Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Thought for the Week SBNR, spiritual but not religious. Learn more about the nones and dones this Sunday, who often identify as SBNR. Last Sunday we talked about what it means to be more spiritual than religious. This is based in part on the work of Quaker Pastor Phillip Gully. Here are the first five of ten points that he makes. I'll post the other five next week after we go over the next five this coming Sunday. The original article was entitled "If I were Christian" but I've expanded it to what is spiritual rather than religious. Jesus, the Buddha, etc. are models for living more than objects of worship Affirming people’s potential rather than their limits, sinfulness or wretchedness Reconciliation is more valued than making judgments and moralizing Gracious behavior is valued over right belief Inviting questions is more valued over providing answers. From Rev. Ed, Charleston, Unity, S.C.

From Rev. Ed, Charleston, Unity, S.C.

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