
Amir Hedayat-Vaziri,

Good point again Amir - Thoughts are things - chose the good ones!

William Kovach,

This audience of course (I hope) is for adut people with strong moral values, I wanted to reafirm and retreive Vernn's repulsion to Thailand and the bad experiences he suffered back in the 60's, and certain things that has not changed since then when US troops stationes in Bangcock and left what now they are making money out of it. It is certainly disgusting and lack of moral, but in the other hand to see how they are building a nation, taking advantage of their disadvantages its amazing.
Agustin Ortiz,

Agustin - Many people that served in that debacle hold the same opinion.
IT was a difficult time for many and the country, indeed the entire area, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, was cetainly not what it might be now. Unfortunately, those of us who served still have thoughts of that time frame etched forever in our minds.
It was a difficult time. . .
If, indeed, the area has progressed, all the better for the people.

There is an old saying - "You can certainly make chicken soup out of chicken poop - just don't ask me to drink it. . . ".

It might be a super area, a renaissance, a new world. . . for me, I'll have to pass. . . sorry

William Kovach,

I certainly understand you, and I also have my nightmares with all these asians, I served in 1972 til 75 in 'nam at the navy and yes, everytiime I see these asians, my nightmares and records of the past pops up in my mind, and for me china can be the economy of the future, but they are not more than !""E#$%& chinese, the always fear army of 'nam and Korea, some of us have memories of the past, but I have recovered from those nights with fear waiting for the order of battle in Asia, for the wake up calls at the same places.
Agustin Otiz

I don't mean to stir up old pain, Agustin - please believe me. . . for me, the cure was to lock that all away and move forward. It was a painful time for all who served.
I bear no malice to anyone. . . I just prefer to keep the lock on the door.

William Kovach,

For all of us Viet Nam era ex-soldiers, I recommend
Dr.John Fisher is a friend of mine and is on the Board of Directors. He spoke at our church Sunday, and he is really impressed by the community that Viet Nam has for their ex-soldiers, which we don' t have, and how closely he was taken into their community on one of his trips there. One of his life's mission is to help create community for Iraqi Vets.

"There is more room in a broken heart." Ron

Dear Ron, I brwosed over this web page, and some tears came down, what a remarkable project John Fisher is doing, I found a couple of friends there, well, I hope God is taking care of them and I hope this part of history does not come back again and Irak is the last chapter of the book of human horrendous chaos.
Agustin Ortiz,

Thanks for sharing
Agustin Ortiz, ...

Agustin - embraso, mi amigo. Thank you for serving. Ron - thank youB
William Kovach,

Agustin - embrazzo, mi amigo. Thank you for serving. Ron - thank youLet's all move on pleaseThat was then; this is NOW

Ron, "There is more room in a broken heart" is so is something I personally understand and have, as God has filled the hurt part of my heart with His love to help heal it and to help others by sharing His love from my heart to theirsl who are hurting. It makes perfect sense, being His servant of healing.Love and blessings to all.Marie-Dominique (on a break)
Marie-Dominique D, .

Bill,I can understand Agustin' desire to have the Asian Population be a wonderful thing ... unfortunately I can't help him in that duologue, some of the pictures still play through my mind and my thoughts. And it wasn't a paradise then and in my mind isn't now. I know people who are here now from Thailand, and they don't see it in his terms either ... but each to there own. And too Ron, Each Country has a right to their own destinies and thats what I meant, and sometimes well meant individuals and countries who come to their "aid" place to much fertilizer on the garden to only harm what they meant to feed, which is also what I meant ... sometimes the old slogan "Best left alone to let Sleeping Dog's lay where they might" is still true.Best regards, Vernon C./Vpc__________________________________________________________

Bill & Vernon,I understand that you do not deal with the past, however also, it is true that "history is doomed to repeat itself if we don't learn from the past."I worked with homeless Viet Nam vets, who were the majority of the homeless then, now the Iraqi vets are becoming the new unfortunate majority.So I join with John's "soldiers hearts" organization to facilitate healing for the vets coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan, and hope that these people can go back in peace to those countries in the future, as so many Nam Vets are going back to Nam now.Yours in peace now, Ron

Had You Rather Be Right or Had You Rather Be Funny (& Happy)?

" Treat the earth well: We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children"

-Ancient Indian Proverb

May your troubles be less
May your blessings be more
May nothing but happiness

Come through your door!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Amazing Grace - by Stacy Lawson (to go with video on previous post)

"Gracefulness has been defined as the outward expression of the inward harmony of the soul," wrote British essayist William Hazlitt. If gracefulness is the outer expression, then perhaps grace itself is the source of the inner light.

I have been reflecting recently on the notion of Grace. Nearly every religion has a concept or definition of grace: Grace is the "freely given, unmerited favor and love of God." It is the "spirit of God operating in humans to regenerate or to strengthen them." And it is "Divine love and protection bestowed freely on people."

Each of these definitions hints in some way at the mercy of the Divine to shower us with blessings freely, without any pre-condition.

In my post last week, I shared the inspiring and transcendent experience of astronaut Edgar Mitchell during his return trip toward earth in Apollo 14. I also shared my own transformational experience in India when, in a glorious instant, my consciousness exploded into radiant and ecstatic Oneness. All sense of separateness and individual identity vaporized and, for several (timeless) days, "I" was pure Being, imbued with supreme power and intelligence. That was grace.

