Tuesday, May 31, 2011


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Unity Walker
If the light is real, authentic--if birthed by a surrendered, humble and singleminded soul, in the silence, midwifed by Grace--and if that light is unwaveringly steady, those lost in the illusion will gravitate to it and find their way out of the maze of world mind's illusion. Seek ye first the Kingdom. It is to be found in the silence. It's voice is still and small. It is the voice of LOVE, our Source.
Unity Walker: We are the Light of the world only to the extent that we yield to the ONE Great Light. Sow into the Light and reap the Light. This is the treasure of heaven, the Light and all its attributes. Peace, a still soul, Truth, Eternal Life, Harmony, and freedom from the contraints of matter.
Randy Welsh: I like that "midwifed by Grace" :)
Ra Divakar: Stories of this GREAT LIGHT by near death experiencers such as in books by Raymond Moody (LIFE AFTER LIFE) and Dannion Brinkley (LIGHT(?). The amazing wieghtlessness, watching themselves from above being thankful for being out of such a heavy body, etc. give me the most faith in LIGHT! Thanks for reminding me Unity!
Carroll Vance: One can only know One's Self in the light of that which created that One. Outside of this light, one can't know at all... a self constructed illusion of the mind. To return, seek, deconstruct, yield, let go. The beauty and wonder of the Kingdom is its effortlessness.

Unity Walker: Been there, done that, Ra Divakar. Grace gave me just such an experience to open my "eye" and begin the ascent out of material sense of life and up into the God-Sense of Life Eternal.

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