Wednesday, August 8, 2018


Ron Alexander to Veterans Against Parade (VAP)

Cops have no answer for a peaceful resistance. As soon as it gets violent, they have truckloads of answers. by Edward Reed (VAP member, thanks Edward, as principles of non-violent resistance guide our group)
When the need for violence arises, I'm down. My understanding is that a person turns to violence when words fail them. I still have lots of words.
And when you're winning, violence only dimminishes your arguments. Our civil rights gains have been landmark. One right after another. The right has gotten furious, as expected. When we get passed this aberration, we'll continue pushing the envelope on civil rights.
The Red Warriors at Standing Rock were always pushing for violent direct actions. The elders presented their cases against, but ultimately, the Red Warriors were their own masters. The Red Warriors brought media attention to the cause, eventually brought a bunch of us veterans to the cause.
I would have argued alongside the elders and against the Red Warriors in camp. Cops have no answer for a peaceful resistance. As soon as it gets violent, they have truckloads of answers.
Carrie Nelson-hanks Much respect to Dr Martin Luther King. But, I am a Malcolm follower. Today people. It's your people wreaking havoc. My people silent. Very sad. Speak up grandma. Winter sleep at your house, spring kill his people. You know that's right sisters.

Ron Alexander Dr. King was instigator of Civil Rights. What did Malcolm do for you?
Carrie Nelson-hanks Ron Alexander he taught me that passive resistance for the black man was playing into the hands of the masochist who brought us to this place. Look at the black man still suffering the legacy of a nation of people who people of all nationalities resistSee More

Carrie Nelson-hanks Carrie Nelson-hanks please understand that "place" is not in reference to location, ie America.
Ron Alexander Please keep in mind, that this is group is based on NON-VIOLENT PRINCIPLES. If we went to Washington to block the parade with weapons, we would be abolished with no sympathy from most ot public.Manage

Carrie Nelson-hanks Ron Alexander my weapon has always has been my mind. My thoughts and prayers are a constant for those I love. The World I save will be my own and it spreads from there. Again, "war", what is it good far. Don't own a weapon, despise guns. Two children wSee More

Ron Alexander I thought Malcolm advocated violence?

Carrie Nelson-hanks Ron Alexander yes he did. So What? An eye for an eye is biblical isn't it. Or should I remain passive while my family is slaughtered. I will die once and be judged once. Not by man, but by that promise that was given me to believe. ASE!!!
Ron Alexander Carrie Nelson-hanks THIS IS A NON-VIOLENT RESISTANCE group! Violence does not create permanent change. I don't go for Old Testament Biblical hatred. I am a Jesus follower, who is all about love. LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOUR SELF. LOVE YOUR ENEMIES...Manage

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