Friday, April 23, 2021

Felt Oneness, truly there are no "others".

 "Last week we talked about how we have freedom to think as we feel led to with regard to spiritual concepts, teachings, practices, etc"  Ed Kosak

Rev. Ed was writing about Religious, Spiritual Freedom, and I was reacting from a political, worldly view of "freedom" earlier in the week. So I apologize to Rev Ed for mixing "apples with oranges". 

In a more positive, spiritual response, I will relate an epiphany I had this past weekend at the Confederate Monument. I walked around the monument both days in "protest" to the Confederate Flaggers. It was an annual Confederate Memorial Day there Saturday.  There were re-enactors in both Confederate and Union uniforms. There were both flags represented. Suits and ties were worn by others, and a big wreath and other flowers were at the foot of the monument honoring the victims of the war. BLM protestors were taunting them from across the street.

When I was a elementary student in a small Southern town, we had to march (a fairly long walk) to the Confederate Cemetery with flowers for their graves, on this Memorial Day. 

I did my usual silent "mindful walk" with my Veterans for Peace flag with BLM emblems. They were leaving at my second walk around and a BLM supporter with an American Flag was there arguing with two of the well dressed "celebrants". The woman was very distressed at the argument, and the man appeared to hear the BLM side of the story with a calmer demeanor. I saw my Mother in the woman, whose expression was contorted with much pain, and reacted with "you'll are more hateful than we are." I flashed her the peace sign, however she reacted with "your peace means nothing.". I felt compassion for her. The white-hair man thanked us for our service and they walked away.
After all had left, including the three friendly policemen (two were Black women), a BLM supporter picked up the wreath and other flowers and threw them in a nearby trashcan. I was walking in silence at the time, this action disturbed me, however I did not object and kept walking. 

The next day, a Sunday, normally the alternate day that the monument was reserved to be occupied by BLM supporters, was fronted by Confederate Flaggers. They had apparently pulled the trashed, tattered wreath out of the can, and had it back behind them in front of the monument. BLM regulars were back across the street, 
For the first time, responding to the events yesterday, I felt more compassion for the flaggers then ever. Equal compassion for them as for my fellow BLM supporters across the street. I had never felt so much equanimity, balance, truly "peace beyond understanding". Which I retain to this day. Now I realize what some spiritual practices call "Oneness" and others call "Interbeing." 
I am very grateful for my Unity, Buddhist, Native American, Hindu. Judaism,  Bahia and other Spiritual lessons.  May all Beings be happy,  Ron Alexander

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