Sunday, August 5, 2018

Growing up in Red Fox Country

Charlene Ribel I have no one in my
life that supports Trump. Not friends, not family!!
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Kristen Hennis NeuenfeldtKristen and 92 others joined Veterans Against Parade (VAP) within the last two weeks. Give them a warm welcome into your community! You are so lucky Charlene Ribel, I have both friends and family that support him and it makes me sick. It's hard having a conversation with them! 😕
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Ron AlexanderYou manage the membership, moderators, settings, and posts for Veterans Against Parade (VAP). Kristen Hennis Neuenfeldt Most of my relatives and people I grew up in 2 small S.C. towns, are trumpsters. I was disinherited because of my progressive beliefs, and do not go back. I do not miss them! They really have been brainwashed by Fox Faux propaganda. I do not remember growing up with that much hatred before Faux!

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