Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Fully Alert Now, so will write about my truth about the "ego".


When we are fully alert in spirit, mind, and body, we are more than we imagine and can accomplish more than we suppose.


My truth about the Ego:

Freud invented the term, and he called it the conscious  connection between the  id (Serpentine brain) and the superego (higher self).

When I stayed in Ashrams with Gurus who supposedly had no ego, I would hear them shouting for their servants (which they would need in lieu of ego) and occasionally get angry with them.

In unity church, i met a member, who said she worked really hard to get rid of her ego, and found herself being taken advantage of all the time. her minister advised her to pray and ask for help in getting her ego back.

Meher BAba, in his discourses, say we need an ego as we grow in spirit, until we do not need it anymore.

Byron katy says it is like an inner child continuously looking for identity

Heather mann says it can by overriden by being mindful (awareness)

My truth that the "ego" should be loved like a young child, which means constANT AWARENESS OF THE YOUTH, KEEPING IT SAFE,  AND WITH  tough love as in discipline. a BALANCED, MATURE "EGO" CAN BE HELPFUL NOT A HINDRANCE.

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