Monday, November 2, 2009

A Harmonized Mind - Equanimity

Monday, Nov. 2

A harmonized mind produces
harmony in this world of
seeming discord.

Paramahansa Yogananda .

Comment by Ron Alexander I added this to "equanimity dialogue" above: In addition, the way Goenka talks about equanimity, I think it means the same as "mindfulness" in other forms of Buddhism?

Reply by Jeanne 14 hours ago
Mindfulness is the westernized term adopted by the 'psychological' crowd. A few years back, following the loss of a close person... I was grieving and went to a counselor for awhile. She spoke of mindfulness and I told her I was a vipassana meditator. She sat back and said then there was nothing she could offer me that I didn't already have. I respected her so much for valuing vipassana that I continued to see her for a couple months.
Silja replies:

Yes, it really is immensely important to find the balance and harmony inside, that keeps from running around for useless things. What we need to have the harmonized mind is to get truly back to our heart. The system does everything to keep ourselves locked inside the mind and that is why it starts to run around like a rabbit (not intended to be an offence to a rabbit:-). If the mind is filled with more information than it can take (contradictory indeed), it looses the capacity to make individual decision. Then it leads to confusion. So it is not just words to come back to heart and it makes the mind even clearer.
Thank you so much!
The nature is one of the best healers and these are some of the most beautiful words to describe it in a simple and yet so wonderful way. Thank you Jesus!

What we all need is love and the only way to feel it is to search for it is inside our own heart. Meditation is the listening the truth. What it needs is to get connected with the feelings and to get quiet.

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