Thursday, October 1, 2020



Ho, Dear Tomas, this is brilliant, and I know my Unity, Buddhists, and Veterans for Peace Comrades, with whom I shared it widely. However, most of the same friends, do not understand my anger. I consider it righteous non-violent anger, from which I utilize the energy for action. Also, I prefer the word evolution instead of revolution. I would very appreciate words that can express both ideals. 


hola hermano - if a person is not upset by what is going on in the world today including anger at injustice, racism, prejudice, discrimination, militarism, colonialism, climate change and more, they are either in denial or not paying attention.  Anger is passion so when directed as you are doing in non-violent action that to me is all for the good.  you just have to be skillful with your inner process so the anger energy does not cause harm to you. We are called to be agents of conscious evolution, co-creating with spirit the kind of world that is possible to create when we all get on the same page of understanding how we are all interconnected and all related, that what we give to another, we give to ourselves, our families, our communities. Dr. Tomas Pinkson


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