Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Face it, if you want to change it.

       Not everything that can be faced can be changed, 
                 but nothing can be changed that is not faced.  
                                                                                                                    JAMES BALDWIN

How Race Was Made
For much of human history, people viewed themselves as members of tribes or nations but had no notion of “race.” Today, science deems race biologically meaningless. Who invented race as we know it, and why? By John Biewen, with guest Chenjerai Kumanyika.
Black Lives Matter
A global organization that campaigns against violence and systemic racism toward black people.
What Black Lives Matter Means (and Why It’s Problematic to Say “All Lives Matter”)
(Good Housekeeping) Why saying that black lives matter doesn’t mean that other lives do not.
Free Racialized Trauma 5-Day eCourse
“Moving from race to culture is important, transformative, and takes work. A lot of work. I help people, communities, and organizations find strength in healing that is holistic and resilient. Together let’s set a course for healing historical and racialized trauma carried in the body and the soul. I am a healer. I help people rise through the suffering’s edge. I am a cultural trauma navigator. I am a communal provocateur and coach. I consider it my job in this moment to make the invisible visible.” – Resmaa Menakem, MSW, LICSW, SEP.
Our Mental Health Minute
A video series created by psychologists Riana Anderson and Shawn Jones to provide mental health resources for the Black community.
Fearless Dialogues
Fearless Dialogues is a grassroots organization committed to creating unique spaces for unlikely partners to engage in hard heartfelt conversations that see gifts in others, hear value in stories, and work for change and positive transformation in self and other.

Anti-Racist Resources from Greater Good
The Greater Good, a magazine that turns scientific research into stories, tips, and tools for a happier life and a more compassionate society, have gathered here pieces that explore our potential to reduce prejudice in society and in ourselves. You can read their latest coverage on racism, diversity, and bridging differences along with key articles addressing:
The psychological roots of racism
How to overcome bias in yourself
Confronting racism
Reducing bias in criminal justice
Building bridges
Resources for parents
Resources for educators

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