Monday, April 17, 2017

Joe Crane Discusses His Angelic Visits

Ron E. Fugiel
That is Ron, the man who passed last week. A Qi Gong Master.
They are one and the same.

Astounding, I have been encountering Angels lately, I found this video on his fb site
He ends video with "BLESS YOUR HEARTS" ! i need to eat dinner, and then go out to the sunset at Folly River Inlet, where I have been encountering them. I am very grateful Ron
Be at Peace An Angelic Guide to the Universe

An Angelic Guide to the UniverseThe Official Site for Joe Crane
 "Do you believe in angels?    I do.

I have seen angels. I have talked with angels.
I have even touched angels and they me.
Angels are real. They do exist."  Joe Crane

Latest Angel Visit
Video page

Angels have been spoken of ever since stories have been told. Peoplethroughout the world attest to seeing angels. There are more stories of people seeing and getting messages today than any other time in history. There are more people who have seen an angel, or had an angel touch their lives, than you may think.

My life falls into the ‘have seen and have been touched by an angel’ category. I know several angels as you would know the face of your best friend or children’s names. I invite you to read more about my story.Video: Joe describes his angelic visits.

In 1996 Blessing Gifts and Deeds was published, the book that started it all. From that book I worked with G. W. Harden to publish On The Wings of Heaven. In the original Blessings Gifts and Deeds there were only 10 chapters, but in the rewrite 4 more chapters have been added. I have been told many times this book was the best book I have written and I should republish it again. I have thought of doing this many times but have decided to go one better. I am offering it online as a PDF file to you for free. Click on this link and read it as my gift to all of you.

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