Tuesday, October 6, 2020


 No, anger is not pathological. Please let me know what I said to give you that impression so that I may learn to be more skillful. Oh no, it was just the title, PUTTING THE END TO ANGER. To me that sounded like a lot of new age philosophy of putting the end of ego. I have been in several Ashrams with teachers who were supposedly free of ego. I found that, all but one, had bursts of abusive anger to their servants. If you think you have no ego, you will require lots of servants to take care of your bodily needs. Most of us will have to leave our bodies to be egoless and probably angerless?

In my experience, there are big Angers in life and small, daily angers in life. In my experience, when I practice with the small angers each day I develop tools to be with the big Angers--so I don't get stuck. To me it's about allowing feelings to flow-- not in an unattached, disinterested way where we are cut off from our experience but in a way that opens the heart and mind, increases our capacity to live and experience what is. Yes, I like that, and will borrow it, if O.K.?

Healthy expressions, yes. Not suppression, yes.  Self-compassion, yes. Understanding, yes. Resilience, yes. yes yes yes yes, Aware, accept, embrace (as Thay says) and let go?

I believe the 5 Ways of Putting an End to Anger Sutra are one more tool to help us move through denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. If it works for you, keep it, it's yours. If it doesn't work for you, let it go.Yes, please email them to me. I enjoyed listening and reading them out loud. They did bring me a peaceful feeling,

Love, H.

P.S. I am so thankful that Donzell came along as physically I am wearing down, and I realized part of my grief about this was anger, so all of this discourse with you and my research and my memories has helped me come to more peace about this declining body. I have been exercising regularly and timing my mile of walk, run, jog was down to 9 minutes and 40 seconds a few weeks ago. Now, even with this cooler weather, I have a hard time getting it below 12 minutes. Most every other day, I take a long walk to Folly River Inlet, and that has gotten harder. Plus, I have to leave the Battery sooner, so it is not my imagination about my aging body. I just need to be aware, accept embrace and do the best I can in peace. In gratefulness your spiel about the "president" was brilliant, and would like to get the recording of the whole session.                                   much love and appreciation, Ron 
Heather Lyn Mann

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