Wednesday, March 1, 2017

45 's speech

I am very concerned how the Greedy Old Party has fallen lock, stock and barrel behind this shyster. It reminds me of how pols initially humored by Hitler, fell in line, when they saw his audiences fawn over his nationalist views. However, this is not a defeated depressed country like Germany was at the time. Therefore, I think the vast majority of our citizens will see through the ruse and sweep the arrogant reactionaries out of office in 2018! Ron Alexander
We have got to organize exactly the way the teabaggers did! Seems like the American people are doing that for the time being. Evelyn
Not sure if we have to? Seems like 45 dissenters are increasing the more they feel betrayed, like on taxes, on the banking industry ripping us off again, on jobs, on health care, as they see our environment decline, more and more violence by this ICE thugs, etc. Un revealed 45 taxes. As that Delaware Dem. increased her winning by 14 % after 45's divisive actions, I think the repukes popularity will decrease and will be swept out in 2018. 45 and his admin. before then because of Russian connections, etc.

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