Thursday, September 17, 2009

Elders will be known for their Flowering of Consciousness

Elders will be known for their flowering of consciousnessPosted by Ron Alexander
In Eckhart's New Earth:

"When the ego is no longer identified with
the return movement in aperson's life, old age or
approaching death becomes what it is meant to
be: an opening into the realm of spirit. I have
met old people who wereliving embodiments of this
process. They had become radiant. Their weakening
forms had become transparent to the light of consciousness.

On the new earth, old age will be universally
recognized and highly valuedas a time for the
flowering of consciousness. For those who are still
lost in the outer circumstances of their lives,
it will be a time of a late homecoming, when they
awaken to their inner purpose. For many others, it
will represent an intensification and a culmination of the awakening process."

p. 287-8 A New Earth

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