Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Healing Prayers

A beautiful gift, Capt!

Thinking of illness... I wonder at times, what is this dis-ease that takes me away from distractions from my true self?

Which is the dis-ease... what I'm experiencing now as some sort of discomfort... or what came before bringing forth the now? Some healing modalities ask, "what is your opportunity?"... when inquiring as to the state of your health or lack of it. Dis-ease as an opportunity.

I don't know though... I recently experienced an infection in a nerve in my jaw. My face swelled on one side... I looked like I had the mumps... and it didn't feel like an opportunity! it hurt! ...I am grateful to say that is behind me.

I hope you are feeling better soon!

Thanks so much for your as usual deep reply dear J. - here is one answer I received from and Angelic Reiki Deeksha Healer (Eve from Greece has come over and taught us alot - she is the real deal): "The illness of the body is always a sign that the soul sends to tell you that something has to take care of inside you in order to restore balance and harmony between the spirit and body. Stay awake and listen to what your body wants to tell you." And I holistically heal - using every tool -Shaminic to Eastern to Homeopathic to Naturpathic to psychology to philosophy to metaphysical to mystical to even allopathic (going to VA next week for more tests). Prayer/visualization - individual and collective helps immensely also! Truly WHOLISTIC for the physical as well as the light body!

My dear angel Ron thank you for your so kind words about me. My intention is to offer myself to serve all those who need any kind of help, directly from my heart. A healing can be done besides other methods of healing just by thinking of someone who needs any kind of support. We all can do this by keeping in our hearts the pain of the other, healing it and then releasing it healed. This is the power of the love and giving.
Without the body we have no reason to be on Earth and on the other hand our body is an indicator of health and illness. When the mind is free to flow into the body no disease can happen. What causes the disease is the way we handle the gift of life that has given to us.
A disease is actually an opportunity to see what is wrong with our lives, most often related to how much we appreciate and accept ourselves. This is important, no disease is caused to the body when we have accepted ourselves, when we have understood that we don’t need to earn any love, because it is rightfully ours from the time we were born. We call this self-acceptance.
The doubts we have about on our ability to love remove us from our real existence. Who told us that we are not able to be loved? This is a question we can ask ourselves to begin the journey to our true existence and be healthy in all levels again.
Thank you that you're giving me the oportunity to talk a little more about health and illness. I believe that many people doesn't understand how a God of love let them suffering in such a way, by giving them a disease. Maybe it's the time to start talk about it and inform more people.

Via Eva Tzouma healing Angel from Greece who we were blessed by her healing Self for a few months of the last year. And thsnk God, she can heal from a distance! in appreciation and gratitude love, ron

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