Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Do you really need to be 'saved" to be a Christian or "beyond the boundaries of Christianity>?

What did I ever need to be saved from? (No scriptures please) 😉 I believed, studied, taught and preched them for 30+ years. Then suddenly, woke-up...and realized I never needed saving from anything. What was amazing was that there was no "God" who rained down wrath upon me, not even an inner conviction that I was going the wrong way. You would think after 30 years he'd have at least come after me. But there was nothing, but a sence! It was all only a a dream I passed thru. I outgrew and transcended it. I was amazed of the power of a "belief" to literally control one's life. But evidently, I needed it at one time, and some may still. Suddenly however, in its place...was Knowing. I did nothing to achieve this was just there, when I let go of the "belief."

I am a Christian but I'm not a bigot, I would like to know what made you to drop out of dogmatic-Christian belief?
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Sharon Palmer Tucker I guess you could say, I never dropped out MacGregory...I transcended. Went beyond the boundaries of Christianity. As the Light within me increased...the Light ITSELF revealed what I had never "seen" or "realized." So it was not a work... but a Realization by direct experience.

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