Saturday, March 14, 2020

“Thank you Corona Virus for being the wake up call this world has needed

“Thank you Corona Virus for being the wake up call this world has needed. [...] 

Thank you Corona Virus for the mindfulness being instilled in so many beings.

As we wash our hands, may we cleanse our realities from broken paradigms of corruption.

As we explore more time for being than lifetimes of endless doing, may the world take pause from unhealthy habits of survival mode to explore life from a deeper state of peace, harmony, and oneness.
As families come together, may it bring neighbors and communities together in intended peaceful assembly as our new 5D earth continues to be birthed in the glory of my awareness and presence. [...

What if the corona virus is indeed “medicine” for humanity?

What if it is exactly the wake up call we all need?

To slow down.
To pause and take a break.
To tune into how we can take better care of our bodies, minds and spirits.

This virus is one in the lungs. The lungs represent GRIEF. This is a moment to PAUSE and process grief.

The grief that we have numbed out and suppressed for so long. Doing doing doing to avoid being with ourselves.  

There is no coincidence that the LUNGS of the earth (The Amazon) were on fire not so long ago. 🔥🌳🌎🔥

So here we are, in a forced TIME OUT to feel. To have the space to actually be with ourselves.  
Matt Kahn

We alive at this time are the luckiest people who have ever lived -- and the ones facing the wildest, most terrifying challenges. This is not just a “deep paradox,” it’s an existential invitation to keep waking up, right now.

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