Wednesday, March 17, 2021


 Dear Tomas, That was a very helpful meeting. Audio problems led to me not being heard and not hearing in group afterwards. I was telling them my black eye may have been caused by my inner critic. Sunday when I went to protest the Confederate flaggers, where i got out of my car, with my BLM Veteran for Peace flag, there was a horse and buggy full of tourists. I felt very self conscious carrying my flag. I was very self conscious of not being different. Assuming they were critical of what I was doing. I was definitely not being mindful. I tripped over a stone (the path is made up of ballast stones and coquina (ancient shell fragments and fossils) from ancient sailing ships). I fell flat on my face, and it was certainly not slow motion. My glasses were broken, and part of the metal frame dug into my cheek causing lots of blood. I sprained a thumb, and abrasions were on my knee and forehead and hurt an elbow. An Angel nearby named India, who said she supported BLM, insisted she call an ambulance and that I wait. While I waited I found out she was brought up on a cruising sailboat over many of the islands I have visited. At the ER, they had to wash out the gravel out of my wounds, and took an Xray. I had no fractures so I am very grateful. 

Yes, my inner critic needs a lot of love, so thanks for the lesson tonight. I felt heard by Marilyn in the dyad, however disappointed in the audio after your departure, though it was probably the fault of my slow hotspot wi-fi?   

I am a Sacred Worthy Luminous Being
I am Love, and my Love is For Giving
                                                                     So much gratitude for your loving.

Tomas, Ron Alexander   

hola relatives - following up tonight's sharing on "Healing the Relationship with your Critical Judge", here is a quote from Nancy Wood to take you down inside and be with it to see what it brings up for you -  


"We are not important.  Our lives are simply threads pulling along the lasting thoughts which travel through time that way." 


How about this lasting thought  to carry through time -  The critical judge is always coming from fear trying to control outcomes to keep you in line so you won't be kicked out of the tribe.  Knowing it is frightened, feed it with love.  Fill it with love, with kindness that comes from understanding.  The attacking judge is afraid of losing love so fill up its heart with love transforming the fear into inner peace because now it KNOWS it is loved on a regular basis because you as wisdom warrior are sending it in there whenever  it sends out out one of its attacks.  Live Love Now and keep it growing and flowing.

love, tomás



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