Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Need do nothing, need know nothing - no thing!

"Just realize Ron that you are not OBLIGATED to do anything, but get a better understanding of matters for yourself, and share whatever experience, strength, and hope that you have on the matter. It apprears to me that you are still coping, and you should still keep the focus on yourself, in terms of what is right and best for you. Only you know that since, I personally have never talked to you personally. And even if you are communicating with anyone, you still hold the answers to such issues. I wish you the best however."
Dear drmike, reflecting on above feedback and reading it over, helps me realize how valuable your advice is..."still coping", I think means "still grieving" and I think you are right. I expect that my recent physical problems came from trying "to do to much too soon." I do feel the need to stop so much efforting, being very gently kind to myself and realize this is a vital healing process for myself especially at my age.
bubbanature aspiring to be Buddhanature, ron
Reply by Ron Alexander
Nick's quote from above:
"My experience has been, that as I continue to let go and let God, I find myself doing less and less, ironically, I end up accomplishing more and more. And in the meantime, all of my needs are met as I continue on this wonderful path."

Thanks for reminding me of this Nick, I have been efforting too much lately, and it really helps that "I need do nothing", as it says in ACIM. Taking that in, helps me to relax, let go and allow God (Love). Yes, only Love is real,

Reply by Nick Arandes
Thanks Ron, I'm glad for Spirit's inspiration. I always remind myself that there is nothing to do, but to choose peace. From that space, Spirit will lead me as to what to do. It never fails.
Nick Arandes said:
Thanks Marvin. I appreciate your comment. What I've learned that since we are one, what I say that seems to resonate with others, is really what they said to themselves through the illusion of what appears to be me. And one thing I sure know is that I know nothing.
Such a great place to be.
Wow! "A great place to be indeed" - thanks for the reminder, Nick

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