Saturday, August 15, 2020

Inspiring words from Veterans Against Putintrumpism long time monitor, Marilyn Penrose

 I  hear you! This is wearing on all of us, but you have give and invested so much of yourself for VAP, against Trump and Putin, and always for non-violent protests and peace. That's a lot to carry! And after this election is over, I think that would be an excellent plan. In addition to always supporting our vets, I am probably also going to regroup and refocus on how we can make real change for BLM and justice and equality for ALL. That is America's original sin, and I strongly believe it will only finally change as white Americans speak up and step up for our black and brown brothers and sisters. And when Joe is elected, he and Kamala will lead us toward finally fixing our very broken immigration system as I have witnessed up close and personal when ICE deported a woman who was waiting to be ordained as a Lutheran pastor, but they deported her and her husband back to Colombia when she deserved asylum but was denied. So many terrible problems need to be fixed and none of us can do it all. I would encourage you to do whatever you believe is the right and best thing for you, Ron. Again, I'm sorry for that little dustup earlier. Guess we can't always be in complete agreement, but we do on so many things. We are going to need to fasten our seatbelts because I think Trump hasn't even gotten started so we ain't seen nothing yet!!! Thank you!!!

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