I did nothing to deserve that experience. The day started out much like any other day. I had no forewarning that my body would soon erupt into brilliant, self-effulgent light, nor any reason to suspect my life was about to take a drastically different course. Yet when the illusion of separation was shattered, my fundamental understanding of reality was radically re-configured. Even this briefest glimpse of the inherent interconnectedness of all things changed "me" forever. That was grace
It was nearly a year later when I thought to ask my spiritual teacher whether the experience had a name. "Of course," he said, "you experienced the light body."
This answer was profound coming from a sage whose lineage are masters of light and transcendence. His deeply mystical tradition teaches that ultimate enlightenment is not simply liberation of the mind (as if that weren't hard enough), but also liberation of the body. The yogis discovered that we have many layers of existence - from the gross physical body, to subtle energy bodies, to the radiant body of light. As we expand our capacity to hold greater light by awakening various energy centers in the body, we can ultimately transform the dense matter of the physical form into the spiritual body of light. Well-known eastern saints such as Babaji and Swami Ramalingam are documented as having achieved this liberation, the immortal "light body", similar to the resurrection of Jesus, the assumption of Mother Mary, or the ascension process in other faiths.

I share this whole story for a particular reason. Independent of your ability to perceive it, or your sense of merit or worthiness, everyone is infused with grace light. Grace light is the incredibly radiant light of the Divine within every soul -- compassionate, intelligent and almighty. It is not a physical light -- it is an explosive inner light, more brilliant and powerful than the sun. It is the burning bush for Moses, the light of Jesus that blinded Paul on his way to Damascus, the power of Allah, Buddha and the enlightened ones of all faiths throughout the ages.
Recognizing this universal truth, the Tamil Siddha lineage is acknowledging an emerging phenomenon - the awakening of grace light in the hearts and minds of more and more people around the globe. According to them, humanity is undergoing a major evolutionary transformation and the great masters of many traditions are here to help steward the process. This lineage believes that grace light will awaken both individual and collective consciousness, affecting a global shift into a new level of human evolution.

Every individual will play an important role in this shift, as the primary conduit for expression of light is the human body. Once various energy centers are opened, (a process the Siddhas call "opening the 9-Gates") you become a vehicle for transmitting light to others. It is an opportunity for everyone to contribute to a shift of consciousness on a global scale.

The beginning of this shift will correspond with a significant astronomical event on the eastern calendar. The "Full Moon of the Guru" or Guru Purnima (July 17th) is an ancient tradition in India when heavenly teachers offer powerful blessings to the human race. It is a time of opportunity for divine energy to enter the collective heart of humanity, bringing new levels of compassion, joy, peace, and divine intelligence to the world.

I encourage you to 'tune in' to the sacred energies during this time. Open into a state of receptivity and faith. Take time for prayer or meditation, let go of fear, and simply let the blessings wash over you. That is grace.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Full Moon of The Guru - July 17th

Perfect timing for this article and video, Ellen...........a cosmos of blessings, Ron

see - (video and article below - a different click)

If you cannot make the COMMITTING TO ONENESS group this Thursday,
be sure to come next Thurs. on July, 17th as local Deeksha Blessing Giver Beth Inman will be helping us receive the grace of Oneness.

A perfect place and experience to fully enjoy benefits of "The Full Moon of the Guru"!

The "Full Moon of the Guru" or Guru Purnima (July 17th) is an ancient tradition in India when heavenly teachers offer powerful blessings to the human race. It is a time of opportunity for divine energy to enter the collective heart of humanity, bringing new levels of compassion, joy, peace, and divine intelligence to the world.

Below is a One-der-full article and video:

7:00 -- 8:30 PM

“Committing to Oneness”
with Ron Alexander

This group is for those who are committed to “being the change
we want to see in the world” (Gandhi).

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth of July - FREE WILL

Going Home (Thanks to my friend Susan who sent this to me July 4th appropriately)

In The Beginning, the world was without form, void and silent.
There was only darkness. There was neither color nor light.
God moved upon the face of the Universe.
And God said, "Let there be light." And there was light.
And God saw that it was good.

First came motion, then sound, then light.
God then created the heavens and the earth,
And all manner of living things upon the earth.
God saw that it was good. It was paradise!

All this was given to man. And one more thing
Was given to man: free will. God did not intervene.
Mankind has created the world
As it has existed for thousands of years:
A world of anger, violence, sadness and destruction.

In the midst of this, you were born.
Why have you come?
You have come to remember;
To remember the perfection in which you were created.

You came to see this:
Your sister and you, in the midst of a heated argument;
Suddenly remembering the creation;
She, with a deep breath, saying,
"All this does not matter, does it.?"
You, in a moment of pure vision, reply, "No."
And you and your sister embrace.

You came to see a man grab his dagger in anger,
And raise his hand to stab his neighbor –
Yet in the midst thereof, remember who he is!
Behold! The dagger clatters to the floor!
And they embrace.

You came to see the suicide bomber, driving toward death;
Suddenly stop the car, disarm the bomb;
And accept peace in his heart.

You came to let go of anger, judgment, ego and greed.
And remember the motion, the sound and the light.
Motion is the dance everlasting;
Sound is a song of the purest love.
Light exposes the world of illusion,
And bathes it all in a glorious warmth.

You have come to experience the ultimate joy.
– The joy of choosing peace.
– The joy of living in a world
Where violence is thing of the distant past.
– The joy knowing that when you hurt another,
You hurt yourself.

Let us live in a world without strangers;
A world without fear.
Let us dance, sing and send light
To all the world.
Let us kneel and give thanks for the creation.
Let us go home.

Stanley Peele
July 4, 2008