Sunday, July 5, 2020

Moi Veterans for Peace Flag counter protesting Confederates

Above Ron marching as Counter-protester vs. Confederate Flag Bearers in Charleston, S.C.
Who: Indigo Sangha
What: Will practice Covid-safe* "engaged Buddhism" by enjoying sitting and walking meditation on the Battery.  
When: July 5th, from 10:30 to 11:30 am
Where: At the south end of White Point Gardens, 2 Murray Blvd, Charleston (Note: please approach from the S. end of the Battery away from East Bay). We'll meet in the park across from the Fort Sumter House (see your google maps) and pick a place to sit & walk.  
Why: Members of Indigo Sangha are invited to add our stable energy and our insight of interbeing with Black lives to an ongoing counter protest at the Battery, which is led by the group Uplift Charleston. Uplift has been meeting each Sunday for months in peaceful counter protest to Sunday morning confederate flag flying on the Battery (promoted by a small group of White people). 
Other: You may want to bring a sign with a loving message completing this sentence--"I practice peace in support of Black lives because...."

*Please wear a mask and bring a cushion or sit-upon so that you can maintain 6' distance from others. Note, we will try to select a location where there is some park bench seating available. 
Flag (the other side) I carried in D.C. protests the last 2 July4ths, and here this year, with all the Covid 19 safe practice
Nonviolent Resistance WORKS
 MOI with Veterans for Peace Flag counter protesting Confederates today, there were about 20 of us with their diminishing group down to three now. There are a lot more of us than them, we can sweep them away without a shot

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