Sunday, August 16, 2020

At the Confederate Monument again today peacefully in Noble Silence

 Really, did not want to go out by myself this AM, I was hoping it was storming. However, I am glad I did.  Rev. Ed gave out a good invite for next Sunday at Unity talked of Vibrations and I replied on chat: Are vibrations more important than words? I am really appreciating walking around the Confederate Monument in peaceful Noble Silence. And not reacting to foul words thrown at me, except for giving them the peace sign.����������

I knew some confederate was following me around yelling all kind of foul words, however one of the BLM people talked to the Police about him having his mask down. And they asked him to keep it up, and he did, without following me around, but still yelling at me from the wall of the monument adjacent to the sidewalk. The police were friendly, as I gave them the peace sign,  and were stationed all around the sidewalk that I kept adjacent to...I thought of all kinds of words to yell back at the rebel, however I am realizing keeping silent is keeping peace.
So I wrote you last time that one of the Unity members wants to come next week and film us for "her Democratic allies"? UnityCharleston is very bipartisan, and has members from both sides of he aisle, and Rev. Ed insists we do not get partisan as a Church. 
The good words yelled at me from the other side of the street were, "Now there is a true patriot, a veteran who really loves his country." and many thank yous and peace signs from them. So I am glad I went, I felt more protected than ever, as the police were all around and apparently. I told them there would be more of us next week, and we are "peacekeepers" too.   Peace now, the only time there is, Ron

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