Wednesday, August 1, 2018

The Parkland High Students in Charleston last night:

David Hogg and Emma & other Parkland High School students plus at Charleston tonight on panel for gun control and voting drive. Lots of people, very well done! I invited David and March for Lives to D. C. for Veterans Day March
Road to Change- Charleston Town Hall
At 7 PM
College of Charleston - Sottile Theatre
Shared to The Coalition (People United To Take Back Our Community) 
Al Glatkowski told me afterwards they had already been invited by one of the groups on 
Al Glatkowski: Correctly, they either are or are being reached out to by one of the groups, as I have understood it, but it never hurts to keep reaching out if you can. They have huge roles within their struggles and issues and have and are making continued progress, and their time is precious. My hat is off to them and with great RESPECT. To see their accomplishments, to hear their speeches, to witness their posture and strength, helps us all to refuel our souls and realize that the future generations will not live on their knees. Power to these youths!
Respect to them!
Never forget!

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