Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ways of Healing this Year

sounds like there has been some major healing...and you are doing what you need to do for it all. You have never abandoned him, regardless of how you were being affected..
Hope all is going well for you and you have found that conscious peace that is your spirit's essence.


Dear Anon,
Yes, "major healing is best way to describe it"! I have several different ways to heal including a magnificent minister at Unity church here - Rev. Margaret - her sermons and weekly book group using Eckhart Tolle's book The New Earth. Going weekly to Jackie's Conscious Light Prayer group , and checking in with Baba fairly regularly has helped. The essence of the teaching of A Course In Miracles helps - I have distilled this essence down to "Everybody is innocent and doing the best that they can now and every attack is a call for loving forgiveness." The Oneness Movement with it's healing Deeksha blessing has been of assistance. The Ho'oponopono prayer from an elderly Kahuna in Hawaii has been terrific - "I am sorry. I forgive you, thank you. I love you." Since we are all "One Love", I picture my nephew, wife(we are going through a peaceful, forgiving divorce, which I attribute to this prayer), my Aunt, my Mother or anyone who I think has wronged me, but since we are all One, I make sure I feel the forgiveness myself primarily. That "Ho" prayer has been of much solace. I still use Byron Katy's "Ask three questions, write them down and turn them around" for a lot of help with judgements. The third question - "how does that thinking serve you?" has become very significant to me. However, the single most assistance has been learning to be a Vipassana Meditator. I have reframed my Mother's paucity of inheritance as a "Divine Inheritance", as if I had inherited the bulk, my plan was to go to India for the Oneness Institute, which is very expensive. Then, in my relative poverty, I heard of a free ten day retreat: Ten Days of Silent Meditating. I was really impressed by prisoner's transformation going through the same retreat in "The Dhamma Brothers" documentary. I wanted that same peaceful acceptance within me. Here is an article I wrote about it:

Ten Days of Silence for Peace of Mind

Ron Alexander

After I returned from a ten day silent Vipassana Retreat, I have been asked "Why would you even want to be in silence for ten days?" That was a good question. I would have thought it crazy, if I had not seen the "Dhamma Brothers" documentary, about the amazing transformation of lifer prisoners (some convicted murderers), after they spent ten days of silent Vipassana Meditation.

Vipassana means to see things as they really are, and was started by Gautama Buddha 2600 years ago. "...Buddha taught: an art of living. He never established or taught any religion, any 'ism'. He never instructed those who came to him to practice any rituals, any empty formalities. Instead, he taught them just to observe nature as it is, by observing the reality inside. Out of ignorance we keep reacting in ways which harm ourselves and others. But when the wisdom arises-the wisdom of observing reality as it is-this habit of reacting falls away. When we cease to react blindly, then we are capable of real action-action proceeding from a balanced mind, a mind which sees and understands the truth. Such action can only be positive, creative, helpful to ourselves and to others." S.N. Goenka "The Art of Living: Vipassana Meditation".

Science also supports the premise behind the Buddha’s meditation, as can be read about in Tolle’s books including identifying with inner space instead of form.

Daily eleven hours of meditating was not easy, many times I felt like just bolting. However, I am glad I didn’t. I am meditating more and more effectively experiencing much more peace and joy.

Goenka advises “daily practice – persistence, and you will succeed. Also to “end each sitting with a ‘Metta’ (Loving Kindness) prayer:

May all beings be happy, be peaceful, be free!”

Dr. Paul Fleischman, a psychiatrist and Vipassana Meditator was the man I went to see at UNC Asheville, when I was up there a couple of weekends ago! He is brilliant and his lecture on science and Vipassana Meditation, somehow covered the whole history of the Universe. Unfortunately, Dr. Fleischman told me that his book about this will not be ready for three years, however The Dalia Lama wrote The Universe in a Single Atom which is very insightful on the same subject.

I share most of this on my and with a much bigger audience on Carlos Santana and Jerry Jampolsky's site.

anon, thanks for your compassionate inquiring,

no mistake, ron

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