Sunday, April 9, 2017

This is a plea for preventing WW3

Nancy Boyd: Ron's right. WeThePeople must do whatever it takes to stop WW3 before it starts.
I have awakened with clarity. We the people must create a critical mass to do what is necessary to prevent WW3. I am a veteran from a family of many generations of veterans. I am more pro peace than anti war. I know WW2 was necessary at the time. And I think Korea was the right decision, however our country has made unwise decisions since then. Starting with Vietnam, then Iraq, Afghanistan, so NO to Syria (Russia)! Einstein was right, our planet will be reduced back to caveman status or worse if there is a WW3. Interviewing veterans for the Library of Congress, I have learned many dark secrets of war, that veterans were ordered never to tell! Considering it urgent, I have concentrated on interviewing in Nursing Homes and even in hospices. Several have passed on, since telling their horrible stories for the first time appeared to be therapeutic, getting it off their chests. Several have written books and/or have had books written about them. This includes stories about my Brother Barry who died a horrible death in Vietnam, with only 2 weeks left of his service there. Please help me share these posts. WE MUST BE Pro-peace and help prevent WW3!
Ron Alexander "It is time that we stop acting like neandertals continuing the same act of war that has never brought us PEACE, in a new attempt of creating PEACE through violence. PEACE live naturally in the heart of all beings and will be obvious to all as soon as we stop throwing back the next stone"~Bent Kim Lundberg

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