Friday, April 23, 2021

Freedom of thought, part 2

 Freedom of thought, part 2. Last week we talked about how we have freedom to think as we feel led to with regard to spiritual concepts, teachings, practices, etc. And how this freedom is deeply embedded in Unity's culture and history. Finally, we mentioned the Buddhist idea that freedom of thought encompasses the following idea: we need to be aware of the suffering that we bring about when we impose our views on another. The word suffering stood out to me. I have long mentioned that our need to be right is a form of violence or suffering that we inflict on others. But after taking the Buddhist wording more deeply into my consciousness, it struck me that when I inflict suffering on another in this manner, the suffering in me is what causes me to do it. Thus the classic case of psychological projection, or what Jesus calls "look at the log in your own eye before seeing the sliver in another's eye." Sooooo....every time I feel the need to be right in an egoic, unhealthy manner, I become mindful of this idea espoused by Jesus and the Buddhist traditions. And I heal my suffering through prayer and meditation, or talking to a friend, or seeing a therapist. Thus, we can be liberated in mind and heart and spirit and allow others to have their opinions and views freely as well.


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