Tuesday, October 24, 2017

History of the word "ego" - Learn to include ego in your loving thinking.

The "ego" is a useful concept created by Freud. He defined is as the CONSCIOUS translator of the id, the lower instinctual reptilian brain, to the superego, our higher intuitive part of us. As it is defined, it should not be demonized, as it is by so many new age "thinkers". Although, psychologist Helen Schucman made some sharp psychological channeling of "Jesus", she really screwed up with her interpretation of the "ego". Dr. Bill Thetford, my teacher and her supervisor, who asked for ACIM, and made sure her channeling was recorded, told us to tear out those pages. He came closest to anyone, I have ever met, to live the Essence of Love in Oneness.
Patricia Massias Ron Alexander I don't recall the Course in Miracles saying anything about killing, destroying, or getting rid of the ego. I no longer have those books, but as I remember, the ego is regarded as any thought of "separation" from God. And as an impediment towards forgiveness. 💟☯️😎

Ron Alexander Thank you, Patricia, no part of us is junk or "separates us from God" but our mind, our thinking", and that is where Helen Schucman, a psychologist, the channel of A COURSE OF MIRACLES, started the demonization of the innocent "ego". Of course, if we have a part of us that wants to "separate us from God", we want to get rid of it. Thank you for helping to clarify this issue. Christians blame the devil. Many new age thinkers blame the "ego." The Buddha said WATCH YOUR THINKING. THINK ONLY LOVE.

Thankas Inn Dharamshala Ron Alexander fully agree ❤️❤️❤️

Sally MacKenzie Dubel Ron Alexander, can I quote this?
Ron Alexander Of course, Sally

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