Friday, May 22, 2015

The Story You Tell - Finding the Healing Thread

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  • Ron Alexander Great, Divine timing, Wendy,  healing is my intention when facilitating veterans stories - working on Digital Story for Veterans on Deck now - for our only female Capt. Valencia, who is leaving soon unfortunately.
This video making (digital story-telling) has been...

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     Hi, Ron:
    I watched this video several times over 2 days, trying to fully
    appreciate it.  It is a poignant and deeply moving tribute to your brother,
    Barry. It certainly affirms his life and service. Your devotion to and love for
    him is a witness to the man he was and the brother you still are to him today.
    Yes, Spirit is the word.
    Thank you for sharing. It helped me,

    Sincerely, Nancy

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