Monday, July 6, 2020

Indigo Sangha members march the Battery, counter-protesting display of Confederate Flags  

A community who comes together in peace and mindfulness.We have sort of a changing consciousness - aspiration in ourselves and others," said Heather Mann, a facilitator at Indigo Sangha.
Today they marched around the battery, signs in hand, showing the support for the Black Lives Matter Movement. They were also there in counter protest to the display of the confederate flags.
"I see it as sort of a misunderstanding that is really causing a lot of pain," said Mann.
Braxton Spivey is with Flags Across the South. He has been flying the confederate flag at the Battery nearly every Sunday for the last five years.
When he waves that flag. he stands in front of the Confederate Defenders Monument.
"I come out here basically to educate. That monument, to me, is no different than a headstone at a cemetery. It's honoring all the soldiers that defended this city," said Spivey.
Mann has a different opinion.
"I would like to see these statues and flags come down as an act of humility and respect. I see it as representing an ideology that is harmful," said Mann.
This counter protest is just the first of many actions Indigo Sangha members plan on taking to support the Black Lives Matter movement.
Spivey says everyone has the right to express their first amendment right.
"That's all I'm doing, I'm not here to cause any harm on anybody," said Spivey.

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