Friday, October 27, 2017

Is romantic love of the ego?

Romantic Jealousy
Romantic relationship itself is of Ego. It takes clear realization of who you are and where you stand in Existence to see the illusion of romantic love or romantic relationship. Even lust will cease, once you see who you really are.
Romantic relationship are not built on love. Romantic relationship are built on lust, on carnal desires as a person. Romantic love is not love alone. Romantic love means ego using love instead of love alone in action. Love does mot see two. Love does not see forms. Love sees love.
Romantic love needs lust. Love can be gentle and even use romance; however, love will not be sedated with lust. Romantic love will expire. Love never expires. What ever love you hade that expired was lust using love. Either lust of the flesh, money, power, prestige, fame or some kind of relief from loneliness. It was not love.
These romantic love always get revealed in time. They usually invlove jealousy and quarrel. Love simply let go and accept what is with the door always open for assistance and support. A romantic relationship closed the door tightly with a do not disturb sign as a separation. They were two and never one. That is how you can be in lust and in need and be jealous.
Love does not need. Love wants to and choose to. Love see, understand and give appropriately. Love is not blind like lust neither. And love is always stronger than the one that needs.
There is always love, but not always romantic love. Romantic love is tinted love. It is suffocation of love. There's always jealousy there!
~Tony Louis

Ron Alexander Learn to incude your ego in your self love, then you can truly love.

Tony Louis And what is your ego and how will it help love, from your experience?

Ron Alexander According to Freud who created this useful concept, ego is the conscious mediator between id (our lower self) and superego (our higher self). My ego is helping me write this. As long as we are in his body, we need our ego. It does not separate us from God, as many new age thinkers believe.
Tony Louis I'll pass. It will take me a very very long time to explain to you what ego means in spirituality, even if it is very simple. I'm not even tempted. That was not my intention in this post. The one that need this post will use it. You and Freud and any type of concepts about ego are aspects of Consciousness. Aspects are Vanities...

As the Essence, that's enough to say have a peaceful day. Share true love.
Ron Alexander Duality seperates.

Ron Alexander Remember "ego" is not an ancient Sanskrit word, it is a modern psychological word. I am sure you can come up with word that you describe, but it is not "ego".

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