Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Wisdom Warrior/Spiritual Activist

 ”If not you and me, then who?  If not now, then when?”  Hillel

The testing, challenging times of social upheaval and climate change that we live in with increasing floods, fires, pandemic illness, draughts, institutional and structural racism, ideology of white supremacy and privilege, economic inequity, rampaging consumer capitalism with its emphasis on materialism, militarism, rising political  fundamentalism polarizing various populations against one another,  are all calling for a response that is wise, powerful, and transformational.  Today’s challenges call for Spiritual Activist Wisdom Warriors. 

Warriors of Wisdom battle whatever enemy/opponents rise up within them trying to close their hearts to the love that lives in us all as the essence of our being.  Spiritual Activist Wisdom Warriors are moved by agape love of their fellow beings, by their valuation of justice, peace, equal support and opportunity for all, to bring their love into action in the world.   They call on the warrior archetype but fight with the weapons of skillful communicative skills using the transformational energy of love to shape-shift fear to faith, shadow to illumination, injustice to justice, selfishness to selflessness.  Wisdom Warriors bring love into the world, into all their relations, all their interactions. They act with love,  They act from love.  

Spiritual Activist Wisdom Warriors show up to do the best they can to actually keep the heart open for the flow of infinite, unconditional love, agape love that is who and what they truly are, moving through them going where ever it needs to go in the moment that will help open the doorway for fullest blossoming and greatest good for all.  This is living from spirit.  This is living love. This is walking a spiritual path.  

In these times, given what is called for to transform  fear-based cultures into love-based, healthy, happy, and just ones, is action.   Those of us like myself who seek to walk a spiritual path, those who  all who wish to live an integral life of morality and honor,  we all need to act. We need to bring our gifts into the world to do our part in creating the kind of world that is possible for us to create, one that works for all in a good way.  

 Towards this end it is vital to recognize the importance of dismantling structural racism build into every institution of our society - educational, healthcare, legal-correctional, banking,  and economic, etc.  The institutional racism is built on the ideology  of white supremacy that has been there since the very beginning of this nation.  Overt racist acts are not needed to  continue the system that privileges all those of white skin and discriminates and oppresses people of color on a daily basis. The systems work and will continue to work until enough Spiritual Activist Wisdom Warriors step up to make the changes that need to be made recognizing that to do nothing allows the system to continue on benefitting white people and hurting people of color. 

   Creating a Win-Win-World for All  entails taking ownership of what we as a nation did to  indigenous, black and brown people and what continues to be wrought upon them.  It entails  apology and restorative justice with reparations for all that was taken by violence. This is facing the  shadow  work, on a national level, that is integral with transformational healing. It is foundational in birthing a healthy society for trying to build one without so doing is like erecting a beautiful building atop a  foundation of termite rot and decay. Spiritual Activist Wisdom Warriors hear the call and take action.  
 The “how” of the action is up to the guidance in each person’s heart. It is not about comparing or measuring  our action as good or better or worse than someone else.  It is not a competition  with a winner or loser because we are all losers if we don’t change how we, humanity, are operating at this time for it has brought us into calamitous situations that actually threaten the future existence of our species, as well as many other species that are already dying off at an alarming rate.   

So to all who feel the call of the Spiritual Activist Wisdom Warrior, thank you for the courage it takes to   step up and into the fire as a healer, a peace- worker, some one who stands up for justice, for fairness, for the underdog and the oppressed, for the disadvantaged, doing what the Hawaiian 

 expression Hana Pono calls for - “ Do the right thing”.  Do what is righteous,  what your heart and soul call you to do joining a world-wide team  i call “the Starlight Ohana”, meaning an extended family of light-workers, working cooperatively and  supporting each other in polishing up the light we are to shine more love into the world. 
“Love is the answer.  Love is the key.  Love is the healer.  Let love flow through me.  Let love flow through thee.  Let love flow through we. Let love flow - Ya-wee!”

Remember,  the only time you can experience  whatever you want to experience is right now.  Spiritual 
Activist Wisdom Warriors know this and show up to Live Love Now. 

May it be so for increasing numbers around the world but it always has to start with you, here and now, this day, this holy breath. May it be so!
All Blessings. 
love, tomás

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