Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Unity Thought of the Week

Unity of Charleston
Sunday VIRTUAL Service Time is 10:30am, Services in Sanctuary with STAFF ONLY AND ON FACEBOOK ONLY!
Wednesday Backyard 6:30PM services on Facebook only! See below
VIRTUAL Meditation for the Earth and Ecojustice still ON ZOOM ONLY every Sunday 9:30 am, SEE BELOW FOR DIRECTIONS
Nursery and Children's Program available during service, suspended.
Usual office hours: We are IN some days due to the virus, but answering emails and voice mails. Please call ahead of time to make sure we are here. Sat. thru Thursday, 9am-3pm
Address: 2535 Leeds Ave. Charleston, SC 29405
Phone: 843-566-0600 Fax: 843-566-9997

Minister: Rev. Ed Kosak
Asst Minister: Rev.Sarah Scott Putnam
Administrator: James Mitchell
Youth Minister: Nozomi Garcia
Music Minister: Brad Henty
Hello Unity Charleston,
Its Rev Sarah Scott here and it is an honor to offer you the Thought of the week again as Rev Ed and family continue their much deserved vacation. This morning, during my morning spiritual practice, I was reflecting how most all of us are navigating uncharted territory during this particular time in history. And as difficult as it is being in the unknown, isn't this true at different times throughout life? For instance when we step into a new Job, a new relationship, an unexpected loss or even moving from one home to another. A great tool to use when times feel uncertain, is simply to stop and take a deep breath, dropping down into the heart space and simply being in the pause of the unknown. Breath in again, filling you lungs with the life force energy that breaths us. Breath again and again until you feel this. From this space of knowing, we can bring great balance and even greater clarity as we navigate froward.
Rev Sarah Scott

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